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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to keep yourself occupied on a long road trip Part 3

An hour after the impromptu handjob, Od took over driving while I resumed my navigational duties and in no time we arrived at our final destination. Our plans were to unpack, freshen up and head out for dinner and some late night sight seeing. Well.......I'm no stickler for a schedule - especially if there's better fun to be had - and when Od needed a nap I took the opportunity to write up a quickie HNT post and settle into the room some more.

The man can seriously sleep and won't wake up on his own, and so he needed encouragement. Plus S & T were getting needy. I stripped down and slid between the warm sheets beside him. Nothing. I curled into him with my arm and leg draped over. Nothing. I shimmied up a little so his head was chest level, and the girls must have whispered to him because wouldn't you know he turned his head, pressed his face right into my cleavage and mumbled "Do they need a snuggle?" I could feel his cheeks smiling against my skin, right before he lifted his mouth to take in a waiting nipple.

It was slow and relaxed, but I could feel the need building between us and even in this early stage I knew dinner would have to wait - maybe even take a raincheck.

As it happens when Od pushes for more, he ended up kneeling over me and his mouth -that was only moments before devoted to my breasts- begins to wander up to my clavicle taking little licks, then to my neck for open mouth kisses and higher still for a gentle bite to demonstrate his need. As if his need wasn't already attempting to permanently dent my upper thigh.

I lay there, squirming with delight at the warmth and wetness of his mouth and the sounds of his strained breathing in my ear. His sounds do funny things to me - the way his breath catches when I roll my hips against him (I know his leaking moisture causes a delicious glide right there in the joint of my leg) and his determined little grunts every time his hold on me increases as he attempts to be so close that he's eventually inside. I responded with my own little puffs and pants until one of us made a play. I'd already decided what I wanted, but so had he, and my choice could wait a few minutes more.

He released his stronghold on me and worked his way down to place a teasing lick before he leaned back on his knees for a breather. My body missed his weight and heat immediately. Then he reached forward and twisted his fingers -always the same two that I love so much- into me until I gave him the familiar reaction. He knows when he's hit just the right place as my neck arches back into the depth of the fluffy pillow and my pelvis presses forward for more. I felt the usual heat flash across my face. Every.Single.Time. It's no wonder why I love his hands so much. It was only a tease, though, because as soon as he offered, he retracted, knowing this only ramps my need and before I can complain he assaults me with his mouth. Licking, nibbling, tugging, probing, then more and more licking with suction added in. It's nice, but tonight it won't be enough.

At my request he handed me my LELO and grabbed a condom. Following the cues and without needing words he understood what I wanted. I arranged myself leaning over the corner of the bed, shoulders down and I warmed up with the vibrator firmly in place, thrumming both deeply inside and against my clit. He struggled a bit with the condom and his erection wasn't cooperating. I could tell he was losing patience, but I had no worries as I was in a really, really happy place already merely holding out for him at this point.

After a few attempts of stroking, insertion, "Nope", and repeat, I told him not to worry, to remove the condom, rinse off and crawl in front of me on the bed. He relaxed on his side and with encouragement from my mouth and tongue (as I moaned from my efforts not to cum) he was good to go. Hard as it was to break away from a blowjob, he rolled another condom on, got behind me once again and pushed himself into my ass. It's an unbelievable sensation, incredibly full - almost to the point of distraction- and I needed a moment to relax and just feel everything. It delayed my orgasm and I worked a bit harder to catch back up while Od gripped my hips and fucked me with everything he had. With anal sex my release starts so slow it's almost torturous to wait for it to happen. It rolls in in gentle waves and then with one big seizing contraction it tears me apart. I literally sob with pleasure and I can barely even hear that from all the blood rushing through me and pounding in my ears - and it just doesn't stop. Eventually the contractions become too much and my now sensitive clit is burning from the vibration and I tap out. I give Od the sign to pause, I remove the offending toy ever so carefully and slump back onto the bed.

He's sweaty, a little weak and tired from lack of food, and not too interested in finishing this way. We both take a few minutes to rest, clean up, and we climb in the bed with him propped back on the pillows and me down between his legs with a bottle of lube ready to give him a relaxing hand job. With hands dripping in Astroglide I massage him, stroke him, and pay some tugging attention to his balls, just how he likes it. I vary the speed and stroke a few times, and he's searching for the perfect combination, I can tell.

"Tell me what you need."

"I don't know........." he hems and haws and finally says "I need your pussy".

"How do you want it?"

"Just lay down."

Easy enough. I never claim to have a magic pussy (even if he does call it that sometimes) but after foreplay, a blowjob, anal sex, and a handjob - if this is what he wants and needs then I'm happy to oblige him. He rolls over onto me and sinks himself between my open thighs. We find ourselves in the exact position that started this whole adventure, only with a death grip on my ass and the top edge of the bed, he's finally close enough to be inside. And apparently that's all he needed.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the way you describe that orgasm is incredible and spot-on. Orgasms during anal sex or play really are that intense, the slow build, the strong contractions. Great post.

H said...

I love how you describe "sounds", I recently discovered that "sound" can be the most erotic things to share.

And having never done anal before, I really fucking want after reading your hot post..... I think he is right, you do have a magic pussy.

Lusting Lola said...

Damn! Can I come along for your next road trip? ;)

slowburn said...

I was going to ask the same as Lola!

Anonymous said...

You do know how to enjoy a road trip. And I, along with the others here are wondering if I can join you on your next road trip.
You two know how to play each other's bodies like fine musical instruments. And the description of the fullness you were feeling makes me think you might find double penetration very satisfying.
And magic pussy? I definitely would not be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Wow, now that is a wonderful road trip.

Freya said...

Just wait guys. The road trip isn't nearly over yet!

@Mrs.- I never knew what I was missing all those years. Soooo worth the wait!

@H - I'm a convert about anal. Never thought I'd want to until I read an erotic story about it. Sex wouldn't be the same without it now.
Sounds ARE great, aren't they?

@Lola- Sure thing bb. We don't even need a destination!

@slowburn- absolutely. you can be my copilot. they get extra perks, you know!(check out part 2)

@Marcus- enjoying each other was the #1 goal on this trip. Everything else was incidental. Musical instruments? I don't know. We can be out of tune sometimes, but mostly make beautiful music. :) And DP is DEFINITELY a hot fantasy of mine - no "maybe" about it. I swear it's just a regular, standard-issue pussy.....but it does the job well enough. ;)

@24- wonderful, and exhausting, in all the good ways. It gets even better.....