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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who is Freya?

I went looking for an identity that I could relate to. I had my new blog title and address (which hold their own meaning that I'll explain). Now what? Who will I be? I wanted my ID to have something to do with change. Goddess of change? Rebirth? Enlightenment? In my search I came upon Hecate - goddess of the crossroads, guardian of the household, protecter of the oppressed and those who lived on the edge. A moon goddess who reminds others of the importance of change, to release the past especially those things that hinder growth, and to accept transition. Hmm. Maybe. It fit, but I don't like the name. I liked this goddess idea though. Who else was there to choose from?

Then I found Freya. A blonde, blue-eyed Norse goddess of love, beauty, and war. You can read up on her here.
She's versatile, possessing disparate natures. As a battle-worthy warrior she is fierce, but as a woman she's the embodiment of beauty, raw sexuality, and incredible lust. Her unbridled exploits are legendary, leaving Aphrodite's escapades pale in comparison.

As much passion and joy she's experienced she has been equally sad and lonely, having lost her husband Od. During their seperation an endless winter took over while she searched for him, never giving up. Finally she found her lost love and with their reconciled happiness, spring blossomed .

Her duality allows her strong side to fight her battles using the proper means necessary and her soft side to be sensual and loving to those she favors.

It's strange to me that I had never heard of her before, because..well, she sounds awesome. She also sounds more like me than I thought possible. I hope she doesn't mind if I take over her persona.

So readers, meet Freya. Me. You'll be getting plenty of opportunity to know me. As my profile says - my passions are abundant, vigorous, and unrestrained. I hope you like. ;)