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Thursday, October 20, 2011

HNT - Sharing

Lying in bed, innocently and lazily petting Od's cock Sunday morning, he suggested that I grab the nipple clamps.  And put them on him. He's not a pain slut (much as I'd love him to be), and having his nipples played with is sort of take-it-or-leave-it. But just when I think I have him pegged - wait for it, that's my next post - he surprises me and asks for it.

And because I'm generous, not only did I share my new sex toys with him, but I'm sharing the HNT spotlight. To be honest, he's more than half nekkid here, but he's...um...well accessorized. That counts, right?

Oh look, you get to see his piercing, too! 

The lightweight, yet intense clamps were very gripping once we finally managed to apply them to his tiny nipples. (that was worth a few entertaining laughs right there) I pulled the chain experimentally with increasing efforts with one hand, while my other hand was greased up, teasing his cock up and down, making sure it stayed interested. Within minutes he was saying "Okay! Time to take them off."

You can tell by the photo that I wasn't quite done experimenting. His balls are the one area where I have more freedom to be a bit rough and he actually enjoys it, so that's where I headed next with my clampy cohorts. I think I cringed more than he did while assaulting his testicles. He seemed comfy enough - perhaps distracted with the handjob? Anyway, I alternated with pulling the chain that connects the clamps and edging him to the brink of orgasm. Once he got too close I slowed down on the stroking and ramped up the tugging.

Surprisingly though, after being edged a few times, he reached a space where the pain mixed a little too closely with the pleasure and it became evident that no amount of control or tugging (and I was tugging hard) was going to stop the orgasm - so I just went with it. My hand milked his cock for everything it had while I simultaneously yanked the reins on his balls. Kind of a giddy up and whoa at the same time. *shrugs shoulders* Eh, it worked.  ;) 

And I plan on working it again and again and again.......