Extra Stuff

Friday, September 2, 2011

Feeling playful

It began with a request.

"Send me an email."

He complied late in the day, but with something that delightfully bordered on dirty talk.

Email 1 : "What should I say?"
Email 2 : "Will you suck my cock if I do?"
Email 3 : "Sorry for the late reply."
Email 4 : "Ok. Would you  tug on my balls and nibble my head a little please?"

I was reading my email while he was gone to return movies to the store. I was inspired by his wishlist and in the mood to play along. Admittedly, the naughtiness of his emails and the anticipation of his return amped up my arousal.

I waited in the dark bedroom, under the covers, simmering, planning.

I felt the need for control sliding up on me. A rather elusive feeling lately, but I welcomed it back. Aggressive replaced passive in a single moment. It's a flash fire when taking control feeds the need for more of it, which leads to taking more. It's hard to know where to stop sometimes.

He might be a dead man if he didn't hurry home.

Finally I hear the unmistakable jingle of his keys, and soft thuds in the hallway that bring him closer to me. He flips the light on, surprised to see me in bed already, and chats away about his trip to the store. I say "mm hmmm" in the appropriate places. He also got dog food to which I reply "mm hmmm" as my eyes track him around the room. He offers up a taste of a new bottled drink he picked up. "Mm hmm" again as I reach my hand out for his offering. He watches me drink, glancing at the way the sheets expose what I'm not wearing. I watch him watch me. I think the gears are clicking into place. He knows.

"I'm gonna put this stuff away and I'll be right back, ok?"

"Mm hmmm" I agree, keeping my smirk to myself, but once he's gone it breaks free.

Back in the room, he undresses to join me, but seeing him naked with the removal of only t-shirt and jeans reminds me that it's been way too long since he's donned something special for me.

I halt him at the edge of the bed. "Put some boxers on." For me, this is a rare treat that I must ask for. It's a reverse order of eroticism. The norm is commando. And since I'm feeling cat-and-mouse tonight, I want my mouse accessorized. The better to play with.

Boxers on, lights out, he slips under the covers. He lies there, waiting, breathing expectantly. I wait, feeling my own heart rate accelerate, and chew on my lower lip to keep myself quiet. Patience is hard for this cat, but his anticipation needs to build closer to my own. I wait, then wait some more. His breaths tell me all I need to know. Quick, steady, definitely not relaxed.

I pounce.

He actually jumps when I assault him, so unprepared for my form of attack. He's expecting cock. I go for nipples. His arms were crossed above his head, all ready to relax into the attention he thinks he's going to get. I see a weakness. I love weaknesses. And his reaction only spurs me on. Predators love it when  prey struggles. It only intensifies the hunt. I told him as much, in between licks, nibbles, sucks and bites. My hands press his elbows back into the pillow as I bend my neck over him and really get into my work. His body shudders from the effort of holding still and the intensity of the sensation. It seems I caught him on a ticklish day. I pause long enough to allow him to breathe.

"I can't..." deep inhale "it's too..." pant, pant  "Oh, god...."

"Describe it to me." With a slow swirling tongue I return to my task.

More shuddering. And now squirming.


Curious. His body is a treasure of knowledge and I'm determined to uncover everything. I briefly wonder if the other nipple has the same effect, but quickly dismiss the thought. I'm having too much fun with this one.

On and on it goes. I vacillate between tickling pleasure and biting pleasure at no particular rhythm, with some snarls and growling and chest hair tugging thrown in when his arms disobey. He's warned with a not-so-pleasurable nip.

"Hold. Still."

I run a testing palm across his boxers, scouting for my next plan of attack. He's ready.

"Keep your arms above your head."

With my hands and face running paths back and forth across his chest, his ribs, and finally his belly, I settle in on my knees between his spread legs. But I'm not done with my plaything just yet.

He endures more licking, more sucking, more biting on his sensitive sides. I nip wherever I can get a good grip with my teeth. I clamp my mouth down and suck in earnest wherever there's a smooth patch of skin. And I lick......well.......I lick everywhere - while running my hands up the legs of his boxers and teasing his inner thighs, while gripping his hips as they impatiently squirm, and while I ever-so-slowly work the waistband down one hip, then the other. Then lower. And lower. I leave his legs trapped in them mid thigh momentarily as I take advantage of new areas to lick, suck, and bite. The joint of his legs. Fleshy, meaty thigh. Up to the hip again, across the warm and fuzzy belly - not passing up the navel - to the other side, only to repeat the circuit. I sneak in a wiggly lick on the frenulum and revel in the sharp intake of his breath. Leaning up I spend a few minutes dragging my breasts around his crotch, capturing his erection while skin rubs against skin.  I work my way down to the scrotum but never staying in one place long enough for him to release tension. I like him on edge. I prefer it.

And that's where I keep him. Even after I do eventually suck his cock. And tug mercilessly on his balls. And nibble on the head a little bit. And just for fun I throw in some handjob. With more tugging and more sucking. Repeatedly, until he's reached the edge countless times.

And just to test him, I crawl up his body and take him in, grinding our hips together slowly and closely, leaning back a little while we both enjoy the ride. After a few minutes I pull off him and recline back onto the bed. Words not needed, my prey knows that he's been released.

And now it's his turn to pounce.