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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Facts 4/8/11

I'm trying something new.
I really love the 100 things that many bloggers post about themselves.
But I'd like to approach this differently.
I'll reveal a little at a time - on Fridays.
So here's the first volume of Friday Facts about Freya.

Did you know..................

  • that I have naturally curly hair? Not kinky. Just curly. Those cute little nape of the neck curls? yeah- I've got those too. They boing.
  •  I played softball for 2 years? 6th and 7th grade. Center field. I was good. Until I got up to bat. I choked in front of the crowd. Too many people watching me.
  • that I hate brussell sprouts? Hate. Them. Od loves them, but I refuse to bring them into my house. Same goes for liver and onions.
  • my new favorite spa treatment is a facial? It used to be pedicures, but my first facial was last week and "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!" (points if you can name the movie I just quoted)
  • I have a crush on Steve Carell?
  • that I drink out of the carton, but still tell my kids not to? Hypocrite. I know.
  • when I got married we eloped instead of having a ceremony?
  • that I'm a statistical freak of nature? I hardly fit into any generalizations about "most women". Anything from health, sexuality, social practices, etc...... I really hate that sometimes.
  • I actually like my name? So many people seem to dislike the names they were given - why is that? I was named after a very nice neighbor lady that my parents bought their first house from. My dad planted a tree in her yard the weekend I was born and it's still thriving.
  • that I'm a lazy recycler? I only do it when Od is looking otherwise he'll say "that's recycleable" for the 1,648,082nd time. When he's not around I pitch it because I know he'll sort it out anyway.
  • I'm a bed hog? And a cover hog, too. I'm actually no fun to sleep with at all. Unless you like extremely invasive cuddling, 'cause I get right up in there. :)
  • that I never understood why men love girl-on-girl porn? Until I discovered guy-on-guy. But not twinks or greasy steroid gays. Guess you could say I'm particular about the gay male sex I'll never be involved in! LOL
  • I'm not afraid of bugs? Unless they touch me. Then they have to die.
  • that I have a fool-proof way to stop hiccups? Works every time. I take shallow breaths but exhale very deeply until I can't anymore. Repeat a few times and voila! No more hiccups.
  • that my knees creak when I walk down stairs? they have for a very long time. I blame 10 years of cheerleading combined with a few years of dance, but who knows?
  • fish freak me out? I have to psych myself into swimming in lakes and ponds because of this. I also have a recurring bad dream about a room with large murky aquariums filled with giant fish that have gaping mouths and clouded eyes. *shiver* I just got the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.
So.....that's a little about me. There's a lot more where that came from, but you have to wait until next Friday. Feel free to join in!