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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TMI Tuesday 6/21/11

Thanks to Hedone for the heads up about this week's TMI questions being posted. Just a few simple questions, and then one reeeeeeally heavy bonus question. Good Lord, did the last one make me think! (and squirm, and breath heavy, and blush)

Here we go :

1.  How many states have you had sex in? How many countries? Yes, Oral counts! All sex acts– penetrative or not– are sex.
I've had sex in...*counting*.......definitely 8 states. Maybe 1 or 2 more.
I've had sex in 1 measly country. Boo. Boring. I know.
If my husband would get on a plane I could add a few more, but sadly he's deathly afraid of flying.
The last time I was in another country was 20 years ago. Well....I did have an interesting flirting/eyeballing thing going on with a guy in the travel group, but nothing came of it. He was too old for me and I was engaged.

2. What do you think is the sexiest piece of clothing a man/women wears on a daily basis? e.g., bra, jeans, sundress, dress shirt, etc.
For a man - hands down a white button up shirt, untucked, with the sleeves rolled up. In jeans. Barefoot. Wearing a bracelet, wristwatch, or maybe a ring. Shirt can be buttoned, unbuttoned. Doesn't matter. Adam does this look justice. I don't know why I like it so much, I just do. Oh - Rob can rock the look, too.

For myself, as a woman, I feel more confident with a pair of boots on, more sexy with a pair of "good butt" jeans on, and more flirty with a dress on. Even more so if it twirls. I have a black knit strapless sundress with ruffles on it, and I've been wearing it constantly since the weather turned warm. I'm always braless and usually commando underneath, and Od knows it. It was lying on the bed for me when I returned home from my trip - his silent request for me to "slip into something more comfortable"!

3. Would you date yourself? Why or why not?
Hmmm........so many variables. Am I a guy? Do I prefer sassy, curvy, kinky, fun-loving blondes with just enough moxy to make them hard to handle? Yes? Then abso-fucking-lutely. I should prepare to have my world altered.

4. Which muscle do you work the hardest: brain, heart, mouth?
Most definitely my heart. I wear it on my sleeve, and that's not always a good thing.
I don't hide my emotions, good or bad, and despite how confident and practical I can be, my feelings get hurt easily. I'm also very protective of people I care for, so when they hurt, I hurt.

5. Fill-in the blank: I’m a total priss when it comes to _____ .
My hair. I'm vain about my hair when it matters. When I want it to look good I've been known to stomp my foot in frustration at it's lack of cooperation. And throw brushes at the vanity. And curse styling tools. Maybe that's more bratty than prissy. I'm not really a "prissy" girl, per se.

Bonus: Describe your darkest fantasy.
With the right man I could seriously get into power exchange. I have dominant tendencies and a sadistic streak that I would relish in releasing on a beautifully submissive male plaything. I can think of nothing sexier and more fulfilling than to hear gasps, moans, panting, and pleading from a combination of pain and pleasure. I would plan out a scene where each command was followed by an agreeable "yes ma'am". He would be bound, at my mercy, and loving every minute of it. Teasing touches interspersed with surprising glances of a flogger, drips of candle wax, or a controlling yank of his restraints. Oh, the things he would be begging me to do.........and I would do them.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Recharging my batteries

How often do you hear someone say "Oh, I don't have time for that" or "I could never get away with that" when discussing hobbies, vacations, downtime, or simply enjoying the bliss of doing absolutely nothing?

I'm fortunate that I get time to just enjoy. We don't take big, expensive, or even lengthy vacations usually. Fact is, we're overdue for some forced family time. Last year Od and I shacked up in a cozy cabin for the 4th of July and made quite a bit of our own fireworks, we took a small road trip by ourselves in May, and 3 times a year I go away for a long girl's weekend with a group of friends. I need the change of scenery, and to recharge my batteries. You know the saying about "happy wife, happy life"? Yeah, Od does too - smart man that he is.  ;)

I was away last week on such a trip and there was much laughing, eating, drinking, swimming, sunning, and just plain having fun. My batteries are fully recharged, and I was more than ready to get home to Od, our home, and everything in it. (including our bed, his mouth, and a few toys that didn't get to make the trip this time) It's funny how 3 years used to be what I considered a "long time" and now 3 days has me wet, squirming, and cursing slow drivers as I make the trek home. My body wanted his mouth, his fingers, and my vibrator. In that order. His cock would have to wait - because of that pesky cage, you know. *evil laugh*
No worries, though. I couldn't manage to wait until Sunday (my original plan) and after an hour or two of lounging and loving in our bed, his latest stretch of chastity was over as I released him, then let him release. Eventually.

That was Saturday, and yesterday was spent in a flurry of activities honoring the two men who mean the most to me. I fell asleep early, desperately needing to catch up, and was barely able to open my eyes when Od joined me in bed for a snuggle. It wasn't how I envisioned the end of the day. He has a few gifts from me left to open. I got up from bed this morning with a long list of to-do items and after checking my email decided to forget those things and recharge my batteries a little more.

I had the house to myself, an early morning thunderstorm was brewing, and with some imagination and inspiration I headed back to bed and simply enjoyed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to keep yourself occupied on a long road trip Part 3

An hour after the impromptu handjob, Od took over driving while I resumed my navigational duties and in no time we arrived at our final destination. Our plans were to unpack, freshen up and head out for dinner and some late night sight seeing. Well.......I'm no stickler for a schedule - especially if there's better fun to be had - and when Od needed a nap I took the opportunity to write up a quickie HNT post and settle into the room some more.

The man can seriously sleep and won't wake up on his own, and so he needed encouragement. Plus S & T were getting needy. I stripped down and slid between the warm sheets beside him. Nothing. I curled into him with my arm and leg draped over. Nothing. I shimmied up a little so his head was chest level, and the girls must have whispered to him because wouldn't you know he turned his head, pressed his face right into my cleavage and mumbled "Do they need a snuggle?" I could feel his cheeks smiling against my skin, right before he lifted his mouth to take in a waiting nipple.

It was slow and relaxed, but I could feel the need building between us and even in this early stage I knew dinner would have to wait - maybe even take a raincheck.

As it happens when Od pushes for more, he ended up kneeling over me and his mouth -that was only moments before devoted to my breasts- begins to wander up to my clavicle taking little licks, then to my neck for open mouth kisses and higher still for a gentle bite to demonstrate his need. As if his need wasn't already attempting to permanently dent my upper thigh.

I lay there, squirming with delight at the warmth and wetness of his mouth and the sounds of his strained breathing in my ear. His sounds do funny things to me - the way his breath catches when I roll my hips against him (I know his leaking moisture causes a delicious glide right there in the joint of my leg) and his determined little grunts every time his hold on me increases as he attempts to be so close that he's eventually inside. I responded with my own little puffs and pants until one of us made a play. I'd already decided what I wanted, but so had he, and my choice could wait a few minutes more.

He released his stronghold on me and worked his way down to place a teasing lick before he leaned back on his knees for a breather. My body missed his weight and heat immediately. Then he reached forward and twisted his fingers -always the same two that I love so much- into me until I gave him the familiar reaction. He knows when he's hit just the right place as my neck arches back into the depth of the fluffy pillow and my pelvis presses forward for more. I felt the usual heat flash across my face. Every.Single.Time. It's no wonder why I love his hands so much. It was only a tease, though, because as soon as he offered, he retracted, knowing this only ramps my need and before I can complain he assaults me with his mouth. Licking, nibbling, tugging, probing, then more and more licking with suction added in. It's nice, but tonight it won't be enough.

At my request he handed me my LELO and grabbed a condom. Following the cues and without needing words he understood what I wanted. I arranged myself leaning over the corner of the bed, shoulders down and I warmed up with the vibrator firmly in place, thrumming both deeply inside and against my clit. He struggled a bit with the condom and his erection wasn't cooperating. I could tell he was losing patience, but I had no worries as I was in a really, really happy place already merely holding out for him at this point.

After a few attempts of stroking, insertion, "Nope", and repeat, I told him not to worry, to remove the condom, rinse off and crawl in front of me on the bed. He relaxed on his side and with encouragement from my mouth and tongue (as I moaned from my efforts not to cum) he was good to go. Hard as it was to break away from a blowjob, he rolled another condom on, got behind me once again and pushed himself into my ass. It's an unbelievable sensation, incredibly full - almost to the point of distraction- and I needed a moment to relax and just feel everything. It delayed my orgasm and I worked a bit harder to catch back up while Od gripped my hips and fucked me with everything he had. With anal sex my release starts so slow it's almost torturous to wait for it to happen. It rolls in in gentle waves and then with one big seizing contraction it tears me apart. I literally sob with pleasure and I can barely even hear that from all the blood rushing through me and pounding in my ears - and it just doesn't stop. Eventually the contractions become too much and my now sensitive clit is burning from the vibration and I tap out. I give Od the sign to pause, I remove the offending toy ever so carefully and slump back onto the bed.

He's sweaty, a little weak and tired from lack of food, and not too interested in finishing this way. We both take a few minutes to rest, clean up, and we climb in the bed with him propped back on the pillows and me down between his legs with a bottle of lube ready to give him a relaxing hand job. With hands dripping in Astroglide I massage him, stroke him, and pay some tugging attention to his balls, just how he likes it. I vary the speed and stroke a few times, and he's searching for the perfect combination, I can tell.

"Tell me what you need."

"I don't know........." he hems and haws and finally says "I need your pussy".

"How do you want it?"

"Just lay down."

Easy enough. I never claim to have a magic pussy (even if he does call it that sometimes) but after foreplay, a blowjob, anal sex, and a handjob - if this is what he wants and needs then I'm happy to oblige him. He rolls over onto me and sinks himself between my open thighs. We find ourselves in the exact position that started this whole adventure, only with a death grip on my ass and the top edge of the bed, he's finally close enough to be inside. And apparently that's all he needed.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mr. Brown

He looks a lot like my guy. I laughed out loud when I
found this. Judging by the random location and his
pose, you just know some Brown-loving perv like me
asked him to take his picture. Obviously he's used to it.
I love Mr. Brown. He always brings me the nicest things. Never mind that I paid for them myself. And since it seems that you were all good boys and girls (except for the expected naughtiness) I'll follow through on my promise and share with you what I got .

I've been working on my husband to get him used to anal play for over a year now. (can you believe I was one of those unfortunate girls that had to convince my guy to fuck me in the ass?) Well, I succeeded and no sooner was he hooked on it, I turned the tables on him. I've tried different toys and my fingers and I know pretty well what he likes and dislikes. The final frontier is strap on sex. He's not opposed to it, but has needed to work up to the act a little slower. To be honest, I have some stage fright myself .

Through our conversations I found out through his clues that he was ready - just not ready to ask for it. He did once before when he wanted toy penetration. Seeing him squirm and grasp for words as he ran his fingers through his hair then just blurt out "I want you to fuck me" is not a scene I'll soon forget. Neither is the event that followed.  ;)

I shopped around for the perfect cock. This one meets all the requirements.

It's not an intimidating length or width, is a smooth texture (for less drag and more comfort), has a vibrating bullet, and is made from high quality silicone by Vixen. (which I find ironically amusing) He'll love the vibrations. It's perfect. We already have a harness, so we're good to go.

Too much time has passed since we've played with any kind of bondage and I'm missing it. (need to replace the bed restraints ASAP) I came across this pretty thing and it spoke to me.
Od has had this curious reaction for the past few months every time I'm on top or above his face - for any reason. He's even gone so far as to encourage it. He gets overly excited and responsive when I drop my breast in his face ("best fucking thing ever" he says) or when I'm riding his face a la 69. I'm thinking that combining the collar with the bed restraints while he's on his back will provide me with excellent entertainment. I'm already planning.

I picked up this little thing, too.

Just a nice slappy thing to have around. Never know when a girl might need it. My spoons could use a break. ;)

And finally, la piece de resistance. (photos are copyrighted - sorry)
Some of you might know this, but my husband is handy, and has a knack for making things. He wanted to make his own device. And he could. But time in the shop without nosy interference was hard to come by and his impatient wife finally put her foot down.

"Just buy a damn cage. We don't need a work of art, especially considering we're testing the waters."
Point was taken.
He ordered the cage and it arrived safe and sound in a pink velvet-like pouch. WTF? Must be for all those humiliation lovers. *shakes head*
Anyway. It's an affordable stepping stone. The better chastity devices are made from higher quality material and cost a lot more. Od is funny about his physical comfort so I didn't want to splurge big money on something that he'd refuse to wear.
His first two days in confinement consisted of putting the device on after work and wearing it until time to leave for work the next day. I'm shocked that he's had only minor problems so far. The lock needs the sharp edges filed, and he experienced a panicky situation yesterday when he tried a smaller base ring on for kicks and giggles.
This is the text I got from him while he was squirreled away in the bedroom :

I got it on but I can't get it off! :(

Followed by :

You are so gonna be the one to explain this at the E.R.

I replied :

Nuh uh. Relax. I'll bring ice.

His response was :


We iced his balls down some, removed the cage, iced his swollen cock into submission, then carefully slithered it out of the base ring and his balls popped out with little difficulty. It was basically the kinky grown up version of getting one's head stuck in the banister. I assure you, he won't be doing that again!  :D

Last night while cuddled up together and I was fondling him I wondered out loud "So what's your impression so far? You seem to like it."

He shrugged "I don't know.....it's kind of cozy. I just need to stop getting hard every time I put it on, or I can't wear it to work"

It had to be said - so I did. "Awwww. You are a kinky fucker, aren't you? That's why I love you."

And with that and a loving little pat to his balls - he officially became my Man of Steel.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

(not really) HNT - Red

As stated, this is not really half-nekkid, but a little revealing nonetheless.
I took this photo in DC while playing around with my camera and the dual reflections of vanity and closet door mirrors.
This is my new (and soon to be corrected) hair color.
I used to be a dark blonde - dirty blonde. Whichever.
Now I'm some version of a redhead/strawberry blonde. (still dirty, though)  ;)

I'm not surprised that the red came out of the color change. I come from red stock.
My granny is a redhead.
My mom has auburn hair.
I was auburn at birth - then a towhead.
My son was a strawberry blond at birth - now dark blond like me.

Stubborn, tenacious, feisty, and spirited doesn't even begin to cover it.
The stories I could tell about my grandma, the things she's done, and the words that have come out of her mouth! Needless to say - I love her to death.

This was my good hair day I mentioned in my FF post. Not very indicative of my natural curls. They were tamed into submission this particular day.
 Happy HNT everybody!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TMI Tuesday 6/7/11

First of all, can I just say "WOW!" A person puts up an innocent post about squirting  and her blog hits go through the freaking roof!!! I woke up to a ridiculous number on my daily stats. Thanks for reading and commenting. ;)

This weeks TMI revolves around moods, and well, since I'm female and a Leo - I've got them in spades. I'll admit to being a fool to the whimsy of my moods. You just never know which Freya you'll get at any given hour of any given day. My husband has earned his stripes throughout our marriage, believe me! I like to think he has it much easier these days. *thinks about that a minute* I suppose that depends on your definition of easy. he he  ;) Let's just put it this way : we're both a hell of a lot happier and more content than we used to be - and that's with straps, a flogger, and a crop involved!

Moving on. It's Tuesday. I played. Here are the results...............................

In the Mood…
(Borrowed from Friday 5 meme)

1. What puts you in a creative mood?
Color combinations spark my creativity the most. That's why I have to have something in every color if I like it. I throw the colors together first, then I choose the medium and textures I like. The process can take hours and the results are hardly ever what I envisioned, and sometimes even better!

2. What puts you in a silly mood?
I'm usually in a silly mood. There's typically some sort of mirth rolling around my brain waiting for a chance to pop out. We're a very expressive family. It comes out at every chance. I get very punchy at the end of a long day when my body is exhausted but my mind won't shut off. If the giggles ensue it could take upwards of 30 minutes for them to clear. The fact that I'm the only one enjoying the hilarity just makes it funnier. It's a vicious cycle.

3. What puts you in a contemplative mood? cemeteries, libraries, museums, and church. Anywhere that's quiet enough for me to just absorb the atmosphere. It's calming and gives me the sense of being very small, yet at the same time part of something big. The Grand Canyon left me feeling that way, too.

My really bad moods make me contemplative as well, but those thoughts are usually dark and self deprecating. Nobody likes it when I go there.

4. What puts you in a competitive mood?
I'm not very competitive. I don't really see the need. If I'm gonna push myself to be better than it will be by my own standards, not anyone else's. Also, I don't use my kids as a way to compete in the parenthood arena, either. This is a major problem where I live. So many nasty people whose goal in life is to live vicariously through their children's success. It's just sad really. I'm happy for my kids' victories, but I don't force them or lay claim to them either. Ooooh. *cringe* I think that line of thinking hit a nerve. I'll stop there before I pull out my soapbox.

5. If you consider yourself a talkative person, what puts you in a quiet mood? If you consider yourself a quiet person, what puts you in a talkative mood?
I can be quite chatty if I haven't talked to you in awhile and sometimes I have the thought later on "I really should have just shut up." I'm rarely made speechless, but pissing me off will get you a few minutes of calm before the storm hits. And if I'm in a quiet mood, then making me laugh will usually perk me right up. :)

6. What can a person do that will instantly put you in a sexy mood?
If you give good flirt or show passion in any way it gets me revved up. Just a little spark can start a wildfire if handled correctly.

Bonus: What song puts you in a sexy mood? If possible post a link to the song so that we can listen to it.
One song that pops up on my playlist and automatically has me breathing deeply, thinking about erotic possibilities is this one. Enjoy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a man in brown to stalk. I'm expecting 2 fun packages to be delivered today. If you're good boys and girls, I'll share later!

Monday, June 6, 2011

To squirt or not to squirt.....

....is not the question at all. But there are plenty of other questions surrounding the phenomenon of female ejaculation also known as squirting. Or gushing. (as some real life cases are less showy than porn would have us believe)

Is it urine?
Where does it come from?
How can I do it?
Am I normal if I can't?
How can  I stop doing it?
Will it freak my partner out?

Lots of speculation, so-called research and studies, and we still can't come to a widely accepted conclusion. What is with the myths of the female body? Why is understanding it so complicated? Well, I can't tell you that. I have a female body and to tell you the truth it frustrates and confuses me sometimes. I can only learn from my experiences, and a sex toy review by Mrs. Discontented that I read reminded me of such an experience. With squirting, that is.

The wonderful month of May (you know, Masturbation Month?) flew by. Maybe we were all having so much fun.....uh.....celebrating. I don't think I hit an all time high, but I did my best, which is where my story becomes relevant.

Maybe some of my history is in order first. I consider myself lucky because I began having orgasms fairly young, and was still a teenager when I began having them with a partner. It shouldn't surprise you that that partner was Od. I had the security and confidence in our relationship that I needed to finally be able to let go. (as much as a normally self-conscious 17 year old can) He's always been an avid learner and the subject of our sexuality was no different. I know things about myself because of him. And I have an awesome vibrator because of him, too. I was using it the first time I squirted.

It was during a very brief period when I was multi-orgasmic. I'd almost forgotten about it until Mrs.' article got me thinking on the subject. My self-love sessions were so far and few between (I was a much different Freya back then) that when they occurred I was all business. Within a minute of vibe to clit contact I had the first, longest and most fulfilling orgasm. Shut off the vibe. Wait a minute. Start up the vibe, and before you know it, orgasm number 2. It took a little longer, was over quickly, and number 3 was beginning before I could recover. My record was somewhere around 10. Focusing became difficult after 4 or 5. I let my body decide when it was finished. Often I became so thirsty from all the heavy breathing that I forced myself to stop, other times I was so tender and swollen that the sensation bordered on a tingling, buzzy, hot pain. But pleasure is addictive when you go so long with out it. It was the end of a particularly long dry spell when my determination overrode my body's white flag of surrender. I pushed for just. one. more. It was a fight to the finish. Dry mouth. Wrist cramp. Sore abdominal muscles from all the intense spasming. Shaky, weak legs. Throbbing, overused vulva. Rational brain arguing with primal brain.

"Just stop, relax, and enjoy. One more isn't worth the energy"

"Shut up! Yes it is. Something's there. I can feel it!"

Thumbing the power up another notch, I pressed the vibrator down even harder. Eventually it happen. An instantaneous flare of orgasm that was blanketed in the most bizarre heat, and I felt it from the top of my clit to my ass. My muscles tensed so much that my shoulders were off the bed and it was like the climax was being ripped from my body. It was pleasurable. Painful. Tingly and numb at the same time. Hot. And.............what the fuck? Wet? Had I not still been wearing my panties I might not have noticed. At first. But cotton cools off quickly, and cold, soaked underwear grabs one's attention. I thought I'd peed the bed.

Orgasmic fatigue was immediately replaced with panic. Shit! Now I had to change undies and change the bed. I was bewildered, not really worried, but kept a look out for other signs of incontinence. I've had kids, you know? Us women hear about those things happening. Never mind that we also hear about female ejaculation. That couldn't possibly be what this was. Squirting women just know - don't they?

Well yeah, they do. They learn just like I did. From their first experience. I'm glad it was by myself. And that it happened subtly. More of a gush. I've seen videos of women going off like Super Soakers. If that was me, I would've been traumatized, thrown the damn Panasonic away, and shrivelled up from lack of use due to the embarrassment of Od ever seeing it happen.

I've had the same type of burning, gushing orgasm a handful of times since then. Occasionally from the trusty Panasonic (with longer time delays and on the 2nd or 3rd) and twice from my beloved LELO Soraya. All very intense with the telltale tingling. I'm usually aware that it's happened before I get a chance to investigate. I'm now aware of the sensations of squirting. Until recently.

It seems our bodies like to change things up every now and then. Good example : I'm no longer multi-orgasmic. Technically. And now my body like to be sneaky about squirting.

It was a few weeks ago back in May and I was honoring Masturbation Month in a rather rushed, last minute fashion, while I still had the house to myself. I was using my Icicles glass dildo. It's meant for G-spot stimulation and I combined it with the Panasonic. A two handed job, if you will. When I play with insertables, clitoral stimulation is saved for last as the thing that easily pushes me over the edge. This time felt like any other. It was a fairly quick, easily earned orgasm. The smooth hardness of the glass was doing it's job quite well. I was naked on the lower half only on top of the made bed. Before I finished riding out the pleasure I felt wetness under the small of my back. I froze. I knew what had happened, I just didn't know why. I had no telltale signs of heat or burning and it was my first/only orgasm. Toys pushed onto the floor, I hopped up to inspect the covers only to feel dripping from my entire lower body and from the back of my shirt! I made a wet spot that was the size of a turkey platter (sorry for the food reference) and it soaked through to the mattress pad. It didn't make any sense.

It was such a normal orgasm that produced my biggest gush to date when it usually accompanies such strong ones. I've had many releases lately at Od's hands that were so strong that I thought surely I'd squirted, and nope. Nothing. Sometimes it's from clit stimulation only, and sometimes combined with penetration. There are no rules, no secret combination to unlock the mystery of it, and I can't say that the gushing makes things more enjoyable - at least not for me. I know Od would get a thrill from it when and if my mind/body decides to cooperate. It can happen. I know this. It's not a myth, and I feel no superiority for having the ability to squirt. It just is.

And with the limitless ability to search the internet on any given topic, no question ever needs to remain unanswered.

No. It's not urine.
It ejects from the urethra.
You can practice with self stimulation, possibly focusing internally on the G-spot.
Of course you're normal if you don't squirt.
Learning to stop may be trickier than learning to start.
And all partners should enjoy your body's reaction to pleasure, no matter what. To hear some tell it, they happen to love a positive, exhilarating response from their lover. Huh. Go Figure.  :)

I'm curious what my readers have to say.
Any experiences to share?
What are your thoughts?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy happy joy joy

So.....I'm thinking that this summer might not be so bad.
I made a plan.
I gathered the kids and laid it out.
No sleeping in.
The day starts right away with breakfast and regular chores.
We hit the YMCA followed by lunch.
Then we have the day for the pool, library, movies, amusement park, etc.
The one big stipulation is this : everyday, without fail, each of us has 3 extra jobs to do.
I make the list, they choose from the list.

Yesterday my son informed me "Oh yeah, I'm done with exams. Yesterday was my last day."
I said "Good. You can get a head start on your projects."
He washed his car, took care of the dog, made his bed, swept the driveway, cut down some weeds, and moved the fire pit woodpile.
I bought him lunch. He was happy.
Today my bathroom got cleaned, carpets and couches vacuumed, tree house lumber is denailed, oven drawer cleaned out, herb pots are shiny, papers and junk mail shredded, and windows got washed inside and out.
I bought them lunch again.
I got a "thank you" for that.
They're actually in good moods considering they worked all morning and afternoon.
Oh! And they did their own laundry, too.

I hope this pattern holds up. I can't believe it's worked 2 days in a row. I'm beyond happy.
And the cherry on top?
Son got a call for a job interview!

This shit better be real when I wake up tomorrow. That's all I'm sayin'.

Almost forgot. I'm giving Friday Facts a rest for now. Thinking about putting up a formspring widget instead. Maybe. As with anything....... if I can figure it out. ;)

Have a good weekend!