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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday and random ramblings

Let's take this point by point, shall we?

  • I had a lovely holiday season and must've been a good girl at least a little bit because I got everything on my Christmas list. And then some. I'm most excited about my sewing machine that I asked for, and the GORGEOUS silver and turquoise necklace that was a total surprise.
  • We visited an international food market that's close by for the first time, and as expected I'm kicking myself for never having been before. It's like the Disney World of grocery stores. $200 later we had a cart full of fun stuff that never makes the usual grocery list. (like spicy Cajun tuna jerky, fresh mozzarella, pomegranates, shark steaks, Texas caviar, fresh pretzel buns, jalapeno Havarti, and pickles from a barrel) It was a purely fun shopping trip. We've been feasting off our bounty for the last 4 days and every meal has been like our private little tapas bar. It's awesome. Good food, even the simplest, makes me incredibly happy. Must.Go.More.Often.
  • Saw a crazy amount of movies, at home and in the theater. Re watched Water for Elephants and once again fell in love with the pretty face, voice, and hands of Robert Pattinson. The scenes at the end when he's holding a baby? OMG, my ovaries nearly exploded. That happen to anybody else with hot men and babies? That can't just be me, right? Also saw Cowboys and Aliens and it.....wasn't as bad as I though it would be. It had redeeming qualities. Cowboys. Duh. Also saw J. Edgar. Really like it. Not a history buff, as I never knew he was a homosexual. I'd heard about him wearing lady's clothing, but not the gay rumors. The movie portrayed him as repressed and unfulfilled all the while having a romantic relationship with his #2 man. Together, but not together. He accomplished so much in his career, but failed at personal acceptance and happiness. How sad.
  • On the way out of the movies (seeing J. Edgar) I noticed two cute boys holding hands as they briskly walked to their car. As I struggled to get my breath from the sharpness of the stinging wind I did a double take to see if I was seeing things right. It made me smile, knowing things are changing for the better. Plus, um, you know. Two cute boys.  ;)  Silly it made me so happy, but around here - that's progress.
  • Speaking of stinging winds...that's about as harsh as the weather got for Christmas. We had to pull the shades on Christmas morning because the sun was shining so brightly. And the weather was nice. Dammit. Didn't even need a coat. Next year. I swear. Next year I'm running away to someplace guaranteed to be snowy for Christmas.
  • Had some really nice sex over the lazy holiday stretch. Od had accumulated plenty of days off and used them for most of December to allow us the opportunity to celebrate his birthday (43!), our anniversary (18!) and to enjoy a relaxed Christmas and New Year. Done and done. Also had some awkward, not quite satisfactory attempts and approaches to sex. Meh. It happens. Part of the reason was because I decided to avoid toys to try to sensitize my body. What actually occurred was me getting frustrated and crabby. Once I caved and pulled the toys out, the world was a perfect place again. What I learned that I already knew : there is no right way or wrong way to get off. Just be thankful that you can and that you know your own body well enough to give it what it needs.
  • I had a nice surprise when my Fan Fiction world collided with my Tumblr world quite by accident. It was a serendipitous moment of my pervy beginnings coming full circle. After all, I can thank those wonderfully filthy-minded women for sparking my interest in all things non-vanilla. Really. Never underestimate a woman with time on her hands who claims to write fictional stories. Dirty whore, probably. In the most delightful way, of course. It makes me realize I have chosen my friends poorly. Wherever these women live, I want to go there and be amongst my own kind. *sigh*
  • Toyed with the idea of giving up any attempts to bring my husband around to the idea of being kinky. Maybe just live with the fantasies in my head. (since kinky adventures have taken a considerable step back lately) Then my stubborn streak kicks in and digs heels in and refuses to be unsatisfied. Just thinking of my dusty harness awaiting it's sophomore run makes me antsy in my pants. Tumblr isn't helping any either. So, when I see Od perusing Tumblr on his own, and looking at something that is definitely not my speed (but not out of the question) it makes me think how silly that we both have these thoughts, these desires that are going unmet. That's not who we are. We have a gift. The gift of open communication and acceptance that others lack and here we are wasting it. So what if he needs a push? I'm pushy. I should use it to my advantage. Hell, maybe he needs me to be pushy. (that's what I tell myself anyway) So, I brought up a proposal of...taking turns. It needs to be fleshed out, but.......I'm hopeful this will work for us.
  • Speaking of Tumblr (one more time), Lola has started something fun and has invited her readers to post favorite photo finds. She's calling it Tumblr Tuesday and I think it's a great idea. I have roughly......oh, let's say a few (hundred) photos that I've saved that I could share. ;)  I'll start with my most recent, from a lovely woman who may or not be one of my favorite authors, as well.
all of my kinkiness started with the infatuation of this man. true story.

divine bitch, indeed. lucky one, too.

Called the jockey position. Never knew. I though we made it up all those years ago.......
Tumblr : good for laughs as well!

I'll leave you with wishes for a happy and healthy and horny New Year. I'm well on my way already.