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Friday, September 23, 2011

More Tumblr reccs

I've given some serious thought to starting my own Tumblr account. Never mind that I don't know how it actually works (I'm sure I'd flounder then eventually figure it out, much like blogging), but I find myself saving a lot of photos and trying to figure out ways to work them into this blog adding my own commentary, but it doesn't seem to fit with what's going on in my life. (usually) Tumblr works better for the drive by style of dumping a slew of interesting things and saying "Here's some stuff. You might like it. Might not. But it didn't waste too much of your time." I kinda like it. What I like more are the rare Tumblrers who spice things up with a quirky comment. I happen to like quirky, if you haven't figured that out about me. Quirky, weird, interesting, unusual, outrageous, funny, informational, and ridiculous things make me happy to be alive. And how could I not share that? We'll see.......

Of course, this is all dependant upon me finding time in my day for another project. I fear that looking behind the curtain and understanding how Tumblr works will only make it easier to get wrapped up in it. Right now I'm just an accidental tourist bumping into great sites serendipitously. With purpose and knowledge I can just forget about keeping my daily schedule. Hah! As if I manage that now. Remember that Goodwill donation I was gonna make on Monday? Mmm hmm. Still in my car. Today. I promise. Today.

So in light of not keeping schedules and wasting time, would you like to know about some new Tumblrs I've discovered? You would? Okay then.  ;)  In no particular order :

Calboner : Meet Cal. Now meet his boner. It's that simple. Actually, I don't know what the Cal stands for. Maybe California for all I know. What I do know is that his posts are all him, all the time. Some repeats, but goodness, they're worth lookin' at a few times! You may have to look twice just to see all of him.  ;)  The most impressive thing about him is his age. He's 50. *shoos you away with hands* Just go look.

Little Miss Spanky Pants : This site is run by her older boyfriend who takes great delight in warming her backside and showing it off in her cute undies. She sometimes gets a word in, but most of them are "No" and "That hurts". All very unconvincingly, too, by the way. She's very much an indignant brat when it comes time to bend over, but bend over she does. And they post videos. *sigh* Mesmerizing videos that I've watched repeatedly. I'm undecided if I like the spanking, her undies, his hands, or the basic voyeurism best. They've been absent for awhile. LMSP please come back.

James Deen : an account dedicated to gifs, clips, and commentary about this porn star. I wish it updated more often. I don't go much for industry porn, but he's a stand out for me. Maybe it's the sideburns. I don't know. But he fucks like a champ and really gets passionate about his work. He's a seasoned vet at the early age of 25. I thought he was much older. Makes me feel kinda dirty. Doesn't keep me from watching, mind you. :)

Retrogasm : Not sure how to describe this one. I'm still getting a feel for it, but there's a lot of vintage photos and gifs of pretty ladies, weird things, and T.V. stuff. If you like Marilyn Monroe, she has a fabulous collection of rare photos. Just neat. Fits in my quirky category. But a little bit sexy, too.

chasing the green faerie : Nothing to do with absinthe. Everything to do with outstanding photography of fantastic eye candy. Self described free spirited blog with a bohemian vibe about nature, people, and places. I found it last night. Can't stop looking and sighing. It's my new happy place.

I don't have sense to come in out of the rain. : Another I found last night and couldn't turn away from. I like to go back as far as I can when I find an interesting blogger. I want to know them, really get them, as much as I can. Her I like. Read her bio. It's pretty much exactly what I would say about me, except for the Catholic part. She's got a little bit of everything in there, much like I would.

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend : Ever wonder what male historical figures looked like in their prime? Been curious about how attractive men could've been with outdated hair and clothing styles? Yeah. They were still pretty hot and beautifully built. And hey, if you're nothing more than a history nut, this will interest you as well. I giggle at her use of the phrase "my boyfriend" when she writes about these men.

Shit He's Gorgeous : Fairly obvious. A bounty of male beauty to gaze upon. Not too graphic, mostly well groomed (waxed), and not gay themed. Surprising - because you know how I feel about M/M lovin'. Especially the pretty, fuzzy ones...........*sigh*............

On that note, I'm going to say farewell. Have a good weekend my lovies. I know I will, and you'll be reading about it soon enough!

*kiss kiss*

Now, where did I put my harness?....................