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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tumblr = crack

It's so easy and so addictive that Tumblr is like a form of crack for me. It updates frequently, too. Kind of like porn for those with ADD. Anyway, it's eye candy at it's best. And I do like candy!  ;)

Below are some links to my favorite Tumblrs so far.

Thumper's portfolio  Thumper is the guy that normalized the idea of chastity for me and made it seem possible and really fucking hot. He's a married bisexual guy and he has terrific taste in photos. Something for everyone in there.There's a link on his Tumblr page for his blog. Read it. He's so down-to-earth and presents his views in a way that makes me wish I knew him in real life.

Loves to Lick If you're a fan of pussy, or have one and appreciate having it licked, then this one's for you! Enough said.

Ruggedly Handsome This one is all men. Most are overly muscular. Most are very hairy. And bearded. I have a preference for men with body hair. The muscles....eh. Not so necessary. I found this guy there :

Just be warned that if gay scenes bother you, you might want to avoid this site.

Great Looking Cocks Ummmm. Pretty self explanatory. But I'd like to add that most of the time I find myself thinking "there's just no way" a lot of the time I spend there. Still fun to look at though. :)

Intact Men This is all photos of men who are uncircumcised. It's a new fascination of mine. Never had access to one - but God. They look like so much fun. Personal disclosure : I like to play with men's junk. I could play for hours each day. *snort* In fact.........I sorta do!

un ragazzo curioso another one that has a little something for everyone. Artful, erotic, and intimate. just found this one last week.

A Classy Sex Addict She's young, fun, and ecclectic. Again - something for most everybody.

Pull My Hair This girl likes it a little rough, and I've got to admit that her posts hit my submissive triggers. Like this one :
naughtynomics Mostly hetero couples caught in sweet, intense, sometimes kinky and raunchy moments. With gifs thrown in here and there.

love's other trumpet Pretty much all gifs all the time. The address says it all : fuckmaker. Makes me dizzy after a while. But some I can't tear my eyes away from - almost hypnotic!

totally doin it! In the same category as the previous 2, but with fewer gifs and some obvious porn stills.

Thoughts From A Girl Looking At Porn Okay, she's probably my favorite because of the variety of her posts and her added commentary. She's young, loves cock, hairy guys, and gay porn, appreciates curvy girls and admits to being turned on by unusual stuff. I love how she just says what she thinks. and she gets awesome original submissions from her followers. Just good stuff!

Tumbling is like blogging in the way that one link will take you to another, then another, and yet another. Some can tend to look alike because of the reblogging of photos that goes on, but I hope you find something you like!

And if you have any reccs, certainly send them my way!