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Monday, March 21, 2011

My husband has no shame

There's all sorts of fetishes and kinks and alternative sexual practices.
I'm currently at a loss to describe what my husband's deal is.
Here are the facts :

  • he loves my tits
  • especially my nipples
  • he likes them adorned in any way possible
  • he'd prefer me braless at all times
  • he likes people to see them
He used to encourage me to go braless in public in a fun, teasing way. Well, now that we've delved deeper into our fantasies and kinky wishlists I now realize he's very serious about it. I've even indulged him a few times when he's had special requests.

So what would you call that? Secondhand exhibitionism? A very very mild case of hotwife-ing? I don't know. I don't need it to be defined - just curious if anybody else has an idea.

I thought I was being rhetorical when I captioned this photo. Just for fun I left my newest artwork in his top dresser drawer as a surprise. He loved it, and I asked him (teasingly) if he would hang it up in his office. I won't say that I shouldn't have asked him, but I really should have known better. The man has no shame. His reply was "Yes, I'll hang it up in the office." Usually when he says he'll do something.......uh, it doesn't happen. Imagine my surprise on Friday when I received texted photo proof that my artwork is indeed hanging on his office wall right above our daughter's preschool-era contribution that he's moved from office to office over the period of the last 11 years. He said in the text : "Both of my girls like painting with green. :)"
It was actually very sweet and made my heart all gooey. I have to admit that our combined pieces did make a nice little complimentary collection! (can't show you the pic, her name is written right on it and very big like all preschoolers tend to do)

He got a nice kick out of displaying S & T and loved the reactions from his co-workers that noticed. He eventually took it down due to outsiders having a walk-through that day. Reactions?

  • looks went from squinting to see what it was to grins and smiles when they figured it out
  • "she's a keeper!"
  • "I never get anything like that."
  • someone had the nerve to ask about the story behind the artist's signature ,which he told
  • another requested to take a picture, which he declined
I don't go into the office often, but now I'll be on the lookout for curious or amused glances!

I think I should expand this series and perhaps the next subject matter will be balls. Using blue paint, of course! ;)