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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TMI Tuesday 5/23/11

It's time for another round of TMI, and a good way to stretch my blogging muscles. Anyone else find that if you go two or three days without blogging then it's easy to turn into a week, then two, then...?

Anyway, since I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning (had sex, vacuumed, straightened up the house, ran an errand, ate breakfast) I'm gonna settle in and do some writing. You'll see this today and the rest tomorrow. Shall we?

1. Under what circumstances would you kiss a stranger?
Drunkenness is the first I can think of. I lose my filter and impulse control when I drink. I'm likely to do or say anything that pops into my brain, plus I get very flirtatious - more than usual. The only other circumstance I can think of is perhaps an erotic encounter where only body language is used to express attraction and the undeniable pull that draws you closer and closer until you let your lips say the necessary silent words against another's.

2. Who was the last person you sent a sexy or romantic text message to? What did the text say?
A text? That would have to be Od. I sent him my HNT photos with the caption "For posterity. (and your continued enjoyment.) I love you. *kiss*" He loves my feet. What can I say? Now - sexy email would be a different story altogether. ;)

3. What was the last sexy or romantic text message that you received and what did it say?
Well, everyday around noon Od sends me a reminder to take care of  S & T. It's his way of being involved when he can't be present. It's more sweet than sexy. The last really sexy text was from him asking if I found my surprise he left me. (it was a screen saver of an exceptionally hung uncut man wearing a cock ring) The conversation that followed was hot and flirty. Again, if we mentioned emails as well, it would be someone else about something else, but definitely sexy!

4. What was the longest romantic relationship you’ve had (months, years)? And what was the shortest romantic relationship?
The longest is going on 20 years. Coming this August actually. The shortest is probably a few weeks. Back in high school.

5. If there was a cunnilingus contest, would you enter? Would you “eat” or be eaten?
If eating, would you bring along your choice of pussy to lick or use one of the clean delectable pussies provided?
What's the goal? Fastest orgasm? Most orgasms? Most pussies eaten at one time? I need more info.
But I'll go ahead and say probably not. That's not a sexy answer, only a truthful one. I'm not fast and not multi-orgasmic and although I could see myself being bisensual, I'm not bisexual and have never craved the taste of pussy.

6. If we asked your partner/lover to describe you sexually in one word, what do you think that word would be?
The first thing that I thought of was aggressive, but because he and I frequently think on different wavelengths I called him and asked. He said adventurous. I think we're both right. ;)

Happy SEXY TMI Tuesday!