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Monday, June 6, 2011

To squirt or not to squirt.....

....is not the question at all. But there are plenty of other questions surrounding the phenomenon of female ejaculation also known as squirting. Or gushing. (as some real life cases are less showy than porn would have us believe)

Is it urine?
Where does it come from?
How can I do it?
Am I normal if I can't?
How can  I stop doing it?
Will it freak my partner out?

Lots of speculation, so-called research and studies, and we still can't come to a widely accepted conclusion. What is with the myths of the female body? Why is understanding it so complicated? Well, I can't tell you that. I have a female body and to tell you the truth it frustrates and confuses me sometimes. I can only learn from my experiences, and a sex toy review by Mrs. Discontented that I read reminded me of such an experience. With squirting, that is.

The wonderful month of May (you know, Masturbation Month?) flew by. Maybe we were all having so much fun.....uh.....celebrating. I don't think I hit an all time high, but I did my best, which is where my story becomes relevant.

Maybe some of my history is in order first. I consider myself lucky because I began having orgasms fairly young, and was still a teenager when I began having them with a partner. It shouldn't surprise you that that partner was Od. I had the security and confidence in our relationship that I needed to finally be able to let go. (as much as a normally self-conscious 17 year old can) He's always been an avid learner and the subject of our sexuality was no different. I know things about myself because of him. And I have an awesome vibrator because of him, too. I was using it the first time I squirted.

It was during a very brief period when I was multi-orgasmic. I'd almost forgotten about it until Mrs.' article got me thinking on the subject. My self-love sessions were so far and few between (I was a much different Freya back then) that when they occurred I was all business. Within a minute of vibe to clit contact I had the first, longest and most fulfilling orgasm. Shut off the vibe. Wait a minute. Start up the vibe, and before you know it, orgasm number 2. It took a little longer, was over quickly, and number 3 was beginning before I could recover. My record was somewhere around 10. Focusing became difficult after 4 or 5. I let my body decide when it was finished. Often I became so thirsty from all the heavy breathing that I forced myself to stop, other times I was so tender and swollen that the sensation bordered on a tingling, buzzy, hot pain. But pleasure is addictive when you go so long with out it. It was the end of a particularly long dry spell when my determination overrode my body's white flag of surrender. I pushed for just. one. more. It was a fight to the finish. Dry mouth. Wrist cramp. Sore abdominal muscles from all the intense spasming. Shaky, weak legs. Throbbing, overused vulva. Rational brain arguing with primal brain.

"Just stop, relax, and enjoy. One more isn't worth the energy"

"Shut up! Yes it is. Something's there. I can feel it!"

Thumbing the power up another notch, I pressed the vibrator down even harder. Eventually it happen. An instantaneous flare of orgasm that was blanketed in the most bizarre heat, and I felt it from the top of my clit to my ass. My muscles tensed so much that my shoulders were off the bed and it was like the climax was being ripped from my body. It was pleasurable. Painful. Tingly and numb at the same time. Hot. And.............what the fuck? Wet? Had I not still been wearing my panties I might not have noticed. At first. But cotton cools off quickly, and cold, soaked underwear grabs one's attention. I thought I'd peed the bed.

Orgasmic fatigue was immediately replaced with panic. Shit! Now I had to change undies and change the bed. I was bewildered, not really worried, but kept a look out for other signs of incontinence. I've had kids, you know? Us women hear about those things happening. Never mind that we also hear about female ejaculation. That couldn't possibly be what this was. Squirting women just know - don't they?

Well yeah, they do. They learn just like I did. From their first experience. I'm glad it was by myself. And that it happened subtly. More of a gush. I've seen videos of women going off like Super Soakers. If that was me, I would've been traumatized, thrown the damn Panasonic away, and shrivelled up from lack of use due to the embarrassment of Od ever seeing it happen.

I've had the same type of burning, gushing orgasm a handful of times since then. Occasionally from the trusty Panasonic (with longer time delays and on the 2nd or 3rd) and twice from my beloved LELO Soraya. All very intense with the telltale tingling. I'm usually aware that it's happened before I get a chance to investigate. I'm now aware of the sensations of squirting. Until recently.

It seems our bodies like to change things up every now and then. Good example : I'm no longer multi-orgasmic. Technically. And now my body like to be sneaky about squirting.

It was a few weeks ago back in May and I was honoring Masturbation Month in a rather rushed, last minute fashion, while I still had the house to myself. I was using my Icicles glass dildo. It's meant for G-spot stimulation and I combined it with the Panasonic. A two handed job, if you will. When I play with insertables, clitoral stimulation is saved for last as the thing that easily pushes me over the edge. This time felt like any other. It was a fairly quick, easily earned orgasm. The smooth hardness of the glass was doing it's job quite well. I was naked on the lower half only on top of the made bed. Before I finished riding out the pleasure I felt wetness under the small of my back. I froze. I knew what had happened, I just didn't know why. I had no telltale signs of heat or burning and it was my first/only orgasm. Toys pushed onto the floor, I hopped up to inspect the covers only to feel dripping from my entire lower body and from the back of my shirt! I made a wet spot that was the size of a turkey platter (sorry for the food reference) and it soaked through to the mattress pad. It didn't make any sense.

It was such a normal orgasm that produced my biggest gush to date when it usually accompanies such strong ones. I've had many releases lately at Od's hands that were so strong that I thought surely I'd squirted, and nope. Nothing. Sometimes it's from clit stimulation only, and sometimes combined with penetration. There are no rules, no secret combination to unlock the mystery of it, and I can't say that the gushing makes things more enjoyable - at least not for me. I know Od would get a thrill from it when and if my mind/body decides to cooperate. It can happen. I know this. It's not a myth, and I feel no superiority for having the ability to squirt. It just is.

And with the limitless ability to search the internet on any given topic, no question ever needs to remain unanswered.

No. It's not urine.
It ejects from the urethra.
You can practice with self stimulation, possibly focusing internally on the G-spot.
Of course you're normal if you don't squirt.
Learning to stop may be trickier than learning to start.
And all partners should enjoy your body's reaction to pleasure, no matter what. To hear some tell it, they happen to love a positive, exhilarating response from their lover. Huh. Go Figure.  :)

I'm curious what my readers have to say.
Any experiences to share?
What are your thoughts?