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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TMI Tuesday 8/16/11

Flashback then Fast Forward

1. What ’80s or ’90s fashion did you love but would be embarrassed to wear today, even if it came back in style? Hmmmmm.....oh! I know. Blue eyeshadow (saw a lady in the store today wearing it and I just wanted to say to her " Honey, no - just....no"), those braided headbands that were worn on the forehead, umm.........and florescent clothes. And gold glue-on fingernails. (just the one, not a full set) And side clips for hair. And high waisted jeans. OMG - never ever again will I ever wear teased, sprayed, jacked-up-to-Jesus mall hair. My high school days floated by in a cloud of Aquanet and Bold Hold hairspray. You gotta remember that I was a cheerleader and also that I have curly hair. The tendencies for big hair were already there. Funny story : my kids go to the same schools that I attended and in the high school there's a hallway outside the auditorium that displays the senior photos of alumni going back to '78 or '79. We were attending a play there a couple years ago and during intermission walked down that hall to show my daughter and niece what I, my sister, and my husband looked like back in high school. My niece said "Awww, you were so pretty! Look how big your hair was! Other than your hair, you look exactly the same." I'm not so sure about that, but it was nice to hear.  :)
2. What current fashion do you wear and love? Or What current fashion do you wear but probably shouldn’t? I've bought quite a few twirly dresses and skirts lately. There seems to be a feminine flair happening in clothes, which I'm loving. Comfy without being clingy, and can be dressed up or down. I really shouldn't wear yoga pants as much as I do, but I can't help it. They're like a hug for my whole lower body. I feel happier the instant they're on.
3. What was your favorite toy as a kid? Dolls. Hands down. I had baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and Strawberry Shortcake dolls. And these little mermaid-type dolls called Sea Wees. LOVED. THEM. I also lived on my bike in nicer weather when I wasn't playing office. I spent any money I had (which wasn't a lot) on office supplies. I still have a deep love for them.
4. What is your favorite “toy” today? My laptop and my iPhone - because I play much more than I work on them. And my LELO Soraya. (played just 2 days ago)  ;)   and my art supplies. I pretty much play for a living.
5. Did you ever own a Sony Walkman? A boombox? No to the Walkman, but yes to the boombox.
6. What’s the most played song on your mp3 player???????? I have no clue. I'll guess this one or this one. I listen to them on loop through my earbuds when I need to relax.
7. Who was your best friend in elementary/primary school? Jenny and Jenny.
8. Who is your best friend now? Od. Not to be sappy, but he's really the one person in this world I can say anything to and have my worst day with and he never judges. When I have good news I want to share it with him first. I'd rather be with him than anyone else. As far as female friends....I'd say Julie.
9. Who was your favorite musical group in your early teens (age 13/14)? Post a photo.

depeche mode, obviously 

the doors
10. Who is your favorite musical group now? Post a link to a song of theirs that you like.When it comes to music I can't even begin to narrow down on a favorite. I don't even have a favorite style. But for now, recently, until I buy more music to fixate on........I can't get enough of these guys.
Bonus: What do you think is the secret to a good life? Be a good person. Pay it forward. Make yourself happy. Don't take shit.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!