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Monday, April 30, 2012

A helping hand

May is Masturbation Month. Did you know that? My thanks to Advizor for the timely reminder.

In consideration to boosting and (hopefully) improving my sex life, I'm choosing to not only meet his challenge and go for a perfect month (31/31), I also decided quite impulsively that Od should take this challenge as well. Yes, that's right. The man who hasn't jerked himself off in God knows how long (possibly over a year) has been given his orders. Or assigned a task. Requested to participate. However it suits his sensitive little ears these days.

Every morning after our snuggle time he's going to put on a show for me. Or lull me back to sleep with the rocking motion of his arm. Either or, win-win.

I'll be joining in the celebration myself later in the day when I have the house to myself.

Some of my readers are familiar with our experimentations and struggles with chastity play. Od's a bit off/on about wearing a device (even though he voluntarily indulged me for a few weeks in March as a surprise - God, I do miss that...) but he's flawless when it comes to the honor system. There's been no orgasms without Freya. And honestly, those have slowed to a moderate trickle in the last 4..5..6.. months or so. I've been taking clues from him and holding out for receptive signs instead of attacking him as I was wont to do. What I've discovered, simply put, is that I have a much higher sex drive than my husband. He just does not seem to be cast from the same mould as other men. In most regards I'm thankful for that. But I'm looking to boost his libido (to use it against him, of course, this is me, after all) and I'm hoping that continuous orgasms might do the trick. Couldn't hurt, right? If anything... I'll have good reason to slap that cock cage back on him in 31 days' time. *grins*

I plan on posting a few updates throughout the month. I'm very curious to see what transpires.

On another note...watch this space for the conclusion to Navy boy. I'm having a hard time wrapping it up in a tidy bow, but it's coming along.