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Thursday, December 29, 2011

HNT - first and last

Just over a year ago when I began blogging I had already been enjoying the, uh...creative efforts of other certain bloggers who played along with Half Nekkid Thursday. Could I? Couldn't I? Yes, no, maybe.......

*laughs with hindsight*  Well. It took me all of three posts to say to myself  okay, just this one. And this was it :

Spirit makes her debut. Wait - no. That's Tradition.
And you know what? I think it's been my favorite so far. That initial rush of thrill, of naughtiness, of exposure - it made my heart race and I'm certain I was biting my lip and taking a calming breath as I hit the publish post button. This was a big stretch for me - someone who had absolutely no intention of becoming an exhibitionist. Believe me. I'm still not. I much prefer to look. But the kind words rolled in and I was rewarded for my bravery. Sometimes I played, sometimes I didn't. But it was always, always fun.

Since HNT is winding down to a close it seems appropriate to give thanks to the man behind the naughtiness. Thanks Os, for offering bloggers a way to share themselves and appreciate others. The world, tangible and intangible, could always stand for more of that.

For the last time folks,

Happy HNT

*kiss kiss*