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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tumblr meme

  1. Height: 5'4"
  2. Virgin? uh, no
  3. Shoe Size:US 8-1/2
  4. Sexual Orientation: hetero
  5. Do you Smoke? nope
  6. Do you Drink? very rarely
  7. Do you Take Drugs? no. i avoid all medication if possible
  8. Age you get mistaken for: i think i look my age. without makeup i look younger
  9. Have Tattoos? no.
  10. Want any tattoos? i thought about it 2 years ago. but i'm fickle, therefore - no.
  11. Got any Piercings? yes. 5
  12. Want any piercings? not any more.
  13. Best friend? my man.
  14. Relationship status: married.
  15. Biggest turn ons: nice hands, humor, a dirty mind, beink kinky, an easy smile, and lots more!!!
  16. Biggest turn offs: ignorance and bad personal grooming
  17. Favorite Movie: probably the HP series
  18. I’ll love you if: you rub my tushie. I'll love you FOR.EV.ER.
  19. Someone you miss: 22 year old Od. I would HURT that man. (in the good way. obvs)
  20. Most traumatic experience: parenthood.
  21. A fact about your personality: i'm bossy with no plans to change.
  22. What I hate most about myself: i'm too quick to judge
  23. What I love most about myself: ability for humor
  24. What I want to be when I get older: aging gracefully
  25. My relationship with my sibling(s): close-ish. we struggle at times.
  26. My relationship with my parents: close. but right now i'm mad at one of them. it'll pass.
  27. My idea of a perfect date: i don't strive for perfection. when things click, they just click. no way to make it happen.it could occur anywhere, doing anything.
  28. My biggest pet peeves: bad spelling and mispronunciation. clutter. self important people.
  29. A description of the girl/boy I like: brunette. blue eyes. glasses. furry. muscular. mostly thoughtful. handy. intelligent. gentle.
  30. A description of the person I dislike the most: tall. balding. arrogant. stupid laugh. passive aggressive. manipulative. self important.
  31. A reason I’ve lied to a friend: to save face.
  32. What I hate the most about work: nothing.
  33. What my last text message says: outgoing : u suck. plz refill my water. :/ incoming: srry
  34. What words upset me the most: "i'll try". they really mean: i won't do it, but i'll string you along and make you frustrated hoping you'll forget.
  35. What words make me feel the best about myself: "you're so creative"
  36. What I find attractive in women. beautiful skin and kind personalities
  37. What I find attractive in men. physical strength, confidence, know-how, good with kids.
  38. Where I would like to live. i like here.
  39. One of my insecurities. my thighs. ugh.
  40. My childhood career choice. librarian or stripper. yes, really.
  41. My favorite ice cream. strawberry, peach, or mint.
  42. Who I wish I could be. idk? a better version of me?
  43. Where I want to be right now. on vacation. 3 more months!
  44. The last thing I ate. a fruit smoothie and a grilled chicken salad
  45. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately. Ryan Reynolds. (daughter has the movie Just Friends on)
  46. A random fact about anything. I quite enjoyed my laps at the YMCA today due to the hottie that shared the track with me.