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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's revisited

I'm not one to turn down a thoughtful gift. But I don't want a gift to be mandatory, either. That's why when things weren't so good (really fucking awful) between Od and I, we didn't celebrate.
He'd ask what I wanted for my birthday - I said "Don't bother". I spent one anniversary at an evening work meeting, barely having seen him all day. Another anniversary was spent with the husband of a good friend. (taking our kids to a school function) Christmas was all about the kids, and Valentine's Day? Well......I spent that day either mourning our lost love, feeling sorry for myself, being pissed about feeling sorry for myself, or just pissed at him for sucking the joy out of my life.

So last February I felt the need to celebrate. It had been almost a month since we rekindled our romance. We were still in the unsure, where is this going? stage of our new happiness. Hell, I wasn't sure if it was happiness or just a fluke. Od's not known for his follow-through when he begins anything new. I was sort of holding my breath waiting for the backslide in effort, the disappointment, and the failure. We'd talked very little about why we let our relationship fail for so long, and why we shut each other out. (not that we didn't already know) We had a fleeting conversation once that was too raw and left him feeling guilty and on the verge of shutting down and left me on the verge of tears remembering years worth of neglect. It was time to focus on us now, not us then.

Valentine's day provided the opportunity to just go for it. I began scheming. I planned to ship the kids to their grandparents for the night so we could have the house to ourselves. A nice dinner out, a movie, and then he could unwrap his present - me. I bought a new outfit that included a red bra/panty set and a sweater that had a silky ribbon belt that tied in a bow, so he could actually unwrap me before he got to the other goodies!

It was a fun night, but what I was super excited about was what he had promised to do for me for Valentine's Day. Something he'd never done. A thing that I had never experienced with him. I was giddy all night talking about it, asking him "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. I told you I would, and I will." he said calmly and convincingly.

"I don't want you to regret it." I gave him every out that I could manage. Really, I was skeptical that he'd go through with it and I was fishing for reassurance. He'd never agreed to such a drastic thing so easily before. I'd wondered about it for years, looking at certain other men and fantasizing.........

After we arrived back home and it seemed like I was going to get this thing I had wanted for years, and my curiosity was so close to being satisfied...............I got nervous. I began second guessing myself. What if I regretted it? Didn't like it? How would that make him feel?

He was the one that took control of the situation. "Let me get changed. I don't want to get anything on my clothes."

"No. Don't. I want to see you do it in that shirt. I like it on you. Roll the sleeves up." I have a serious fetish for men's forearms, wrists, and hands. Especially in  rolled up shirtsleeves. It helps that Od rocks some pretty awesome manfur. You know that area where the hair brushes down into a line on the side of the forearm? Like a happy trail? Oh my god. And happy trails are another thing altogether. What can I say? We all have our triggers.

Anyway, I hung out in the hallway like a predatory lioness stalking my prey as he paced from the bathroom to the bedroom getting ready. The anticipaton was building. The widening grin on my face was unstoppable.

"Okay. I'm ready." he called out to me.

I stepped into the room, locking eyes with him and we smiled at each other. I reached up to grab the back of his hair, pulling him down for a deep kiss. He started laughing and pulled away.

"You're really happy about this aren't you?"

"Mm hm." I confessed, still grinning.

"Do you want to go first?" he asked.

"Can I?" I didn't expect the offer. He nodded his head while reaching behind me.

"You'll need these." Od handed me the supplies. I was comfortable using them on myself. But him? I could hurt him or do it the wrong way.

"You're sure?" I asked for the umpteenth time. I was maybe stalling a little bit.

He breathed a sigh at me, not wanting to be impatient. "Yes" he stressed.

With that one word he stepped forward, reached down to grab my ass and lifted me onto the bathroom vanity. I opened my legs to allow him access. With him nestled in I took the first of my supplies and turned it on. It jumped to life with a familiar buzz. I pressed it against him, moving it back and forth, working him over. Then I flipped the cap off another item and squirted a generous amount of gel into my hand, spreading it where I knew he needed it most. Then finally, finally I did the thing I'd wanted for so long..............

As he held very still (probably praying I didn't hurt him), I shaved off all of his facial hair. Goatee? Gone. Mustache? All gone. For the first time ever I was looking at him. Just him.
I felt like I was in the room with a strange man. I was seeing him, but having a hard time combining the new image with the old image. It was a mindfuck. He's just one of those people that is completely transformed with the addition/subtraction of facial hair. After we looked and laughed and looked some more, it was time to get down to the practical side of the evening. I wanted to kiss his clean-shaved, smooth face. And I did. I kissed and kissed and kissed. Then I kissed some more. I could not stop. If all we did that night was kiss, it would still have been fantastic.

Turns out we did a little more than kiss. There was one more place  I wanted to experience that unmustachioed mouth...............

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a typical night at the tattoo and piercing salon.......

.......until an average looking married couple walk in and ask about the offered services.

We looked like we should've been heading out for a Friday night date.

In actuality, Od got his cock pierced.

Yep. I sat there and battled my inner 12 year old boy and tried really hard not to giggle as another man leaned in close and fiddled with my man's dick. On the flip side, the proud wife in me wanted to pipe up and say "he's a grower, not a shower!" because I swear that thing was trying to turn inside out. Outside in? Whatever.

The procedure took mere minutes. Craig (the piercer) was excellent, warming us up with conversation, providing his credentials, and explaining the process. Then he unceremoniously had Od drop trou, climb on the table to mark the spot with a Sharpie, and said "okay, this next part is the worst when I insert the receiving tube into your urethra".

Od looked at me with an amused smirk like he was going to explain to Craig that it wouldn't be the first thing to ever go in there, but I shook my head "no" at him. Not that I mind sharing that type of information, but by this time (so close to the reason we were there) I was getting impatient with Craig's Chatty Cathy-ness and just wanted to get on with it.

After 3 deep breaths, a poke of a needle, and a full body tensing it was done!

We opted for a Prince Albert (PA) piercing. It's what he originally wanted 13 years ago. In April of 2010 I read about Apadravyas and thought that is the piercing I wanted him to get. (mostly for sexual sensation)

Since our unexpected adventure into chastity play, the PA was looking more and more useful. This will show you why. Just scroll down a bit to watch a video.

I'm so proud of Od. He took it like a champ, felt just fine afterwards, and only bled a very minimal amount that first night. No redness or swelling yet. (knock on wood) Oh, speaking of wood......his first full erection (later that night) was relatively pain free. So far it looks like he can expect quick healing.

I'm excited to find out what sex will be like with the ring. I really don't anticipate any discomfort, but I suppose that could change down the road with a more substantial ring. Craig started him off pretty small. 12 gauge I think. It looks good and Od is so proud of it, but secretly I'm already looking forward to the stretching and sizing up in a few months.

I'm having a difficult time keeping my hands off of it. And my mouth. I know those are 2 big no-nos, but I just.wanna.touch it. It's a new toy and I want to play with it! And it looks like it needs a kiss. *sigh* The waiting part is difficult for me. Always has been.

I've taken some pictures and I know he's okay with me sharing, but I'm not sure I want to. I feel funny about it. Maybe.

He keeps unzipping his pants and flashing his steel at me, asking "Do you like it?"

So I answer "I really do. You already know I like the idea of  a lot of steel down there."

And to that he replies "We'll see..........."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Something Better

I found this photo somewhere online (a tumblr account, I think) in the last month or so and it spoke to me. I've always loved to collect quotes, so I saved this little gem for later use. It came in handy when the time arrived for me to choose a direction for my blog.

I have been (for the past year) starting over. My relationship with my husband was nearly broken. So much so that I had given up on saving him from his self-imposed unhappiness. He was lost to me. I had fought the good fight, and was about to accept defeat. It went against my nature. It cut away my pride. The unthinkable occurred. I surrendered. I quit trying to fix the unfixable. Just as I was washing the battlefield grime from my worn hands, something happened. Something changed.

I didn't know what it was. I still don't. But after I turned to walk away, one foot already heading in a new direction, he reached for my hand. It was a silent request. I can't tell you what prompted him. Maybe the silence after the long battle was deafening and he couldn't ignore it? Perhaps he sensed my resignation? It could be that ironic timing was at play here. It was too little. And it was too late. But a good warrior takes an "in" when it's given, especially when winning the most worthy fight of her life is at stake. I took it. In doing so, Od and I have been fighting our way back together. There's no right. There's no wrong. Only shared victory.

This past year has seen many,  many changes for us. All good. Our journey is adventurous, passionate, and so far, never-ending.

We're claiming our new happiness together, leaving the past where it belongs. There's nothing to discuss. Nothing to fix. I have my partner back. What we're doing is creating something new. Something better.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who is Freya?

I went looking for an identity that I could relate to. I had my new blog title and address (which hold their own meaning that I'll explain). Now what? Who will I be? I wanted my ID to have something to do with change. Goddess of change? Rebirth? Enlightenment? In my search I came upon Hecate - goddess of the crossroads, guardian of the household, protecter of the oppressed and those who lived on the edge. A moon goddess who reminds others of the importance of change, to release the past especially those things that hinder growth, and to accept transition. Hmm. Maybe. It fit, but I don't like the name. I liked this goddess idea though. Who else was there to choose from?

Then I found Freya. A blonde, blue-eyed Norse goddess of love, beauty, and war. You can read up on her here.
She's versatile, possessing disparate natures. As a battle-worthy warrior she is fierce, but as a woman she's the embodiment of beauty, raw sexuality, and incredible lust. Her unbridled exploits are legendary, leaving Aphrodite's escapades pale in comparison.

As much passion and joy she's experienced she has been equally sad and lonely, having lost her husband Od. During their seperation an endless winter took over while she searched for him, never giving up. Finally she found her lost love and with their reconciled happiness, spring blossomed .

Her duality allows her strong side to fight her battles using the proper means necessary and her soft side to be sensual and loving to those she favors.

It's strange to me that I had never heard of her before, because..well, she sounds awesome. She also sounds more like me than I thought possible. I hope she doesn't mind if I take over her persona.

So readers, meet Freya. Me. You'll be getting plenty of opportunity to know me. As my profile says - my passions are abundant, vigorous, and unrestrained. I hope you like. ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sexual Bucket List

In my world love and sex are intertwined. It's only fitting that on a day that is meant to celebrate love, we talk about sex, too. I found this fun Sexual Bucket List on a few blogs and decided to play along.

Happy Valentine's Day to all those who love, and I hope we all get to cross at least one thing off our list tonight!

  1. Kiss a girl   yes. 3 when I was much younger. (to practice on)
  2. Have anal   yes. love it.
  3. Have a threesome   sadly, no. maybe if we branch out one day.
  4. Engage in group sex   no.
  5. Have phone sex   dirty talk, but not full on w/touching.
  6. Masturbate   yes.
  7. Use a vibrator   ooh, yes. and I have a wide variety.
  8. Use a sex toy on someone else   mm hmm. he loves them too. again - a wide variety!
  9. Be tied up   yes, just 2 days ago. ;)
  10. Tie someone up   yes. I'm a big fan of cuffs and restraints
  11. Have sex in a public space   outside in neighbor's yard count?
  12. Be a voyeur and watch others having sex (live, porn does not count) no. would love to.
  13. Sex in a car   yes.
  14. Sex at a drive-in   no.
  15. Mile-high club   no.
  16. Sex with a stranger   no.
  17. One-night stand   yes.
  18. Married sex (the best kind, in my opinion)   lots and lots and lots.........
  19. Sex on a boat   no.
  20. Sex in a body of water   yes.
  21. Light spanking   yes. giving and receiving!
  22. Read erotica   yes. it's what I mostly read. I love good smut!
  23. Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game   no.
  24. Sex in the shower   yes.
  25. Sex standing up against a wall   no.
  26. Sex with no kissing   one time. never again.
  27. Sex in the pitch black   probably.
  28. Sex in the broad daylight   yes
  29. Making out with no sex long after you're no longer a virgin   yes!!! tease and denial, anyone?
  30. Sex in a tent in the wilderness   no.
  31. Watch porn together   yes.
  32. Watch porn alone   yes.
  33. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms   yes, w/small refractory period. (a few minutes) it's rare.
  34. Sex on the beach   no.
  35. Blindfolds   yep.
  36. Using ice sexually   oh yeah! that's a good story.......(for the record, I don't like cold sex)
  37. Sexual role play   not really.
  38. Whipped cream   i'm sure my nips have been adorned at some point.
  39. La Perla lingerie sex   no.
  40. Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie sex   no.
  41. Sex with someone much older   no. only 6 years.
  42. Sex with someone younger (legal!)   no. always went for older guys.
  43. Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner   could've. should've. but I was engaged.
  44. A quickie in a skirt   yes. sans panties, naturally!
  45. A longie in the rain   no. rain is cold. see answer qualification # 36.
  46. Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you   no and no.
  47. Feather ticklers   yes. actual pheasant feather.
  48. Sex while "altered" whether by alcohol or something else a handful of times. I'm not a fan.
  49. Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone    yes. with time to spare!
  50. Silent sex in a full house   silent? as best as I could manage. ;)
How many have you done? And what's on your bucket list?