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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TMI Tuesday The Here & Now

The Here & Now

1. Are you wearing any jewelry? What? Nope, none. Which reminds me...where did I leave my ring?

2. What are you listening to now? The hum of my computer, chirpy birds outside the patio door, and the flow of cool air through the vents.

3. What is the last piece of entertainment media (i.e., cd, download, book, DVD) that you purchased? Do you recommend it? Oh, well, gosh, let me think...it was...uh...OH! I know! Season 7 of Weeds on dvd. I haven't watched it yet, but I hope it's not as lame as season 6.

4. What kind of undergarments are you wearing right now? Care to post a photo? I'm currently in a shameful state of dishabille. For all you non-Frenchies : I'm nekkid under my clothes. And no, no photos. *looks stern* Shame on you!

5. What is your current mood? Happy, silly, flirtatious...the usual.

6. What is the best looking thing about you today? Well, since I'm wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt - it's not my sense of style. And my air dried hair is unfashionably clipped up into a curly mess - so good hair is out of the running. Aaaaaaand I have no make up on. However, if you get past the fact that my face isn't put on...my skin is actually kind of glowing thanks to my, er, earlier "celebrations", so I'm going with that answer. And yes, that's "celebrations" with an s, as in plural. I needed them, okay?   

7. Fill in the blank. Tonight I’m looking forward to _____________ . I don't know. Making it a hat trick? Sounds fanfuckingtastic to me. Join me won't you?  (except you, Harry)  ;)

Bonus: Tell me something good…anything you want to share. Just do it Right now, when I run my tongue over my teeth, they feel super slick and clean. I love that feeling. It makes me happy. It also, curiously, makes me want to kiss, lick, and bite. *shrugs* You asked.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!