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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TMI Tuesday 2/28/12

This week’s TMI Tuesday is about sex and romance. Who doesn’t enjoy a little romance or the art of seduction before engaging in sex? Often times the prelude is better than the actual ‘event’.

1. You are sitting alone in a restaurant because your lunch date is late. Do you:

a) Throw something and then make out with the waiter. Who does this? Really? Now...that's not to say I wouldn't kill some time checking out other patrons and perhaps casting a few flirtatious glances for fun. ;) 
b) Check to make sure he or she didn’t get into an accident, then wait patiently for two hours and use the time to compose a love song or poem. I don't wait patiently and I rarely assume the worst such as an accident, therefore no love song or poem for you.
c) Send a nasty text followed up by a voice mail telling him/her that “romance is dead and so are you!” What am I, a drama queen? Maybe the low blood sugar is making me so nasty. 
d) Wait for 20 minutes, and then text-message a pal to join you for lunch. 20 minutes is about 5 minutes past my patience point, then I'm more likely to cut out and carry on with my day or just eat without you. No need to message a friend and wait even more. I can be my own good company. And by the way...if this is a romantic meal, why the hell am I meeting you? You couldn't pick me up?

2. What’s more important, a romantic relationship or your career? Romantic relationship. I'm greedy when it comes to the availability of my partner. Always have been. I knew at a young age there were professions that I couldn't tolerate in a mate. I never intended to tie myself down to someone who wouldn't be around. I believe in strong partner bonding and constant work travel or long hours isn't conducive to that, I'm afraid.

3. You love to role play in the bedroom, which one of these is more likely to be your kink?

a. Doctor and the naughty nurse Exam table, IV tubing, clamps, latex gloves, KY gel...I see some possibilities, but medical isn't my kink.
b. You’re the gardener, I’m the hoe Maybe, if there's a hose nearby to rinse the sweat and dirt off first.
c. Persnickety principal and the wayward pupil that needs a spanking Absolutely. Of course I'll be the principal, so don't forget to staighten your tie and tuck your shirt in, boy, or that'll cost you extra.....
d. Me Tarzan, you Jane Od would love this. He doesn't have to speak much and he can use his outdoor skills.
e. Scattered-brain boss and the seductive secretary I roleplay this everyday. I call it marriage. He can't remember shit and I'm in charge of the scheduling, date keeping, meetings, appointments. Only I never call him boss. ;)

4. When you want sex, who tends to make the first move?

a. Me! I like to go for what I want. Pretty much this, but I like to be surprised sometimes.
b. It varies. Sometimes my partner/significant other/date or sometimes me.
c. Oh definitely the other person. Even if I want it, I’m not about to admit such a thing.No. Just....no. I can't even relate. How sad this approach must be, not to mention boring for their partner.
d. I drop subtle hints hoping he/she will pick up on it. Sometimes I do this. I go "fishing" every now and then to test his awareness. I might be a sure thing, but he's got to keep his gaming skills sharp.

5. When it comes to lovemaking, select the answer that best describes you/your attitudes

a. vanilla – meets society’s middle of the road standards Nothin' wrong with vanilla. You can add all sorts of goodies to sweeten the deal. ;)
b. adventurous Like outdoors, in public, in the back of a speeding car, or dangling from a bungee cord? Then no. I need seclusion and privacy in order to focus if it's gonna be good. I can't handle too many distractions.
c. kinky Yes. Absolutely yes. But not all the time. Most often there's a sense of power play and orgasm control (he voluntarily keeps that up) but not all the time. We are admittedly sometimes just plain old vanilla, I'm afraid to say, but never boring. ;)
d. trisexual – I will try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.  –Mae West There are a few things even I won't try, but I completely believe in trying twice just in case.

6. You want to seduce that sexy someone, what is the sweet-nothing that you’ll whisper in his/her ear? Seduction starts way before things heat up, so it's not so much what I whisper in his ear as what I do before my lips get anywhere near him. I know his triggers and things he appreciates so if I'm in full on seduction mode you can be sure my hair is long and loose, my feet are bare and toes are polished, bra is long forgotten and I'm wearing some of his favorite undies. Then I act casual and let him come to me. He knows the game. No words necessary.

Bonus: What’s your idea of a romantic getaway? I'm not very particular. Anywhere we can be secluded away from real life. Water must be included though either in form of lake, pool, hot tub, or large shower. We rented a cabin 2 years ago for the July 4th holiday just the two of us and had the best time sleeping in, cooking together, relaxing, hiking, and having lots and lots of noisy sex. And last year on Valentine's we "escaped" all of 10 minutes away to a hotel and shacked up for the night spending a good portion of the evening in the jacuzzi and another good portion doing.....other wet and slippery things. Good times.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!