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Friday, October 21, 2011

Freya fucks her man

If you recall, my husband and I set up a very special date. The final frontier beckoned, and I was as excited as a 16 year old boy on prom night. It takes a different mind set to be the fucker as opposed to the fuckee. I wanted to be considerate, especially since I was handling ass - always want to be careful there - but more than anything I wanted it to be good for him. Now...from a woman's perspective I haven't worried much over that aspect of sex. My customers have always been satisfied...so to speak. But as a woman, I know all too well how tricky it can be to obtain pleasure when you hand over that task to a partner. This was the biggest gender-bending experience of my life so far. I would be wielding a cock of my very own and suddenly I was worried for the first time if I would be any good. I had a couple things going for me :

1.) we've experimented with anal play before, so I know what he likes
2.) Od is very easy to get off
3.) I'm a good hula hooper. It's all in the hip action, baby. ;)

There was no plan of action, other than to get him really turned on, hide my nerves (yeah, I had some), and take things slowly. Because I was so excited about Saturday being The Saturday, I never took notice of the actual date. I didn't expect that this would become a threesome : me, Od, and Mother (fucking) Nature. Aaaaaaand... that's exactly what happened. Morning of. During some very nice wake up sex, too.

Od glanced down (like all you men do) and "Wow, you're really wet" turned into "Oh. You're wet" with a pointed look.

Are you kidding me? Every time. Every god damned time. I haven't escaped a birthday, holiday, graduation, vacation, first day of school, or any other big day without that bitch running interference. Well. There was my wedding day. But I was pregnant. *groan*

Okay, I could handle this. Not much had to change. It would simply be a one-sided affair. Reciprocation could wait. For those of you thinking "what's the big deal?" I would normally agree, we're not squeamish about that kind of thing - but on days 1,2, or 3? No.....just, no.

That evening when the house was ours and ours alone we made our way to the bedroom and got ready. It was kind of sweet the way he helped me get my harness on, holding my hand to steady me as I fumbled with all the straps. I don't care how experienced you are - some things are always going to be awkward. But I rolled with it. When I was finally strapped in I had a new appreciation for what males go through to deal with unruly erections. I had to have extra clearance just to make the corner between the bed and the dresser. That thing was everywhere.....catching on the comforter, poking Od in the side.......*giggle* I actually liked that one. Tit for tat.

He never let on if he was nervous or having any reservations, but I asked him if he was sure about this and the response was positive. I wanted him really hard and on edge before I penetrated him so I knelt down between his legs and began with a long, slow blowjob to get him to relax (at first) and after a few minutes I got the tap and heard "okay, stop" - his signal to me that he's pretty close. It was time.

I wanted face to face for his first experience for three reasons. I wanted the intimacy this position allows, I needed to gauge his facial expressions, and I wanted easy access to his cock. I was curious as I could be to see if he could cum from the thrusting and prostate stimulation alone, but if not, then he still deserved a happy ending. ;) I knew there was also the risk that his cock would lose interest and drop. That happens sometimes with prostate play. I lubed him up, massaging as much as I could without letting my fingers go in (he doesn't like that), then...after shifting into position and adding a pillow to make up for height differences, and an amusing momentary role reversal where his ankles were on my shoulders for a change, I ever-so-gently pushed into him. I'll have you know I was an extremely considerate lover, checking his comfort levels, asking him which thrusting patterns he preferred, and we settled into a rhythm. You know what I noticed? I noticed how weird it wasn't. Not at all. It was just me and him, having sex. After I got over the mind fuckery of exchanging traditional roles, it was no big deal at all. Just a new trick to throw in the bag and pull out on occasion. We will, most definitely, be doing that again. I'm getting the itch for it already.

He did not cum from the penetration alone. After a minute or two of thrusting I couldn't keep my hands off of him and I stroked his cock in time with my thrusts. I paused my hand when he announced he was going to cum, but his orgasm backed away out of reach. I started moving my fist over him again and soon after that he came - everywhere. Like a geyser. It was spectacular to watch.

Afterwards as we cuddled and pet each other side by side, I asked him his thoughts on the event.

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah...I did"

"Is it something you'll want to do again?"

"Yeah...we can do that again." *smirk*

"Did you really like it?" I asked one last time.

"Well...it's not like I'm ever going to beg you to bend me over and fuck my ass, but you like it, and it was good. We can do it some more."

His answer made me happy, and I have a lot to look forward to. Although...it's a pity about the begging thing.

I would have loved that.