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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 10 Commandments

This week's version of TMI is all about rules. The top 10 hard and fast rules you apply to your sex life. Really? Just 10? *sigh.....* I hate limits. But I'll try to narrow it down. These are probably going to be more like general guidelines rather than specific rules. And let's just assume that people who meet the following criteria would NEVER make it into my bed or panties anyway :
  • selfish partners who cum and go without a care for my satisfaction before the wet spot dries
  • users who assume I'm too stupid or easy to detect their desperation
  • egomaniacs that feel the need to talk themselves up or talk others down
  • squeaky clean prudes that would *gasp* "never do that" or call something a sin
  • partners who compare me to girlfriends past
Freya's 10 Commandments :

  1. Be good, giving, and game. Have an open mind, be generous and willing, and hold the judgement.
  2. Sex is not just for the bedroom. Flirt, text, give sexy looks, share steamy kisses at the door, grope junk, flash boobs, smack that ass - just don't expect a cold faucet to run hot simply because the door is closed or it's bedtime.
  3. Have variety. Know yourself and how you like to get off, but don't stop learning about the amazing ways your body can give and receive pleasure. It's limitless.
  4. Be confident. If you are honest with yourself and you know your strengths and can sell me on them, then I'll never even know you had any weaknesses.
  5. Be safe. Use safer sex practices and always operate in a safe, sane, and consentual manner.
  6. Have fun. Sex is not serious. It's recess for adults. Your are each other's playground. Play, laugh, get sweaty, and enjoy the hell out of it. If you're not smiling at some point then you're doing it wrong.
  7. Passion is a must. You better be bringing everything you have to my bedroom because I promise you'll get as good as you give. I don't want to sense that you're calculating the tax return, or would rather be watching t.v. I want to be your main focus.
  8. Be respectful. You can request a blowjob and even grab my hair while I do it - but never, I mean NEVER, grab my head and TELL me to suck your cock. Just don't.
  9. Always communicate. Whether this is setting hard limits, asking for what you want, expressing a new fantasy, or simply being responsive with moans and words of affirmation - you've got to talk.
  10. No hating. Just because it's not your thing, doesn't mean it isn't somebody elses. (maybe even your partner!) There is a type of body and style of sexuality for everyone.

I think I've covered all the really big bases here. My general rule is that anything goes. I've learned enough about myself to never say never. I tend to wind up being a hypocrite that way. (and yes, I know I said never in #8. I promise if that changes I'll provide the fork for eating crow.)