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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have so many ways to approach this post I can't even choose. :)

I'm giddy on so many levels I don't know where to start, so if I jump tracks, just hang on. We'll get there.
First of all it has been a really long time since I've had any below the waist intimacy. Until last night. It was an unusual drought for us, and mostly self imposed by me. The last time anything happened it was "off", and ended weirdly with an awkward comment from Od. We took a few days to clear the air and I decided to let him make the next move. Only he didn't. And then he still didn't.

My limit is about 4 days. Then I get twitchy, the lust bubbles up and I have to take care of things myself. I did. 4 times. I could feel our connection weakening, which worried me and made me go all female and start over analyzing things inside my head. I began questioning our relationship progress. Was it really progress or me just being pushy? Well, I was here if he wanted me. Same time, same place. Every day. For almost 20 days. That's unheard of around here. (recently, anyway)

You have no idea how difficult it was for me to just wait him out. The last time I did that it went on for over 3 years. Granted, I was different then and I was pretty determined to not have sex with him, but still......letting go of control is hard to do when you know the outcome may be unfavorable. This time I was testing him. I needed to know if he was a willing participant in the changes we've made or if he was simply going along. It was killing me, but I stuck with it, despite sleeping like crap and slipping into what I would consider a mild form of depression. Our ANR did little to help with that, somehow only reinforcing my disappointment because there we were 3 times a day in close intimate contact, but then nothing else happened.

Last night I finally got my answer. And so much more. He initiated some play when I was in the bedroom doing some reading. He even got a little bossy with me, telling me point by point exactly how things were gonna go down. It seems he'd been thinking about it all day. He even threw in some dirty talk! I think I shamed myself and whimpered. Can't be sure. Well, he did give me options, but my ability to form an opinion, let alone speak one out loud was overtaken by thoughts of "yes, Yes, anything, thank God, YES!!!" So he told me my time was up, that he was going to eat my pussy now. Um, okay....twist my arm? To say that he couldn't bury his face far enough between my legs is an understatement. I was doing everything I could to help him along like hold him by the hair and grind up to meet his mouth.

That was only an appetizer, and soon enough he had my favorite new toy out, telling me to keep myself busy. I obliged him happily. While he was warming it up under his leg, his fingers joined mine and it felt so good that I was thinking we might never get to my toy. He noticed and said "I don't care if you cum on my fingers now, I'm still using the purewand on you afterwards." Knowing that I'm a one and done kind of woman I opted for the toy immediately. I responded enthusiastically. Gushingly, in fact. Many times. I was grateful for the folded towel he'd placed under me. I didn't have the strength to change the bedding.

While I was cooling down and gaining my legs back we did some talking. He wanted to wait for sex due to neglected manscaping which is physically irritating to me, and had even offered earlier in the tryst to cage up to prevent either of us from caving. (He hasn't been locked up in some time, but more on that another time) But excitement on his part made getting the device on impossible. I'm hoping to get it on him tonight since he seems open to that again. Anyway, I convinced him that I wanted to reciprocate with a long, pleasurable edging session. I wanted my hands on his cock as much as I had needed his hands on me!

During the session I brought him to the edge 5 or 6 times easily with my mouth, my hands and even my breasts as I greased them up with lube and knelt over him. He was very sensitive and was displaying signs of being a bit desperate. I wanted to know how desperate. Something about his behavior made me curious. I pulled a domme card out of my hat.

"How badly would you like to cum right now?" I asked him.

He answered in groans followed by some version of  "Very badly. Right now."

"And on a scale of one to ten, how badly do you want it?" I was taunting him a little, but genuinely wanted the answer.

"Eleven, if you use your tits again. That felt fucking unbelievable." The position had been a little awkward, so I was surprised it was so good for him. What happened next wasn't premeditated, I swear. It just sort of popped out.

"What's it worth to you?" I wondered aloud, as I kept on tormenting him with persistent stroking. I half expected a lame response.

"What do you want?" he moaned as he continued to writhe on the bed and take deep cleansing breaths to keep control of his body.

"You know what I want."

"Tonight?" he questioned, not as panicky as I thought he would be at the idea. And just then I realized this window of opportunity might be real.

"No." I laughed. "But the next time I'm in the mood for it." I waited for him to back down.

"Friday night? Maybe Saturday?" Okay, he sounded a little unsure now.

"Not Friday. Saturday. So I can tease you and warm you up all day" I told him decidedly. I added "And just so we're clear on what we're both talking about, I need you to say the words." For a second I was convinced he'd say the wrong words. But he didn't. He said the most perfect thing to me.

"Saturday I want you to fuck me."

"With what?" I coaxed.

"With your blue dildo, cock, strap on thing....."

That'll do. "Okay then."

And with that I finished him off with a titty fuck that left him spent, weak, and breathing heavy. And I also got my next blog post and a date for Saturday night.

I'll let you know how it goes.  ;)