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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please and Thank You

This isn't a boring post on manners or social etiquette. It's about words that make me smile. Especially when Od mutters them. I should probably fill you in on what we've been doing lately before I get to that part. ;)

Late January and early February were filled with a lot of playing. I was teasing Od and not letting him cum. We were practicing and testing his limits. Most of the time he did great. He could tell me when he was close, but when I pushed his limits, half the time I went too far. When that happened I mentally reset the clock. I was aiming for a week of no orgasm just to see if there was a noticeable difference in his attitude or attentions towards me. There was. He was loving all the physical attention he was receiving, even going so far as to ask for more. Not in a demanding way, but I was careful to redirect his focus so he didn't develop expectations. I'm amazed at his acceptance of our new kink. More so that he's even embraced it.

We finally reached our goal of one week. It might have even been 8 or 9 days. Mother nature helped because I was crampy and a little grumpy that week. This was the week leading up to Valentine's Day. I need to write about that. It was a very, very long and satisfying weekend! After that weekend Od was given free reign over his sexuality, with the exception being no masturbation. (that rule is always in place. it's not that I object to the act - um...that would make me a hypocrite- I just like having control over his orgasms.) So anyway, a very fun exhausting week followed our oversexed weekend. We were storing up so to speak because that Friday was when he got pierced and we weren't sure how long he'd be out of commission.

Since then it's been business as usual. We have our regular snuggles in the morning, after work, and bedtime. After work tends to be the most playful of our sessions with more time to lounge around before we need to fix dinner or whatever. I've recently purchased some new bra/panty sets from an awesome company called  HOTmilk. It's nursing lingerie, and oh my god their stuff is gorgeous! I'd wear it even if I didn't make good use of their tricked out bras. But I do make good use of them. ;)

Od came home last Tuesday and I was already in the bedroom. We fall into the routine without much need for words. He's laying on the bed as I'm removing my top when he notices my new bra. He's a fan of easy access. After he oohs and ahhs over it his eyes light up and he lays down in a new way so he's across the bed on his back and his head is over the edge a little. "Bring them over here" he tells me. I understand immediately.

I'm on my knees and before I've completely freed both sides he's reaching behind me with one hand and pulling me forward. Instantly he's got a mouth full of breast while the other hand finishes the job he impatiently interrupted. While his mouth is busy sucking and pulling I shift trying to find a more comfortable kneeling position. I lean forward more and rest my head on his chest staring directly at his nipples. Hmmm. I need to distract him so I can do what I want. I manage to reach down far enough to fondle his balls and circle my fingers around them for some tugging. He always gasps like he's surprised when I do this - even though he's asked me to. Seriously - you can't give someone like me your weaknesses and expect me to not take advantage of them. ;) It's only more ammunition to pull those sounds from him that I love to hear.

I can't pull too tightly after he's fully hard as that pulls the skin around his piercing and causes pain. So, I use the moisture he's leaking and work my fingers on his frenulum with my thumb on the top of his shaft, giving a gentle handjob. He's now switching between breasts having a hard time focusing on just one. I know if he had it his way he'd have two mouths. He's drying up a little so I lean over to the dresser and reach into my treasure trove a.k.a. panty drawer and snag the bottle of Liquid Silk. (easily my most favorite lube so far) I pump a handful and continue the handjob using regular full strokes. Now that he's totally and completely distracted I face his nipples once more, taking one in between my teeth and rolling it, then biting it. His groans are delicious. The other one gets the same treatment.Within minutes he's pulling his mouth away to say "stopstopstop". That's my signal that he's too close. He breathes deeply for a few seconds then continues nursing. That's my signal that we're back on track. I edge him two, maybe three more times before he's at his limit. That's when the "stopstopstop" turns into something he's never said before : "pleasepleaseplease" followed by shaky intakes of breath. Amused, I slow my stroking and pull free from his mouth so I can lean into the side of his face and ask coyly "pleasepleaseplease stop? Or pleasepleaseplease let you cum?"

Without hesitation he answers "Pleasepleaseplease stop. I don't wanna cum. I wanna wait." He's doing some deep in-through-the-nose-out-through-the mouth breathing and he actually smiles as he pulls his knees up in every effort to keep from cumming and he pants one last time "Please. Stop."  Then he groans deeply and I know that's my last warning before the point of no return. I release him gently and his knees and hips relax. After a few seconds he turns on his side to seek my breasts once again. We finish our session, but with no less passion than before, only all of his intensity is now focused on me. He can't kiss me often enough. He can't get his arms around me tightly enough. It's like he's trying to squeeze all of my affection out of me, then replace it with his own. He says "God, I love you" more times than I can count. And I'm highly amused. I know exactly what's happening. His hormones are at high levels and without the release of orgasm he can only ride them out. They make him attentive and overly demonstrative with his affection, especially verbally which is something new for him.

After the girls had enough attention - they were actually feeling roughed up (in a good way) - we laid down together as he continued to bundle me up in his limbs as best as he could. Sometimes we talk, sometimes there's no need - the space and time is filled with contented sighs. This was one of those times, but he did have one thing to say.

"Thank you."

"For what?" I was confused. I hadn't done anything out of the norm.

"For that awesome handjob. I think that was the best ever." he said, still a little breathless.

"Mmmm." I purred my response as I kissed his jaw. "You're very welcome."

I wanted to ask him why it was the best, but I'm pretty sure it was just situational. He was on sensory overload combined with the excitement of new lingerie, new position, etc.......

I absolutely LOVE that he was so worked up. There really is something to this chastity thing. I didn't really expect it to work with him because......well, I don't know why other than he doesn't have a history of being cooperative. Maybe I just wasn't using the right incentive before? Maybe the timing is just right? Who knows. I don't even know where this is heading, but I plan on pushing boundaries as far as I can.

Any you can bet that I'll blog about it!