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Thursday, May 5, 2011

HNT 5/5/11 Peek

I was on the road again last evening after a day of playing tourist with Od and as we began our long drive, (google maps and I need to have a sit down about time estimations) I got bored and started fiddling with the car features. (still learning the new vehicle) So there I was checking out the sun visor mirror and had a great idea. I wanted to play with the limited view and the evening sun. I tried to capture my new hair color, but was having shit luck. Couldn't get the right angle. However, I could manage a gratuitous down the cleavage shot pretty well, so here ya go :

And not really half-nekkid - but because I liked the view - Od makes his HNT debut :

So there you have it. Just a little bit of road fun.
For those who requested it - I did attempt a few ass shots but it was a no go. iPhone cameras and harsh hotel lighting are NOT a girl's best friend.
I'll get to it. Promise.
I'm off to have something with tequila in it.