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Thursday, June 9, 2011

(not really) HNT - Red

As stated, this is not really half-nekkid, but a little revealing nonetheless.
I took this photo in DC while playing around with my camera and the dual reflections of vanity and closet door mirrors.
This is my new (and soon to be corrected) hair color.
I used to be a dark blonde - dirty blonde. Whichever.
Now I'm some version of a redhead/strawberry blonde. (still dirty, though)  ;)

I'm not surprised that the red came out of the color change. I come from red stock.
My granny is a redhead.
My mom has auburn hair.
I was auburn at birth - then a towhead.
My son was a strawberry blond at birth - now dark blond like me.

Stubborn, tenacious, feisty, and spirited doesn't even begin to cover it.
The stories I could tell about my grandma, the things she's done, and the words that have come out of her mouth! Needless to say - I love her to death.

This was my good hair day I mentioned in my FF post. Not very indicative of my natural curls. They were tamed into submission this particular day.
 Happy HNT everybody!