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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Stealing 3/27/11

It's pretty cut and dry today, people. There are questions. I answered them. I'm off to catch up on blog reading....

26. Who has done something today to show they care about you? Od brought me cocoa in bed and made me breakfast. I think that counts. ;) 

27. Do you have a lot to learn? Yes. A lot I need to learn, and a lot that I want to learn.

28. If you could learn how to do three things just by wishing and not by working what would they be? reading and playing music, speak Spanish, become fully computer savvy

29. Which do you remember the longest: what other people say, what other people do or how other people make you feel? definitely how others make you feel

30. What are the key ingredients to having a good relationship? honesty, generosity, and fun

31. What 3 things do you want to do before you die? travel to every location on my wishlist, complete my home improvement to-do list, and find inner peace.

32. What three things would you want to die to avoid doing? awful question, because death is THE thing I try to avoid. The one thing that comes to mind is avoiding being the cause of someone elses death. Not sure I could live with that.

33. Is there a cause you believe in more than any other cause? animal rights

34. What does each decade make you think of: 70s : brown, orange, and yellow and bad hair 80's : MTV 90's: baggy jeans cinched tight w/a belt and clunky shoes 2000s: Y2K scare 2010s: how much I dislike it when people say "twenty ten".

35. Which decade do you feel the most special connection to and why? the 80's. that's when I did most of my growing up.

36. What is your favorite oldie/classic rock song? music in general is a big love for me so I can't pick favorites, but but I wouldn't change the station if it played anything by Bob Seger, Bad Company, The Steve Miller Band, or Van Morrison.

37. What country do you live in and who is the leader of that country? USA, Obama

If you could say any sentence to the current leader of your country what would it be? I wouldn't be inclined to say anything at all.

38. What's your favorite TV channel to watch in the middle of the night? TBS

39. What Disney villain are you the most like and why? the witch that turns the prince into a beast from Beauty and the Beast, because you get one chance to prove to me that you're a good person and if you fail it can take a long time to redeem yourself.

40. Have you ever been a girl scout/boy scout? no

41. If you were traveling to another continent would you rather fly or take a boat? fly

42. Why is the sky blue during the day and black at night? I know the blue color has something to do with wavelengths and Earth's atmosphere.....and the night blackness is merely shade. I think? My 9th grade science teacher would be so disappointed in me.

43. What does your name mean? princess

44. Would you rather explore the deeps of the ocean or outer space? ocean

45. Word association

What is the first word that comes to mind when you see the word:

Air: cloud
Meat: ball
Different: strokes
Pink: petals
Deserve: right
White: egg
Elvis: Presley
Magic: mirror
Heart: strings
Clash: of the Titans
Pulp: Fiction

46. If you could meet any person in the world who is dead who would you want it to be? Queen Elizabeth (the first)

47. What if you could meet anyone who is alive? Sam Elliot (I just wanna hear him talk)

48. Is there a movie that you love so much you could watch it everyday? no. variety is vital to me.

49. You are going to be stuck alone in an elevator for a week. What do you bring to do? if there's 3G service I bring my iPhone. If not, I bring my Sony Reader and an iPod.

50. Have you ever saved someone's life or had your life saved? no.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll be thinking of you when...

...I'm visiting the land that doesn't believe in 3G service. Seriously. The place I stay doesn't even have internet. I get about 1 bar on my phone if I'm lucky when we go into town for dinner each night, but that's all. *sob*

I will miss reading your blog.
I will miss writing.
I will miss getting your comments.
I will miss porn.

I even tried to get an early morning Tumblr fix, but Tumblr is being a dick right now.

I'm not admitting anything......but when I packed, my LELO may or may not have accidentally fallen into my bag. (along with the charger)  :D

See y'all next week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 10 Commandments

This week's version of TMI is all about rules. The top 10 hard and fast rules you apply to your sex life. Really? Just 10? *sigh.....* I hate limits. But I'll try to narrow it down. These are probably going to be more like general guidelines rather than specific rules. And let's just assume that people who meet the following criteria would NEVER make it into my bed or panties anyway :
  • selfish partners who cum and go without a care for my satisfaction before the wet spot dries
  • users who assume I'm too stupid or easy to detect their desperation
  • egomaniacs that feel the need to talk themselves up or talk others down
  • squeaky clean prudes that would *gasp* "never do that" or call something a sin
  • partners who compare me to girlfriends past
Freya's 10 Commandments :

  1. Be good, giving, and game. Have an open mind, be generous and willing, and hold the judgement.
  2. Sex is not just for the bedroom. Flirt, text, give sexy looks, share steamy kisses at the door, grope junk, flash boobs, smack that ass - just don't expect a cold faucet to run hot simply because the door is closed or it's bedtime.
  3. Have variety. Know yourself and how you like to get off, but don't stop learning about the amazing ways your body can give and receive pleasure. It's limitless.
  4. Be confident. If you are honest with yourself and you know your strengths and can sell me on them, then I'll never even know you had any weaknesses.
  5. Be safe. Use safer sex practices and always operate in a safe, sane, and consentual manner.
  6. Have fun. Sex is not serious. It's recess for adults. Your are each other's playground. Play, laugh, get sweaty, and enjoy the hell out of it. If you're not smiling at some point then you're doing it wrong.
  7. Passion is a must. You better be bringing everything you have to my bedroom because I promise you'll get as good as you give. I don't want to sense that you're calculating the tax return, or would rather be watching t.v. I want to be your main focus.
  8. Be respectful. You can request a blowjob and even grab my hair while I do it - but never, I mean NEVER, grab my head and TELL me to suck your cock. Just don't.
  9. Always communicate. Whether this is setting hard limits, asking for what you want, expressing a new fantasy, or simply being responsive with moans and words of affirmation - you've got to talk.
  10. No hating. Just because it's not your thing, doesn't mean it isn't somebody elses. (maybe even your partner!) There is a type of body and style of sexuality for everyone.

I think I've covered all the really big bases here. My general rule is that anything goes. I've learned enough about myself to never say never. I tend to wind up being a hypocrite that way. (and yes, I know I said never in #8. I promise if that changes I'll provide the fork for eating crow.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

My husband has no shame

There's all sorts of fetishes and kinks and alternative sexual practices.
I'm currently at a loss to describe what my husband's deal is.
Here are the facts :

  • he loves my tits
  • especially my nipples
  • he likes them adorned in any way possible
  • he'd prefer me braless at all times
  • he likes people to see them
He used to encourage me to go braless in public in a fun, teasing way. Well, now that we've delved deeper into our fantasies and kinky wishlists I now realize he's very serious about it. I've even indulged him a few times when he's had special requests.

So what would you call that? Secondhand exhibitionism? A very very mild case of hotwife-ing? I don't know. I don't need it to be defined - just curious if anybody else has an idea.

I thought I was being rhetorical when I captioned this photo. Just for fun I left my newest artwork in his top dresser drawer as a surprise. He loved it, and I asked him (teasingly) if he would hang it up in his office. I won't say that I shouldn't have asked him, but I really should have known better. The man has no shame. His reply was "Yes, I'll hang it up in the office." Usually when he says he'll do something.......uh, it doesn't happen. Imagine my surprise on Friday when I received texted photo proof that my artwork is indeed hanging on his office wall right above our daughter's preschool-era contribution that he's moved from office to office over the period of the last 11 years. He said in the text : "Both of my girls like painting with green. :)"
It was actually very sweet and made my heart all gooey. I have to admit that our combined pieces did make a nice little complimentary collection! (can't show you the pic, her name is written right on it and very big like all preschoolers tend to do)

He got a nice kick out of displaying S & T and loved the reactions from his co-workers that noticed. He eventually took it down due to outsiders having a walk-through that day. Reactions?

  • looks went from squinting to see what it was to grins and smiles when they figured it out
  • "she's a keeper!"
  • "I never get anything like that."
  • someone had the nerve to ask about the story behind the artist's signature ,which he told
  • another requested to take a picture, which he declined
I don't go into the office often, but now I'll be on the lookout for curious or amused glances!

I think I should expand this series and perhaps the next subject matter will be balls. Using blue paint, of course! ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another day, another meme...

1. Who are you? Freya, Goddess of Love and War (but really just a sassy, kinky woman who always speaks her mind and strives for love, acceptance, and happiness)

2. What are the 3 most important things everyone should know about you? I don't play social games. Don't fuck with people I care about. Making the effort to know the real me is worthwhile because I'm much softer and sweeter than most people might think.

3. When you aren't memes like this one what are you doing? currently in the process of gettng my house in order so I can run away from home for a few days this week with friends.

4. List your classes in school from the ones you like the most to the ones you like the least (or if you are out of school, think of the classes you did like and didn't like at the time). french, english, art, speech and drama, typing, geometry, phys ed, home ec, biology, chemistry, health, history, algebra 1, algebra 2, pre calculus, government. (the only ones I truly disliked were pre calc and government)

5. What is your biggest goal for this year? to complete some remodelling on our house

6. Where do you want to be in 5 years? I'd love to be in a new house with both kids attending or completing college.

7. What stage of life are you in right now? Too young to be middle-aged, a little too old to be "young" ; parent of teenagers

8. Are you more child-like or childish? This one stumped me. I can't decide. Probably childish. My temper can get the better of me sometimes, but also childish because I like to play. People should never give up playing and having fun. I've never seen the official "grown up" rules that state we should be boring and no fun.

9. What is the last thing you said out loud? had a "discussion" with kiddos about unauthorized purchases on itunes

10. What song comes closest to how you feel about your life right now? Too many aspect to my life, too many songs. tough question.

11. Have you ever taken martial arts classes? no, but I've watched a lot of them. kiddo is a 2nd degree black belt in karate.

12. Does your life tend to get better or worse or does it just stay the same? rollercoaster. it got really bad, then got better and keeps on getting better. I hope I'm better prepared for the next dip.

13. Does time really heal all wounds? not all of them, but it certainly helps the scars fade a bit.

14. How do you handle a rainy day? If it's raining when I wake up then I smile, snuggle down into the covers and just listen. I could spend all day curled up in bed on a rainy day.....as long as I had good company. If it's a thunderstorm at bedtime then I sleep like the dead. I love storms - with the windows cracked.

15. Which is worse...losing your luggage or having to sort out tangled holiday lights? holiday lights - no argument. I don't do untangling. that requires patience. I get frustrated if it takes me longer than 10 seconds to untangle my earbuds. I could care less if my luggage is lost. things aren't that important and can be replaced. no need to stress.

16. How is (or was) your relationship with your parents? I lucked out in the parents department. My childhood was fun and happy. They made the best of everything. They set good examples, even when being human and making mistakes or having hard times. I love them. Period.

17. Do you tend to be aware of what is going on around you? Always. I sometimes wish there was an unaware button I could push. I tend to notice everything.

18. What is the truest thing that you know? Do the right thing and you'll never regret it.

19. What did you want to be when you grew up? *looks sheepishly away* an exotic dancer. I liked the costumes and thought they were sexy. (I was most likely influenced by burlesque rather than strippers, but you know.......a pole is a pole)

20. Have you ever been given a second chance? sure. probably 3rd, 4th, 5th.........I was a teenager and my mom let me live. there's enough proof right there!

21. Are you more of a giver or a taker? I give as good as I get.

22. Do you make your decisions with an open heart/mind? I typically go with my instincts, then use my heart/mind as a second opinion. they usually concur.

23. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you? I was badly burned as a child but don't remember it, childbirth was intense (no pain meds) but over quickly.......I think the pain after having my tonsils removed was the worst because it lasted for days. I refused the codeine because I hated feeling drugged. Oh- nevermind. I just remembered when my back went out 6 years ago. I was on the floor for days, in miserable and helpless pain. Thank god for pills then. I didn't mind being drugged that time.

24. What is the most emotionally painful thing that has ever happened to you? because it went on for so long and got worse every day I think the decline of my marriage has had the most impact.

25. Who have you hugged today? Od and one kiddo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Strange Men

Apparently I have no qualms about strange men touching me in my bedroom.

I went to bed very late last night. Around 4 a.m. I try hard to maintain "normal" hours, but I slide into my old habits on the weekends. The internet is my usual distraction if I'm not creating. So.........I've discovered tumblrs awhile back. 1 or 2 or 3 maybe. But recently I've found some that just hit all my triggers. And I'm fucking hooked. So last night I went to bed horny as hell, but because I'm nice I didn't wake up my husband. He only had 1 and a half more hours to sleep before his alarm went off.

I don't remember dreaming, and I vaguely remember our morning session (it's nice to have a dedicated partner) but I do remember him checking on me mid-morning. He entered the bedroom, slid his hand under the warm covers and began to rub my ass. According to him (recounting the event later to me) I responded with hums of appreciation and a big grin on my face while not bothering to open my eyes and when he said to me "you didn't even open your eyes to make sure it wasn't a strange man fondling you"  I smiled again and gave a  "eh" sound with a sleepy shrug and pushed my ass into his hands to urge him to continue rubbing the tush.

"You don't really care, do you?" he chuckled.

"Un uh" was my too-warm-and-happy-to-care reply.

His comment activated a stream of my favorite images from the night before to roll through my head, and for a few brief seconds each one had their turn being the man with his hands under the covers. I fell back to sleep easily and hours later questioned Od about his "strange man comment".

As he told me, a very knowing and pleased smirk crossed his lips.
He knows I'm a dirty girl underneath it all.
And he loves it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bear with me...

...but I'm having a proud mom moment. This is where Twitter would come in handy if I were to venture there, but I haven't so you get to listen to me babble.

Anyway - my son participated in a regional BPA competition in the IT category and placed 2nd and made it to state (which is where he is now) and he just texted me to say he gets to go to DC to compete at the national level.

To say I'm proud is an understatement. As a parent to not one, but TWO teenagers, I live for moments like this - where I get to smile instead of bite my tongue and practice my breathing. And to top it off, I'm pretty sure I can talk Od into making it a family trip. It's been waaaaay too long since we've had one.

So that's all for me. I'm sure we'll be celebrating tonight. Have a good weekend everyone!!!  :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

HNT 3/17 Going Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Truth be told, I'm not really sure if I'm Irish. I suspect it, but you could consider me more of an American mutt. My ancestry was supposedly traced back to Spanish heritage, but judging from all the fair skin and blue eyes in my family tree I highly doubt it. I'd believe German or Irish first. And my maiden name doesn't lend any clues either. I've always been envious of people who could say "Yeah, I'm Italian" or whatever.

I remember in 2nd grade we had to do a family tree and ask our parents to help us. The goal was to trace our family back as far as we could. My parents were as clueless as me so being frustrated with the whole project I made stuff up. I put down Africa. My teacher never said a word. She put all our charts on the wall for Open House. My dad got a big kick out of that and I was busted for my laziness!

So.........no matter where I came from, today I'm pretending I'm Irish - if for no other reason than I love all things green. I even had a little creative surge this morning just to prove it. So no pinching, okay? I'm sure that I'm still wearing some green. That stuff got everywhere. ;)

Think Od would hang it in his office if I framed it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please and Thank You

This isn't a boring post on manners or social etiquette. It's about words that make me smile. Especially when Od mutters them. I should probably fill you in on what we've been doing lately before I get to that part. ;)

Late January and early February were filled with a lot of playing. I was teasing Od and not letting him cum. We were practicing and testing his limits. Most of the time he did great. He could tell me when he was close, but when I pushed his limits, half the time I went too far. When that happened I mentally reset the clock. I was aiming for a week of no orgasm just to see if there was a noticeable difference in his attitude or attentions towards me. There was. He was loving all the physical attention he was receiving, even going so far as to ask for more. Not in a demanding way, but I was careful to redirect his focus so he didn't develop expectations. I'm amazed at his acceptance of our new kink. More so that he's even embraced it.

We finally reached our goal of one week. It might have even been 8 or 9 days. Mother nature helped because I was crampy and a little grumpy that week. This was the week leading up to Valentine's Day. I need to write about that. It was a very, very long and satisfying weekend! After that weekend Od was given free reign over his sexuality, with the exception being no masturbation. (that rule is always in place. it's not that I object to the act - um...that would make me a hypocrite- I just like having control over his orgasms.) So anyway, a very fun exhausting week followed our oversexed weekend. We were storing up so to speak because that Friday was when he got pierced and we weren't sure how long he'd be out of commission.

Since then it's been business as usual. We have our regular snuggles in the morning, after work, and bedtime. After work tends to be the most playful of our sessions with more time to lounge around before we need to fix dinner or whatever. I've recently purchased some new bra/panty sets from an awesome company called  HOTmilk. It's nursing lingerie, and oh my god their stuff is gorgeous! I'd wear it even if I didn't make good use of their tricked out bras. But I do make good use of them. ;)

Od came home last Tuesday and I was already in the bedroom. We fall into the routine without much need for words. He's laying on the bed as I'm removing my top when he notices my new bra. He's a fan of easy access. After he oohs and ahhs over it his eyes light up and he lays down in a new way so he's across the bed on his back and his head is over the edge a little. "Bring them over here" he tells me. I understand immediately.

I'm on my knees and before I've completely freed both sides he's reaching behind me with one hand and pulling me forward. Instantly he's got a mouth full of breast while the other hand finishes the job he impatiently interrupted. While his mouth is busy sucking and pulling I shift trying to find a more comfortable kneeling position. I lean forward more and rest my head on his chest staring directly at his nipples. Hmmm. I need to distract him so I can do what I want. I manage to reach down far enough to fondle his balls and circle my fingers around them for some tugging. He always gasps like he's surprised when I do this - even though he's asked me to. Seriously - you can't give someone like me your weaknesses and expect me to not take advantage of them. ;) It's only more ammunition to pull those sounds from him that I love to hear.

I can't pull too tightly after he's fully hard as that pulls the skin around his piercing and causes pain. So, I use the moisture he's leaking and work my fingers on his frenulum with my thumb on the top of his shaft, giving a gentle handjob. He's now switching between breasts having a hard time focusing on just one. I know if he had it his way he'd have two mouths. He's drying up a little so I lean over to the dresser and reach into my treasure trove a.k.a. panty drawer and snag the bottle of Liquid Silk. (easily my most favorite lube so far) I pump a handful and continue the handjob using regular full strokes. Now that he's totally and completely distracted I face his nipples once more, taking one in between my teeth and rolling it, then biting it. His groans are delicious. The other one gets the same treatment.Within minutes he's pulling his mouth away to say "stopstopstop". That's my signal that he's too close. He breathes deeply for a few seconds then continues nursing. That's my signal that we're back on track. I edge him two, maybe three more times before he's at his limit. That's when the "stopstopstop" turns into something he's never said before : "pleasepleaseplease" followed by shaky intakes of breath. Amused, I slow my stroking and pull free from his mouth so I can lean into the side of his face and ask coyly "pleasepleaseplease stop? Or pleasepleaseplease let you cum?"

Without hesitation he answers "Pleasepleaseplease stop. I don't wanna cum. I wanna wait." He's doing some deep in-through-the-nose-out-through-the mouth breathing and he actually smiles as he pulls his knees up in every effort to keep from cumming and he pants one last time "Please. Stop."  Then he groans deeply and I know that's my last warning before the point of no return. I release him gently and his knees and hips relax. After a few seconds he turns on his side to seek my breasts once again. We finish our session, but with no less passion than before, only all of his intensity is now focused on me. He can't kiss me often enough. He can't get his arms around me tightly enough. It's like he's trying to squeeze all of my affection out of me, then replace it with his own. He says "God, I love you" more times than I can count. And I'm highly amused. I know exactly what's happening. His hormones are at high levels and without the release of orgasm he can only ride them out. They make him attentive and overly demonstrative with his affection, especially verbally which is something new for him.

After the girls had enough attention - they were actually feeling roughed up (in a good way) - we laid down together as he continued to bundle me up in his limbs as best as he could. Sometimes we talk, sometimes there's no need - the space and time is filled with contented sighs. This was one of those times, but he did have one thing to say.

"Thank you."

"For what?" I was confused. I hadn't done anything out of the norm.

"For that awesome handjob. I think that was the best ever." he said, still a little breathless.

"Mmmm." I purred my response as I kissed his jaw. "You're very welcome."

I wanted to ask him why it was the best, but I'm pretty sure it was just situational. He was on sensory overload combined with the excitement of new lingerie, new position, etc.......

I absolutely LOVE that he was so worked up. There really is something to this chastity thing. I didn't really expect it to work with him because......well, I don't know why other than he doesn't have a history of being cooperative. Maybe I just wasn't using the right incentive before? Maybe the timing is just right? Who knows. I don't even know where this is heading, but I plan on pushing boundaries as far as I can.

Any you can bet that I'll blog about it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The first time

Do you remember your first time?

Lola over at Sex Babble  has been running a fun series called Monday Memories, and today is the Big First. Losing your V card. Being deflowered. Popping your cherry. All of these euphemisms are pretty stupid for something that should be (or is expected to be) a monumental event. Was yours monumental? Mine wasn't. Memorable, yes. I even remember the exact date. And what I wore. Well, what I was wearing before it all came off!

I was 15 and my boyfriend (who shared so many of my firsts) was 2 days away from turning 16. I'm sure we'd been toying with the idea for a few months. More like he'd been trying to convince me. He kept saying "just think about it" and I did. Eventually I gave in because I had no real reason for saying no. I was never pressured as a girl to save myself for marriage and I clearly remember having that debate with myself. Did I want to wait until marriage? Would I feel like a sinner if I had premarital sex? Would I regret my actions? No, no, and no. I never did ask myself another important question : was I ready? Thinking back, no I wasn't ready. I wasn't dying to lose my virginity. Barely more than curious. But doing it with my boyfriend who'd been a part of my life, first as a friend, then as much more was compelling. We had comfort and familiarity and I knew he wasn't taking advantage of me and that he really, really wanted to be with me. It was a safe option. Not so romantic like you'd want your first time to be, but it was sweet.

The day was planned ahead of time because we had the day off from school (Christmas break I think) and his mom was at work. His older brother was away at college. House to ourselves. Perfect. I'd been a little obsessed over the particulars for the whole week. I didn't want to bleed on the sheets because his mom would see the stains on them when she did laundry. My genius solution was to have sex in the bathroom. (easy cleanup afterwards) It was a big room and was carpeted, so not as bad as it sounds. I used the excuse of his waterbed being too sloshy and uncomfortable and he bought it. What was he gonna say? No? He would've agreed to anything by then. :)

We started out in his room making out and stripping our clothes from each other and doing a little dry, then wet humping. It was thrilling that his boy parts were touching my girl parts for the first time! Not smart to do, I know, I know........but still. You know that feels good. He must've been watching some decent porn or hearing stories from his brother because nobody else has ever done that to me since without me asking.

We went into the bathroom and laid a towel down and brought the condoms with us. The light was right overhead shining in my face and I asked him to turn it off. That actually made it very nice. It was pitch black in there and the sensory deprivation made me aware of his touch and our sounds so much more. I don't recall that we said much but he kissed me a lot and spent a long time on my neck and breasts before he leaned back to roll the condom on. He  used his hand to guide his cock to me and nudged up a little bit and waited. He leaned down slowly to me and when he finally reached my face for another kiss he was all the way in. It was a very odd sensation. I didn't bleed (which I found out afterwards, so my worries were pointless) and it didn't really hurt. He was holding still asking me if I was okay, and when I let out the breath I was holding I really felt everything. Without the pain to focus on I was taking stock of the unique and bizarre sensation of being stretched and filled. My face was hot and flushed and my blood pressure must have sky rocketed because after that all I heard mostly was my pulse in my ears.

I felt fine and he started to move inside me and after a few thrusts I tested out my own hip action and gave him some returning motion. It was.........not bad. It was intense having that movement inside my body, but otherwise I enjoyed it. The act itself lasted a few minutes maybe and I wish I could remember what his reaction was. Nothing is coming to mind. I don't think he made much noise. Most teenagers probably don't, needing to be discreet when fooling around!

After we laid there and got our breath back, we turned the lights on and cleaned up, went back to his bed and curled up with each other all day until it was time for his mom to be home. Of course we threw our clothes back on, raced downstairs and turned a movie on and acted innocent. When she dropped me off at my house I ran to my room and stayed there for the rest of the day trying to wrap my head around what we'd done. I felt different, but not. I was excited to share my news with my friends, but also wanted to protect the shared secret of intimacy. I waited about a week before I caved and told them. It wasn't a big deal. Nobody was shocked, it wasn't scandalous and thank god I never got the stigma of being a high school slut. We were together on and off (mostly on) for another year before we finally broke up for the last time. We grew up a lot in that year and had some amazing fun together. There's some good stories to tell. ;)

I'll never forget my first and I can say that I'm absolutely glad it was with him.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Has anyone seen my muse?

I've had a loss of mojo lately. Uh...writing mojo that is. All my other mojo is just fine and dandy - even considering the feverish, stuffy nosed, scratchy throat cold that I have going on. (stupid boys and their cooties. serves me right for kissing him)

I have lots that I want to write about, but the urge to actually sit and write evades me. I've been a bad blogger in general. I need to catch up on reading posts, leaving comments, and replying to comments. I'm still here.......just being lazy.

 I think I have seasonal ADD. I'm still trapped inside (mostly) due to the weather, but there's enough signs outside that keep drawing my attention, making me long for Spring. I heard chirping birds on Friday. Sunshine has been making regular appearances. The daylight is lasting a little longer each day. I can tell. I've been stalking it. Other signs are unavoidable. My dog is a German Shepherd mix and his undercoat is shedding which means he looks like he has the mange. My son likes to pull the clumps out and leave them floating around the house. Fun, right? I'm not sure who I want to kick outside sooner, the boy or the dog!  :)

Od's piercing is healing very nicely and has been put through all the necessary tests. ;) Works just fine and we have no regrets. We've been talking recently about where our adventures are heading and there's some interesting changes on the horizon.......so stay tuned about that.

We've also been laughing a lot lately. Something that I love about us is our ability for humor. It's how we flirt, how we entertain ourselves, how we can judge the status of "us". Just this morning Od did some artful arrangement on his breakfast plate with two blueberry muffins and a strip of turkey bacon. He just left it there, waiting for me to notice. (inside we're both giggling 12 year olds, so it works) I picked up his muffins and rearranged them so less bacon was protruding and said "let's just make it a little more realistic". I love it when he makes me laugh, but I also love to get the last word!  :)

Seems like I had a lot to say for someone without a muse, huh? Anyway, the reason I'm posting is for some fun meme stealing. So here goes :

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? same thing as everyday when I look at my wild bedhead :  "oh my god"

2. How much cash do you have on you? $120 plus change. unusually large amount for me.

3. What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR? sore

4. Favorite planet? uh...the one I'm on I suppose.

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone? Julie

6. What is your favorite ring tone on your phone? timba

7. What shirt are you wearing? grey tank. (same one as yesterday. don't judge. I'm sick.)

8. Do you label yourself? yeah, but I use removeable adhesive.

9. Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently wearing? the barefoot kind

10. Bright or Dark Room? bright. (?) I can always shut my eyes if I need dark. :)

11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you? I don't know them.

12. What does your watch look like? silver/turquoise bracelet watch, but I never wear it.

13. What were you doing at midnight last night? watching Underworld : Rise of the Lycans

14. What did your last text message you received on your cell say? it was a pic of daughter sent to me by Od that he took at grocery store. she had that spaced out "OMG this is so boring" look that all girls her age seem to wear these days. Just to mess with her I think I'll use it as her new contact photo on my phone.............

15. Where is your nearest 7-11? I have no idea. Next town over maybe? We have a lot of Speedways around here instead.

16. What's a word that you say a lot? My favorite curse is the F-bomb, and it's been pointed out that I sigh a lot. I even use that in my writing quite often. Did I use it in this post yet? Checking...............No! I can't believe it. I'm past due. It's like a little pressure valve. If I didn't sigh I think I'd explode like a pressure cooker.

Oh. I guess that's it. I was all ready for the next question and then - nothing. huh. Okay. I guess we're done for today. I have laundry to do (go figure!) and I'm getting my hair cut. TTFN!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

HNT 3/3 (and a thank you)

I have enough southerner in me to feel the need to apologize for showing so many underthings this week, but something tells me y'all won't mind too much will ya?  ;)  Thought not.

So anyway - today's post is a dedicated "thank you" to someone who helped me out tremendously last week. Sorry, no click-thrus this week, but how about a two-fer? The second shot shows not one, but almost two of my most recent purchases. The first being a bra that does tricks and the second is......well let's just say it's charming!

I hope everyone has an uplifting, happy HNT!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reading signals

Last week we had a bit of a situation in my household. Everytime I went to get dressed or change clothes I was out of something. First jeans, then workout clothes, and finally - comfy underwear. I think every woman knows what I mean here. Yeah sure, there were still options in my drawer, but they all involved something lacy or.....uh, stringy.  I wanted unlacy and unstringy.

I don't know about you, but when laundry levels reach emergency status that's when I threaten to fire the maid. Only problem.........I'm the maid. *sigh*

I pulled one of those "okay, tomorrow I'll get it all washed". (didn't happen)

I caved and wore a thong, decidedly less comfortable, but the additional benefits were worth it! Od couldn't keep his hands out of my pants after he found out I was wearing it. :) I promised myself the next day I'd tackle the chore. (didn't happen)

Another day, another thong. This one was lacy and a bit scratchy - really only meant to be worn temporarily. (if you know what I mean ). Temporary it was. After work he came to greet me in the kitchen with the usual kiss and squeeze. He must've been doing an undie inventory because he swiped his fingers along one cheek, then the other and accused me of not wearing underwear. I replied "yes I am" and his eyes lit up knowing I had on another thong. We spent some private time in the bedroom and the undies were no more. All the other thongs of the week suffered a similar fate. ;)

By the weekend I really was facing the option of going commando or putting off some things to get the laundry done. However, just in time Od declared that he needed some clean clothes and was doing laundry - did I need anything washed? Yes!!!

"Wash my undies, please" I asked him, grateful that I won the wait-it-out game. It's not that I mind washing and drying - it's ALL the baskets that accumulate because nobody likes to fold, iron or put away. Including me.

Well......he did laundry. And he did wash my underwear. He even folded them nicely into a cute little display and left them for me. I have a lot of underwear. A lot. You know what he washed? 4 pairs. His favorites. ALL THONGS.

I wonder what signal he was trying to send me?