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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TMI Tuesday 5/3/11

I've been riding in the car all day reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and being a co-pilot extraordinaire. FINALLY - 3 hours past ETA we are in North Carolina. Google Maps is a big fat liar. I'm exhausted, Od is more than exhausted (I hope he can hang in there long enough to "snuggle"), but I still want to play along with TMI this week because I've loved reading all your answers. And of course, I have my 2 cents to toss in. When don't I? :)

This week's TMI credit goes to Hedone and Heels n Stockings.

TMI Tuesday: Seven Deadly Sins
1. LUST (excessive sexual appetites): Besides your current significant other, for whom do you lust or who have you lusted for in the past? Does your significant other know about your lustful desires?
My celebrity crush is Robert Pattinson. Od knows. I've seen the Twilight films, but he never caught my eye until well after the first movie was released. I saw a magazine cover and realized he has blue eyes IRL. And is English. And adorably unassuming. And musical. And, and , and...........can look like this :

......and like this :

.....and like this :
.....and just one more :

This look is the reason Sham-Wow panties should be invented!

 2. GLUTTONY (over-indulgence): What food brings out your inner glutton?
Cheesy popcorn. There's no such thing as a serving. There's a full bag and an empty bag. Oh and fresh gooey chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmmmmm

3. GREED (avarice): When it comes to sex, what are you greedy for? When it comes to things, what is it that you want more than your need or deserve?
I suppose it could be said that I'm greedy to have things my way. I'm more particular than my husband. But that's not to say that I'm not giving, and that he doesn't get opportunities for things to be all about him. Right now I'm greedy for a nice rough long fuck that leaves me thoroughly satisfied. And a fun spanking.

Things. I love things. But I try not to collect stuff for the sake of having. If I don't use it, then it's gotta go. But art supplies? If  I like a certain supply I HAVE to have it in every available color. Ya know....just in case. :)

4. SLOTH (idleness/procrastination): Name a task or activity in which you perpetually procrastinate?
Almost everything. When prepping for a class I'm more creative under pressure. I wake up at the latest possible time. Then hit snooze a few times. I put off laundry way too long. I coast into gas stations on fumes before I refill the tank. (bad I know. shhh. don't tell Od. he's a car freak and hates when I do that!) But I always, Always, ALWAYS do my best to be on time. Being late is rude and inconsiderate.

5. WRATH (anger) is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.
a. Describe a time that you were very angry?
b. Have you ever been so angry that you thought about revenge? Did you seek it?
I was very angry April 8th, 2006. I've never been so close to punching someone in my entire life. I could've taken him, too. Cops were called. Restraining orders filed. (against him, not me) Father/son relationship severed. It was a bad day. We officially earned our White Trash badge. (it came complimentary with the restraining order)

So angry I thought about revenge? Sure. Acted on it? No. It's a form of hate and ultimately self-damaging.

6. ENVY (jealousy): Who or what do you envy? Why?
I envy anyone with beautiful flawless skin that holds a tan and never breaks out.

7. PRIDE (vanity) is the love of one's own excellence, and it is considered the worst of the 7 Deadly Sins.

a. When preparing to meet a lover, what are you most vain about?
Having a fresh pedicure, a good hair day, and sexy lingerie on underneath.
b. What sexual skill are you overly proud and boastful about?
Head. I've always received compliments - even back as a beginner. I'm much much better now. Lots of practice this past year and a half. Oh - and for some reason my hip action. I had a boyfriend who was mesmerized whenever we made out. He liked me on his lap. With his hands full of my ass as I ground on him. He would pull away from our kiss just to watch. It spurred me on!
c. What part of your body are you proud of, boastful about?
Collarbone and shoulders, small of the back. They feel sexy no matter what. And my ass was always a trademark in school. I don't know about now. Od loves it, but after a long winter of sitting on it while blogging it could use a few more trips to the Y! Also I was once told I had a pretty mouth. (not by a guy)

Bonus:  What sin do you think is your greatest virtue? For example, what bad thing makes you more appealing?
Absolutely my lust for others keeps my marriage fun. I get worked up and my man reaps the benefits. And my dirty mind makes me a more adventurous lover. I can't wait to see what else this year brings me!