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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TMI Tuesday 8/2/11

In the Summertime
1. What is your favorite summer clothing item or outfit? yoga capris and a tank top or a strapless sundress. I've practically lived in them all summer unless I go out or teach a class.

2. Did you or will you take a summer vacation? If yes, where did you go? Haven't taken one yet, and it's not looking like it will happen, unless Od and I run away from home over Labor Day weekend. We'll probably visit a neighboring state, or further explore our own. *crosses fingers*

3. What is your ideal weekend away (e.g. city, beach or wilderness)? I'm a very easy-to-please girl when it comes to travel. I'm versatile, so I'd love to dress up for dinner and a show, strip it all off to flop on the beach, or pack it up to hit the trails. But ideally - put me on the beach and I could stay happy for a long, long time. Tired? Take a nap under an umbrella. Hot? Restless ? Go play in the water. Bored? There's GOOD people watching at the beach. Hungry? A pier restaurant is perfect, or pack a lunch. Food always tastes better outside. See? What's not to love!?! Go back to your room, shower, spend all evening and night "comparing tanlines" then get up late the next day to do it again. Perfect.

4. What would you pack for a naughty weekend? I can tell you what I packed for my last naughty weekend. Not all items were used, but the essential kit was : vibrating bullet, LELO Soraya, condoms, lube, dildo, harness, flogger, and (I think) bed restraints.

Oh - and don't forget bottled water and snacks. Nobody wants to get dressed to go get food. And some people can't. Because of the restraints. ;)

5. What item(s) do you never unpack, never take out of the luggage from trip to trip? I always unpack completely, but I have a toiletry kit that is stocked with duplicates of my favorite products so I can grab and go. It saves me so much time.

Bonus: Last vacation sex… Tell us what happened You can read about it here in Part 1, or here in Part 2, or here in Part 3. Which reminds me I haven't wrapped that up yet.............

or (how about and)

Bonus: Which celebrity would you like to be locked in a hotel room with for 24 hours and what would you do to them. Some of you might be assuming that it would be "the pretty" :

I'm rethinking my answer just from looking at this photo.......
but he likes to drink and smoke too much which leads to whiskey dick and bad breath, plus he spends so much time in a hotel room these days I would never lock him in one. However curiosity has me wondering about this one :

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

and also quite possibly this cutie :

Adam Levine
And as for what I would do with/to them? Well, like I said before I'm a versatile girl, and we wouldn't know until the lock clicks, now would we?    *grins*

This week’s questions were submitted by Heelsnstocking.
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