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Thursday, August 11, 2011

One week down.......and an unintended HNT

*sigh* Not to start on a negative note this morning - which is refreshingly cool and sunny with the crickets and birds both chirping while I listen to them through the open windows and drink my coffee - but I really dislike when I have plans and things don't work out for me. *another sigh*

You see, I've been a dutiful photographer this week documenting my daily treats to myself. And my computer and/or memory card won't cooperate. Rrrgghhhh. Alas, I have no pictures, save one - which I'll get to. You'll have to take my word that in the past week I managed to :
  • buy myself 3 pairs of cute sandals. One flippy pair and 2 pairs of espadrilles (my current favorites). They were on sale, I got Kohl's Cash (gotta love that!), they are both comfy and sexy, Od really liked them, and they highlight my.........
  • brand new pedicure (and manicure). I prefer them at the salon, but this time was time well spent in my kitchen with my daughter as we soaked our tootsies, filed our nails and helped each other pick out polish colors. I went with a pale pink that turned out not so pale after 2 coats (think Peptol Bismol), and she went with a dark green. Yes. Green. Hers looks better than mine.
  • mixed bouquet. I was doing the grocery shopping and the florist had some gorgeous flowers put together with lilies, roses, daisies, snap dragons, and other flowers I don't know the name of, set strategically right inside the door for suckers like me. I grabbed a bouquet up, placed it in the cart and it made me happy all the way through the store and continued to do so for the next few days. $8.00 well spent!
  • impromptu lunch at Panera with my sweetie. This eatery is easily becoming our regular go-to when we're being sneaky and grabbing a meal or snack on the sly, away from our kids. I've been experimenting with different choices lately but this time went back to my tried and true favorite : grilled chicken Caesar salad and french onion soup.Yummy!
  • lazy day. Saturday was spent basically staying out of Od's way. The water was shut off while he replaced our water heater and I had nothing that was calling me to get done that didn't require plumbing so I drove to McDonald's, bought myself a Coke (theirs is the best, I can't explain why) and happily frittered the day away catching up on my fan fiction reading. All smutty - I can assure you! ;)
  • hot wax. I invested in a home waxing system. Not the cheap kind either. The proper kind exactly as our waxer uses. Note I said our. It took me some years to convince Od that while I love his hairy chest, legs, arms, stomach, (happy trail....*sigh*) I do not love his um, well, his back hair. He's 42, has always been a hairy guy, and that stuff just multiplies with age. No man can pull off the full man-sweater look - I don't care how sexy you are. Not that his was that bad, but it was only a matter of time given the situation. So now it's been taken care of but has proven to return quickly and it's cheaper to just do it at home in the long run. Also - have I mentioned that I'm a bit of a sadist? I'm looking forward to having a go at him just a liiiiiittle too much. *big grin*
  • zzzzzzzzzzz. I took a nap. Middle of the day. Down to my undies. Should've been thinking about getting dinner ready. Messed up the bed and everything. It lasted over an hour, the house was completely quiet and I got busted - only I didn't know it until I was disrupted by Od telling me to hold still. Why? Because he's a pervert. Here's the proof :

You can thank (or blame) him for this week's HNT. I clearly had nothing to do with it, 'cause if I did you'd be looking at a different pair of undies. Y'all have seen these  already. ;)

HHNT everybody! *kiss*