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Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy happy joy joy

So.....I'm thinking that this summer might not be so bad.
I made a plan.
I gathered the kids and laid it out.
No sleeping in.
The day starts right away with breakfast and regular chores.
We hit the YMCA followed by lunch.
Then we have the day for the pool, library, movies, amusement park, etc.
The one big stipulation is this : everyday, without fail, each of us has 3 extra jobs to do.
I make the list, they choose from the list.

Yesterday my son informed me "Oh yeah, I'm done with exams. Yesterday was my last day."
I said "Good. You can get a head start on your projects."
He washed his car, took care of the dog, made his bed, swept the driveway, cut down some weeds, and moved the fire pit woodpile.
I bought him lunch. He was happy.
Today my bathroom got cleaned, carpets and couches vacuumed, tree house lumber is denailed, oven drawer cleaned out, herb pots are shiny, papers and junk mail shredded, and windows got washed inside and out.
I bought them lunch again.
I got a "thank you" for that.
They're actually in good moods considering they worked all morning and afternoon.
Oh! And they did their own laundry, too.

I hope this pattern holds up. I can't believe it's worked 2 days in a row. I'm beyond happy.
And the cherry on top?
Son got a call for a job interview!

This shit better be real when I wake up tomorrow. That's all I'm sayin'.

Almost forgot. I'm giving Friday Facts a rest for now. Thinking about putting up a formspring widget instead. Maybe. As with anything....... if I can figure it out. ;)

Have a good weekend!