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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Facts on a Saturday 5/14/11

So sorry for the delay, but Od offered up a date night and I wasn't about to pass that up! We grabbed a bite to eat and saw a movie - Thor. Yawn. I will say that Natalie Portman was good, but isn't she always? Advizor, I think of you now whenever I see her.

What made my "hot date" hot was how it started. Both of our kids were off to visit friends for the evening. I dropped the girl off and on my way home it occurred to me that the house was ours for the night. In the front door for mere seconds I called out to Od and began stripping off.

"Meet me in the bedroom!"

I grabbed my Lelo and started the pre-game warm up, so to speak. When he entered the bedroom he realized this was no ordinary "snuggle" and crawled under the covers with me to help out. He latched onto Tradition while I pleasured myself. I drew it out as long as I could and danced along the edge of orgasm for a few minutes until I tumbled over and rode it out loudly, knowing how much he loves to hear me. (my favorite thing about having the house to ourselves. well, that and not having to get dressed to use the bathroom afterwards.) I recuperated and enjoyed the afterglow for a few minutes while Od finished up with Tradition. Then finally we got to try out the Liberator ramp. Od suggested I bend over the edge of the bed - great idea - but my legs were still a little shaky, so we made use of the ramp's support. It gives a different angle than I'm used to, but at this point it wasn't about me. I gladly flopped onto it and let him have his way with me while I gave back as much as I could in my sated stupor. It was a long sex-free week that I was glad to see come to an end. The last time for us was a nooner last Saturday while still in DC, which I'll tell you about later on.

How 'bout those Friday Facts now, huh?  ;)  I was an independent kid with a good imagination, sometimes weird and often quite precocious, too. This week's facts are all devoted to little Freya, who BTW, resembled this little girl in a remarkable way. I loved my childhood, and remember it fondly. I had a habit of making my own fun and enjoying life to the fullest. It could be said that I've not changed much!

Did you know.......

  • that I used to dip my sandwich crust in my Koolaid? For some reason I though this was a good idea.
  • my favorite flavor of Koolaid was Sunshine? Not quite Orange in flavor or color. Anyone else remember that flavor?
  • I had a time when I was 9 or 10 when I refused to wear pink? I was mad at my sister who wore a lot of pink at the time and I wanted to be anything but like her. I wouldn't admit this though. I said it was because I was being a tomboy.
  • that I loved sitting in the rain? Right on top of the picnic table under an umbrella listening to the raindrops pitter patter.
  • my grandma once asked me if her pants made her look fat? I said "No. You're fat makes you look fat." I was not my grandma's favorite.
  • that I had a major crush on Rick Springfield? Me and my friend Shelly were card carrying members of his fan club. Swear to God.
  • even thinking about picking green beans makes me itch? I spent more muggy summer evenings picking beans in my other granny's garden than any little girl should have to. She still grows those damn things and I love to eat them, but I now tell her I don't want to come pick any unless she can get them to grow into the jars. Those vines are a bitch. If you've picked beans, then you know just what I'm talking about.
  • that I had two best friends growing up,both named Jenny? One lived down a block to the right, the other lived up a block to the left. They were referred to as Jenny Up The Block and Jenny Down The Block for obvious reasons.
  • I used to run around topless? Okay - this may not be too surprising! I remember still doing this around age 6 , mostly in the summer after dark when it was almost bedtime and me and my sister were still running around outside. You know....getting in one more game of tag.
  • that I got a brand new 10-speed bike in 4th grade? The first new bike I ever had. My sister took it without permission  so I bought a bike lock. She snuck the combination from my room and took it again. I got so mad at her I hit her with the bike lock across her back. I left welts. I thought my mother was going to kill me. I can't remember what my punishment was - but my sister never stole my bike again.
  • the kids in my neighborhood used to play Ghost in the Graveyard in an actual graveyard? Yep. It was right behind where I lived and had an old wrought iron fence. Pretty cool.
  • that one of my favorite things to play was Library? I had a date stamper, an ink pad, and hand cut cards to fill out and slide into the books. Sometimes I just stamped right in the books. My mom never cared. (I still have an affinity for office supplies. They just make me happy.)
  • I was a walker to school every day? I never rode a school bus until 9th grade unless it was for a field trip or an away game.
  • that I took piano lessons? But to this day I cannot play one single thing on the piano. I'm not musically inclined at all, apparently.
  • my mother taught me the value of laughter? From the time I was very little I can recall laughing with her about silly things. To this day we share our funnies. Except the slipped up nip pic. But I may even tell her that one some day.
  • that people used to mistake me for a boy? I had really short hair from age 5-8.
  • I had curly hair as a baby, it straightened out around age 3, then got curly again when I was 14? Very weird, I know.
I'm sure there's more I could recall but this has taken up enough time. I'm calling it a night, but I'll be back tomorrow to share my naughty tales from my road trip.

Goodnight kisses to y'all. Sleep well.