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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sex games

There's a blog I read, and I've been reading it for awhile. I just haven't gotten around to following it and putting it in my blogroll yet. It's called Husbandly Touch and written by Mick who is a self proclaimed spanko. It's not kink-oriented or even a sex blog really. It's about his home life, the struggles he and his wife have suffered and what it finally took for him to find a way to create a well-run household. But he admits that there's juuuuuuust a little more to it than that. His most recent post makes that obvious. It's not always about discipline. Sometimes......it's just for fun. He managed to turn a simple game of cards  into something more - into a sort of sex game. That's not a far reach. Lots of people have played strip poker. Even tickle fights or playful wrestling matches have the capacity to become heated moments when the clothes fall away and laughter turns to lust. Sex is fun. Games are fun. Sex games are even better. (and you know I'm all about something better) ;)

I found myself having fun participating in a sex game of sorts yesterday evening. I'd call it truth or dare, but the truth portion is me recounting what happened after the dare took place - only it wasn't even a dare. Or a challenge. Perhaps it was only a suggestion, but I was in the right frame of mind and in a "what the hell" mood, so I went with it. Allow me to lay some groundwork for you.

Sunday was the culmination of some ugliness in my household. Problems with the son. The speeding ticket is just a portion. He's determined to make life hard for himself with bad choices - I'm determined that he'll learn about paying the price. There's friction, as you can imagine. I'm the bad cop. So right now he hates me, and Od (the good cop) allowed something that made my job more difficult, was against my firmly expressed wishes, and at a low moment said some things that were personally hurtful, playing on all my insecurities as a parent. So I pulled away from him. I distanced myself emotionally and physically. I lost my best friend for a few days when he was needed, there were no "snuggles" which was damaging in and of itself, and most certainly there was no sex - on top of the week that it had already been. Late Wednesday night we reconnected, and Thursday found me happy with a lighter heart and apparently back in my usual mischievous mood.

After catching up on blog posts, reading and responding to emails, and chatting with a friend or two who happened to be online at the same time, a simple conversation was ended with a challenge. You see, I needed to go, Od had offered to take me out to dinner and as I was closing the conversation I was presented with a naughty challenge : to take a vibrating bullet and insert it before leaving. I was taken by surprise - but only slightly. I was in a good mood and amused at the naughtiness of it. So of course I accepted. It seemed like a fun game to play. The only bullet I have is wired with a bulky controller too tricky to conceal in the outfit I was wearing...........although I remembered this little beauty at the last minute :
I was given no guidelines, but I offered a report on how things went. Since my writing has suffered and posts have been few I thought sharing the experience with all of you might be a nice compromise.

I finished getting cleaned up and just that quickly got distracted enough to almost forget to take the little LELO vibrator with me. Almost. Lipstick on, keys in hand I was bent over in the darkness of the bedroom closet searching the toy case. Od hunted me down in there and inquired about my activity.

"Where's my little LELO?" I asked him, too busy to explain myself just yet.

Ever cooperative, he retrieved it without too many questions, then handed it to me. I took it out of it's silky white drawstring bag, checked the power, then slipped it into my purse and walked out the door, leaving Od wondering what in the hell I was up to now.

In the short car ride to the restaurant he asked about our unexpected passenger. So I briefly told him the truth. He's well aware of the type of company I keep here in the blogosphere and basically just rolls with it. I never know if what I do will be the one thing that takes it too far, but this wasn't it.

I was contemplating the mechanics of my undercover operation. Should I head straight to the ladies' room and have the toy vibrate the whole time? Would that desensitize me after awhile? What if I cum at the table? Having that thing touching me afterwards would be unbearable. People would notice that something was going on with me. I decided that halfway through our dinner I would go to the restroom and nestle it in between my lips, hoping it would go unnoticed. The challenge was to insert a bullet, but I wasn't working with a bullet.

My sangria arrived, and soon after so did my buzz. It was a strong drink on an empty stomach and I'm a lightweight drinker. Our meal was served and as I got lost in the pleasure of a night out Od grabbed my attention and very directly stated "Don't you need to go to the bathroom now?" My eyebrows shot up my forehead as I remembered my LELO. "Oh - that's right!"  Off I went with my purse and dirty little secret in hand.

I wasn't alone in the bathroom as a middle-aged mother of two little twin boys awaited their success. She asked each one as they came out "Did you put the seat down?" One said yes, one said no, then grinned at me sheepishly and ran back in the stall to comply. I commented on her efforts of raising thoughtful young men, and she stated that they had three older sisters who were tired of falling in!!!! Too funny. :D

Now alone I set to my task. The vibrator is bulkier and longer than I imagined (it's been a long time since I used it) so having it slipped between my labia with the vibrating end on my clit wasn't possible. It made a distinct bulge in my jeans, leaving me looking like an unfinished MTF tranny sporting a semi. That would not do. So I unzipped and with jeans and knickers pushed down again, in it went - as originally intended. It's a quiet little thing and set on medium I wasn't worried about getting a numb spot or embarrassing myself a la Sally. I walked down the hallway and out to the dining area. I didn't have far to go. We were seated in the back of the restaurant - almost like it was meant to be. Although a long walk might have made a more interesting story. It was good for my pelvic muscles. I clenched like never before. Od watched with amusement and a smirk as I maneuvered my seat very carefully. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but not uncomfortable. It brought to mind The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. I was deathly afraid that if I relaxed too much it would shift out and the vibrations would sound against the wooden chair I was sitting on. Then others would discover my secret.

No worries, though. I found a comfortable position, the vibrator resituated itself, and I began to enjoy my dinner once more. I wondered if there was any chance that someone else was experiencing the same thing as me. On a Thursday night in a family restaurant, not very likely. But you just never know, do you? I wonder about things like that constantly. It's how I entertain my brain when I sit in a crowd. Who's having an affair? Which guy is impressively endowed? Is anyone else pierced like Od? Are there any other bloggers in here? Her tits can't be real. Who's kinky? I wonder if those two men are gay or just friends. Oh my god.....the things I would do to that man......... It's a never ending parade of inappropriateness inside my head, and the buzzing inside my pussy wasn't making it easier. I squirmed, I clenched, and for a minute thought I had accidentally lowered the setting with all the squeezing because the intensity lowered. Then after a few minutes it lowered even more.......then more..........then it died. It was just getting good.

I sat there with a dead toy, wet panties, and a sad pussy. This was no way to end the evening. We finished up, paid our bill and began the hilarity of getting me to the car without having the toy slip out and fall down my pant leg. I was wetter than when I made my walk to the table and that little sucker is slick, and not very girthy, so it made traction damn near impossible. Od made some stupid comment as he helped me into the vehicle and I started to laugh. Big mistake. I gasped, then used every last PC muscle I could muster to coax the toy back in. As soon as we were home I removed it, cleaned it, and will charge it ASAP. The challenge didn't have the sexy results I expected, but I was aroused, entertained, provided with blog fodder, and I look forward to doing it again - properly.

Go pick out a toy and play. Or raid the game closet. Naked ring toss, anyone? How about Yahtzee with sex dice? And Twister is just begging for it. C'mon - I dare you. ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ice Prince

There have been a few TMI questions in the past month that have brought to mind a story I never got around to sharing. I alluded to it in my very first post. (answer #36)

It deals with one of the most bizarre sexual requests someone has made of me and whether I prefer ice or wax. And why my answer is most definitely not ice.

You see, a long, loooooong time ago when Od and I were first dating (almost 20 years ago, actually) we were pretty quick to jump into our sexual relationship. I held out about a month - slut that I was! I pretended to be convinced out of my panties, and he pretended that it wasn't his first time at succeeding. Really. I had no idea he was so inexperienced. He had me fooled. So much so that when he described things he'd read about or wanted to try I was hesitant. I was worried that perhaps my previous experience wasn't enough to keep up with my older, college graduate boyfriend. He was describing things that were decidedly kinky. I was shocked, but not knowing what else to do I hesitantly agreed. He called this thing the Ice Prince.

It involved using a water filled condom and freezing it suspended in a large container of alcohol. I'm not sure if he dreamed this up himself or read about it. My legs clamp together now when I remember it. The desired effect is a cockcicle, basically. That's used as a dildo. On my lady parts. My very warm, likes-to-stay-cozy-under-the-covers lady parts. Any guesses at my reaction? I'll fill you in on how it went down.

Attempt number one found me laying on my back on his narrow bed, with him to the side of me. He was so cute - very excited that I was willing, and concerned about my comfort. I relaxed and we started kissing, he was running his hands all over, warming me up both literally and figuratively until he made his move. At the first intruding nudge I gasped. He pulled away.

"Are you okay?" he wondered.

"Yeah, yeah, God it's cold! Just go ahead. Do it." It was like I was getting a shot at the doctor's with my get it over with mentality. Jesus, I should've just closed my eyes and thought of England.

He tried again, got it further in and the whole minute or so that he worked me with that thing I was thinking "nuh uh, nuh uh, getitoutgetitoutgetitout!!!" until those exact words rushed from my mouth.

Immediately I felt relief, but the damage was done. My pussy had brainfreeze from getting fucked with a cockcicle!!!! It was unsexy to say the least. He apologized for the unpleasantness, I apologized for ruining his excitement over his "great idea". He admitted it was better on paper than in practice. I admitted that was a huge fucking understatement.

There was no attempt number two.

Of course now temperature play is much easier with all of the beautiful options of glass and steel toys, but still. There's no way that anything cold is making it's way between my legs. You've got to heat it up if you expect to heat me up.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


That about sums up my day, my week, and my mood.

I was tempted to participate in TMI yesterday, but when I discovered that it was about regrets, I figured I best keep my thoughts to myself. My answers would have been too tainted.
So, regretfully, I had nothing else to post.

Because regretfully I was teaching daughter how to thoroughly clean cat shit off the carpet at 7:30 a.m. Why her? Well, because it's her cat. She had the nerve to be offended that I woke her up to do such a thing, claiming it was "gross and disgusting". I pointed out that perhaps the the cat shouldn't be shut out of the laundry room where the litter box is located. She grumbled and growled. I told her not to forget the Lysol.

And also regretfully because I was otherwise preoccupied attending traffic court for my juvie son. Apparently it's a big deal to drive 87 in a 65 zone. 30 days suspension, $100 fine, and he must attend a teen driving seminar which we have the honor of driving him to. He had the nerve to behave like a jerk all day. I had the nerve to make him pay his own fine and then I took his phone.

It's days like yesterday that make it all too clear why animals eat their young.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

HNT - Feel the burn

I nearly titled this one "oops I did it again".

Here's how my afternoon sunbathing went :

cold drink - check
towel - check
ipod - check
sunny spot on the deck - check
comfy lounge chair - check

Am I forgetting anything? (no, it wasn't my suit)

Oh yeah..........sunscreen. AGAIN.
Just two days after I was able to resume sun worshipping and hot showering I go and do something stupid that results in this :

Object is pinker than it appears in photo!
It's an ouchy HNT for Freya. Hope everybody's was better than mine.  :(

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TMI Tuesday-ish

I'm just getting around to reading and commenting on today's TMI posts, but thought I'd play too.

Getting to Know You – Part II

1. Which would you rather do and why?
a. yard work or house work the only yard work I like is Supervisor, so I'm going with housework because it's easier and climate controlled,  however I do enjoy the upkeep on my flowerbeds
b. hike or run hike, and I'll tell you why. It's a one word answer : tits.
c. outdoor sports or indoor sports Outdoor sports. My favorite to watch is baseball, to participate in - anything water related.
d. fast food burger from the drive-thru or sit-down salad Salad. There's a lot of different salads you can make, and they can be very filling. I'm not discounting pasta salads or fruit salads either. I could live off those. But I won't diss a burger every now and then.
e. yoga or aerobics Yoga. It's calmer and more centering than aerobics. And doesn't make my knees creak. And also because I'm flexible.
f. ice-cream or cake; what kind? Cake. White layered with raspberry filling and lemon curd, with buttercream icing. Or a good red velvet. Or tiramasu.
g. ice cubes or hot wax; where? why? Ooooh. Definitely hot wax. Yep. Everywhere. Anywhere. Just not in my hair. I've always loved candle wax. I used to dip my fingers in the melted wax of my mom's candles. And I have a therapeutic wax spa for hands and feet. I got super excited at the sex store last December when I saw they had massage oil candles. You can get your kinks worked out and in at the same time! I have two different kinds. Love them. Do I really need to tell you why? Really? 
h. beneath the sheets or on top? To sleep : beneath. Must be covered at all times. I'll crank the a/c colder so I can use the comforter. Drives Od nuts, but I get my way. For sex : it's fun to start under the covers but within minutes things are too hot and they get kicked off the bottom. His official role after sex is bed maker. Mine is drink getter. We have a system.
2. What was your favorite subject in high school/secondary school/upper school? language arts. Especially French. I also enjoyed Geometry and Biology very much.
3. Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep a night? Why or why not? I often do if it's not a late night. Like tonight. I had a late class and needed to wind down.
4. What is your favorite comfort food? grilled cheese sandwich made with real butter and white bread.
5. Do you match up your socks after washing and drying them, and before putting them away? Yes. Don't you know it's an OCD sin not to? I shudder to think there are socks out there being thrown in drawers all willy nilly. That's wrong, people.
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? A happy, pretty green.
Bonus: When you have sexual dreams or dreams about sex, what does the dream generally involve? Is it a recurring theme? I don't really have sex dreams all that often. I never have. When I do have them, it's always about working up to sex, or wanting sex, or thinking about it. I can remember one sex dream where there was actual penetration happening, and I couldn't feel anything. I woke up excited that it happened, but pissed that it still wasn't good. And it's NEVER with my husband. He's never been in any of my sex dreams. I have no idea what that means.
How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!
Happy TMI Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In 37 days.....

.....I will be celebrating my 37th birthday. It's a good age. I'm in a good place right now - dare I say happy? Blissfully happy? Perfectly happy? No silly. Of course not. (unless there's a full bottle of Vignoles with my name on it, which sounds like a fine idea, actually....) Life does manage to test my patience, faith, and strength of character. I'm just managing to pass those tests easier nowadays.

I remember a random question from a Stealing Sunday post long, long ago. It asked what I might want for my next birthday. The appeal of getting "things" for my birthday faded with my ability to afford them myself. What I really cherish is the unexpected card in the mail, the inevitable phone calls from my mom and dad singing Happy Birthday in my ear, and even simple email wishes from friends. And that's how I responded to the question. So that's what I want.

I want to hear from you. My blogging cohorts. Friends. I visit your blogs, I read your words, and I've come to recognize your written voice, but so often wondered how that voice would sound in conversation. Sound is a powerful thing, as I've come to understand. So if you're brave and up to the challenge, make a girl's day by sending her a birthday wish. Sweet words, dirty jokes, and musical renderings are all acceptable. Or maybe dirty words and a sweet joke? Even better!  ;)  I would love to hear from you. And I'm willing to reciprocate to show my appreciation. If you've ever wondered what Freya sounds like, I'm making it very easy to find out.  :) My email contact is now in my profile. You've got 37 days. I dare you........

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bite Me

You may have noticed, you may have not. But I'm a particularly big fan of biting. Not being bitten, so much. I'm the biter. You would be the bitee. That's how it works.
This occurs nearly every time Od and I kiss.
Come to think of it, I'm sure that it's happened with me and anyone that I've ever kissed.
But my teeth aren't saved for long, soft passionate kisses.
They have a language all their own.
A sharp bite (usually placed on his bicep) warns Od "watch yourself, you're out of line".
A playful nip on the ass is just that - playful.
But lingering tugs on his inner thigh, hip bone, neck, or ear display a desire for more.
Shoulder and wrist bites are the effect of my mouth and teeth clamping down on the easiest accessible body part in order to stifle my sounds of passion.
And nipple biting.........well, that's just for me. I like to do it, regardless of what he thinks. ;)

Bites take the place of words that are sometimes unnecessary and often ineffective.
Animal instinct still plays a big part in how successful we are at dealing with one another.
And with one act - biting - Od has become fluent in my primitive language.
There's a charge of power from every act of biting I perform. I find righteousness, contentment, satisfaction, and yes, arousal from biting.

I just never knew there was a name for it before.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Stealing

Since my weekend is slow, I'm on a roll with my writing (some hot stuff not ready to be published) and I haven't played in awhile, I scooted by Sunday Stealing to check out the questions. Play along if you want!

1. When showering, do you start the water and then get in, or get in then start the water? I start the water first, let it get really hot, then get in. My shower's not done until my ass is pink. Except  I got too much sun Friday, so it's a lukewarm shower for Freya for a few days. And lots of Noxema.

2. Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex? Oh, you bet. It's one of my favorite things gettin' all clean and dirty at the same time!

3. Were you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings? Uh - no. We had a bathtub. We bathed. No shower. I did bathe with my sister occasionally when I was very little until the age of 5 maybe? When I was 12 we remodelled a spare bedroom into a full bath with a shower stall. It was glorious! I showered twice a day just because I could!!!

4. Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot? Sure I did, but you know what's bad? Dropping a razor. Your toes do that instinctive curling in, hoping the blade falls elsewhere thing. That's a heart stopper.

5. How old do people say you look? I don't know, I don't ask, and they don't say unless it's in reference to my kids' ages. You know......."Oh my god, you don't look old enough to have kids that are xx years old!" I fucking hate that. Everybody knows what that means. It means "Oh my god, you got knocked up really young!" Bitches.

6. How old do you act? Like a dirty minded, horny 12 year old boy most days. But you know.........with class and less potty humor.

7. What’s the last song you sang? The one up there on my playlist bar. Check it out. I change it daily.

8. Have you recently become a member of anything? Yes. A male chastity forum. I have questions. They have answers.

9. What are your plans for next weekend? Probably a family birthday dinner.

10. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed? Closed, so I can concentrate on the feeling.

11. Whats the sexiest thing about Sarah Palin? Her body. You gotta admit - she's in great shape!

12. Who’s the sexiest famous woman alive?  I've been a longtime fan of Julia Roberts. She's not classically beautiful, but her talent, humor, personality, and credibility make her sexy. Oh - I feel the same way about Sandra Bullock. Except for the beautiful part. She most definitely is. They've both stood the pressures of Hollywood gracefully without becoming trainwrecks like so many younger tartlets. I imagine I'll feel the same way about Natalie Portman in a decade's time.

13. Who’s the sexiest famous man alive? I cannot explain why after so many years of never crushing on male celebrities (yeah, they're attractive but so what?) I find this man irresistible. But I do. He's too skinny, has a crooked nose and is way too young for me. But fuck, if he doesn't do it for me. Go ahead, roll your eyes - I'll just stare at the pretty...........

It's not a Twilight thing, I swear!

14. Does your family have a crazy uncle? Clinically crazy, no. Eccentric crazy, then yes. On Od's side of course!

15. Have you ever smuggled something into another country? No

16. Do you live in a city with a good sports team? I'm in the suburbs of one that does. If we're talking baseball, we haven't seen any proper post season action since the 90s. If we're talking football, it's decent occasionally. (I think) 

17. What is the most unusual? Most unusual what? Help me out here.............

18. How do feel about the Goth people? That their mothers probably hate it when they leave their black eyeliners in  their pockets when she does the laundry. I would.

19. Can you fix or your significant other your own car? I was lucky enough to marry a very capable man. Who's also a bit of a garage monkey. My car needs are well seen to.

20. Would you want to kill Casey Anthony yourself if you were guaranteed to get away with it? No, absolutely not. God, karma, or fate will deal with her if she's truly guilty.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Did you have yours? I had mine.  *smirks*

Friday, July 8, 2011

More Tumblrerering

Just in case you need some easy porn to get you through the weekend.
I've added some new sights to my favorites.

Precious - she posts cute things as well as some freakin' hot dommely pics. If you're into that sort of thing. Which I am!! She has a sub and chronicles their relationship. He's about to get pegged, I believe. She's also fond of a little boy/boy lovin'. Check it out. Might make you laugh, smile, or lust. It's a good thing.

Mrs. Discontented - I was remiss in leaving her out of my last Tumblr recommendations. If you've ever read her blog (please do so, she has quite the adventures) then you know to expect female submission, rope bondage, and some female bisexuality. There's lots of other hot stuff too, and I'm not sure about this *inserts sarcastic font* but she may have a teeny tiny crush on a pretty blonde named Amanda. Go see for yourself. Her most recent post is a word find. I found "sad" "broken" and "funny".

Nympho Ninjas - for the longest time I thought this blogger was a she. Nope! He reposts intimate passion filled photos that he finds, as well as reader submissions, and he answers questions in an honest, helpful, non-judgemental way that I admire. He claims to have some self photos mixed in there somewhere, along with stories of his escapades. I like him.

Fapping Bisexual - If you don't find something in here that makes you hard or wet, then you need to stop reading sex blogs. There's no hope for you. Lots of variety here. Good taste in photos. I Promise.

Dishevelled Domina - she's a woman after my own heart. From what I've read, she's experiencing the lifestyle with her husband. Lucky woman. She also has a blog. If photos of CBT* offend, save yourself. If they not only don't offend, but turn you on a little - buckle up and enjoy the ride.

*cock and ball torture

Little Details Apparently - this is a young guy who loves a well (un)dressed lady, and being well dressed himself - especially ties. Check out his tie videos. (at the top where it says click for knots) OMG, there's a Victoria knot video in sepia tone that is so fun, sexy, and erotic set to the perfect music. Really the reason why I checked him out in the first place. He's dominant, cocky, has a weird sense of humor that apparently sometimes offends those who don't get it. He's also switchy it seems. Damn. I could straighten him out very nicely. Just sayin'.

Furrific - because it wouldn't be a day of porn gazing for me if there weren't beautiful men of all walks of life to look at. These just happen to be blessed with lots of body hair. It really is a thing for me. I most definitely have a type in regards to this aspect of masculinity. Of course, so does the gay man who owns this account. ;)

Fucck it up - despite the raunchy name, there's oodles of sweet, sexy, intimate shots of a classy nature. Okay, there's raunch, too, but I don't mind and I don't think you will either.

Some Dirty Secrets - I think I have Advizor54 to thank for finding this one. Photos of a male dominant/female submissive nature. They're hot, very hot, and every once in awhile I find myself wandering by with a wistful sigh.

That's all I have for you lovies this time around, and if you have any good recommendations send them my way! I'm off to enjoy my weekend. Now if only it were to go something like this :


Thursday, July 7, 2011

HNT - Underboob

This area? An oft forgotten erogenous zone. So the next time you're in the area, spend some time  getting reaquainted using fingertips, knuckles, noses, and of course lips, teeth, and tongues.  You never know what you'll discover. Maybe a cute little mole or freckle like I have!

HHNT everybody!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh, balls!

The last few weeks have brought some interesting results.
After I returned home from my trip Od has spent very little time in his cage.
Still in chastity, just of the honor system variety.

There's been a few ruined orgasms* - some slightly pleasurable, some not - and some experiments with steel rings. Od has developed a sensitivity to the O rings we've played with in the past which causes a nasty rash, so we're staying away from those. Add in the fact that he's more determined to build his own cage (still not sure how I feel about that, it's a bit like having the convict in charge of his own jail cell), and we've got steel rings of all sorts and sized floating around our bedroom. He does love a new project.

Anyway, one evening while decked out in a large cockring around his entire package and a few smaller rings on his cock he came into the family room to play show and tell. He was massively hard. Veiny and angry looking. My interest was piqued. Down the hall to our bedroom we went and  he was buried face first in between my legs in his favored position. Which looks exactly like this :

Usually he goes in from the side so his knees are to the side of my head. This time one of us (can't remember which) wanted his metal clad cock right in my face. I wasn't about to attempt sucking it with all that steel. It's been difficult enough perfecting my technique with his piercing jewelry. And I like keeping my dental enamel, thank you. So I began sucking his balls. Really licking them, taking them into my mouth one at a time, giving good suction to them. Tugging as much as I could while avoiding the use of my teeth. My chin was barely nudging the underside of his base. I was having fun, thoroughly entertained as he continued to ravage me with his mouth. He was going to town down there. Sometimes when he does that, it's mostly for his enjoyment. He's mentioned before that in the right state of horniness he can get very close to his own orgasm just by eating me out. I think this was one of those times.

Without any other stimulation than ball play and without any notice from him he stiffened suddenly and spurted all over my chest and collarbone. His cum was hot and I could feel it settling into that dip and running down the side of my neck to collect in the crook of my shoulder. There was a lot, and between the precarious positions of it and my shock of what just happened I froze. He was frozen above me too, all licking forgotten.

"Where did that come from?"
"I could've used some warning!"
"Oh God, it's spreading! Could you get me a towel?"
"Did you really just cum from me licking your balls?"

I was so astonished and amused I didn't give him any time to reply.
After finding something  (a dirty sock perhaps, I don't know) to wipe me and the sheets down with, he said it happened with little warning.

I was surprised at this outcome. I've long suspected that he'll be able to cum from little or no penile stimulation with a vibrating toy in his ass. This now convinces me even more. He's very versatile in his ability to achieve orgasm. My hope is to be able to make him cum with the strap on I bought for him as I use it while he's caged up. I'm still working on that. With him out of his cage so often lately it's been difficult getting him in the right frame of mind.

There's so much more to a chastity device than "Nope. Dick's locked up. Can't wank - can't fuck." It's like a science experiment with hormones and psychology. The mixture has to be juuuuust right for the result I want. I want him both loving and hating the cage and it's effect on his body. I want him frustrated, but happy to please. And begging maybe just a little, perhaps.   ;)   I'd be a liar if I said the groaning, grunting, and panting didn't turn me on. It does. A lot. I want him to know the only release he'll be having is if he let's me  fuck him. I want him to want it. And we're not quite there yet. I've got to get myself there, too. Remember I'm switchy, and life has left me feeling needy as of late and relying on Od to be the stronger partner. I won't say we've cleared the hurdles completely, but I've regained my former chutzpah. I'm ready to take my bull by his horn! Or would that be by my horn? *shakes head* Either way, his ass is mine.

There was another close call the other night when I was massaging his balls at bedtime, running my nails lightly on his inner thighs, dipping down with my fingertips to massage between his cheeks, circling my fingers around his sack and tugging in a rhythmic way that had him on edge and making those sounds that make me squirm with arousal. He asked me to stop so many times while continuing to flex his hips and spreading his legs open even more. Eventually I did stop when he asked a final time. He was tensing up and breathing deeply. That's one of his tells.

So once again he was turned on enough to almost cum without me ever touching his cock.
This is a complete power trip for me and I'm loving it.
I have a feeling he'll be handing over his final V-card very soon. 

*A ruined orgasm is where stimulation ceases at the time of ejaculation, decreasing or completely removing pleasurable sensation. Stimulation of the now sensitive cock can begin again afterwards, further ruining any pleasure and even causing discomfort. Ball torture during or after orgasm can be a form of ruining an orgasm. Typically for us I just remove all stimulation in order to prevent the orgasm, but our efforts sometimes fail resulting in a ruined or incomplete orgasm. Od's concentrated effort in trying to hold back adds to the diminished pleasure.