Extra Stuff

Monday, March 19, 2012

Naked nap

There's not been much lately to tempt me in sitting down to write. Not for a lack of material. That's good news.   :)  More so, I've been living in the good moments and simply enjoying them and in other moments I'm just plain busy. No complaining, because it's even the good kind of busy, ya know? Today was the perfect example.

I woke to find my husband still sleeping. And the sun was shining. That combination only happens on weekends which means someone was playing hooky today. I had a feeling it would happen. My laptop's security became compromised and he spent the better part of the night fixing it. It could have waited, but that man's sense of priority is skewed at times. At 1:00 in the morning, problem solving wins out over sleep, yet at 6:00 in the morning sleep wins out over the workday. He's lucky he can get away with "sick days" on such short notice. 

The day could have easily been frittered away while I tiptoed and he slept, but surprisingly by 8:30 we were in the motions of a busy day starting with breakfast, showers, lots of phone calls and computer work. At midday we headed out to tackle errands, errands, errands, and some lunch. I even got my car washed. It's a glorious day here. Just the sort of day you want for driving in the car with the windows down, the music cranked up, and good company by your side. To be honest...it was almost too nice for March 19th. I ended up testing the AC in the car and regretting my choice of long sleeves and jeans. The brighter the sun shone, the pinker my face got.

When we returned home I headed straight for the bedroom and without ceremony I stripped down to my undies and flopped on the soft  fabric of the comforter. I was a goner. My energy level dropped, my heart rate slowed and as I listened to the rhythmic sound of the ceiling fan, my consciousness began slipping. I heard the muted sounds of the neighborhood through the windows. Dog barking. Motorcycle driving by. Kids squealing with after school glee. Od joined me on the bed in our shadowy room. My once over heated skin was now cooled from the fan and I curled into his side for a much needed spot of warmth.

Less than 45 minutes later I woke with a smile on my face. The birds are still chirping, the sun is still shining, and I have plenty of the day left to cook dinner, finish the laundry and maybe - just maybe - curl on the couch and call it a day. But man...what a great day it was.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The way to a man's heart...

...is through his stomach they say. Whoever they are, they apparently have no idea what today is. Today is the day when, exactly one month afterwards, all the recipients of lovely Valentine efforts from our guys repay those acts in kind.

It's Steak and Blowjob Day!!!

And while my man is a die hard meat and potatos kind of guy, he'd go vegan for regular servings of fellatio. So...for today the way to his heart is going to be juuuuust a bit lower than his stomach.  ;)

I'm thawing the steaks right now.

I think some asparagus, sauteed mushrooms and onions and oven roasted herbed potatos will go along nicely. I'll be saving room for dessert.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The gift of submission

My Valentine's plans never panned out. Not even the make up weekend. After my whole family got sick the weekend before, Od and I had just the night of the 14th to have a quick dinner out. Then my immune system succumbed  the next day. I recovered by the following weekend but we had a birthday party to attend on the only available night we could have possibly escaped for some hotel fun. *sigh...*

I'd chalked the holiday up as a loss and hoped for better luck next year. Not without minimal pouting mind you. Freya doesn't like not getting her way. I was reeeeaaaaallllly looking forward to hotel sex. There's just something more about it, isn't there?

He decided to make it up to me. He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. It involved cuffs, restraints, his ass, and the opportunity for lots and lots of teasing. I hadn't had him tied up since.....well, since, uh...actually I can't remember, and Jesus that means it's been way too fucking long. Od kinkified the bed frame with a bunch of bondage hardware over the summer for the new bed we purchased in April of 2011. So it's been since before then. That's almost a year, people!

I found him in the bedroom where he was taking a nap. I peeked under the bed hoping to see that he'd already attached the restraints. He most certainly had. Good boy that he is, he also had the cuffs and his unused collar set out. I rustled through the dresser drawers and located the lube, some condoms, and his Lelo Billy before waking him. I crawled under the covers with the cuffs in hand and kissed him awake. Before he was entirely roused I had him cuffed and spread on the bed, ready for the restraints. I hadn't used the new attachments before so he lent me advice when necessary. There's something wholly satisfying when the bound are willing, even eager. I'm not much for bondage - not visually anyway - but I do love the control it represents. I could feel myself centering, focusing, and intensifying with each tightening of the straps. Made my inner domme very grrrrrrrr. I knew before he felt a single teasing touch that there was one thing to be taken care of. Me.

After securing the straps and checking the tightness one last time I worked my way up the bed and settled myself behind his head on my hands and knees. I tormented him momentarily, dangling my nipples out of reach then letting him feast. I pulled away and climbed forward, stopping directly where we both wanted me to be. I brushed myself side to side against his mouth, my lips on his. His technique was different without the use of his hands to guide my hips. Longer licks, less of his beard grinding into me, and I do think there was more enthusiasm. By the state of his cock, I'd say definitely more enthusiasm. He was standing proud and leaking a tiny river down his shaft, over his hip, and making a wet spot beside him on the sheet.

I was using his face for my own pleasure, but judging by the sounds he was making (my god the sounds he made!) he was receiving his own brand of happiness. I just didn't expect how much. The closer I get to orgasm, the harder I grind, and the harder I grind, the lower my face gets to his lap. His cock and I were having a staring contest. My instinct was to stick my tongue out juuuuuust a little bit to tease him, but I held back. It brushed against my cheek and my hair got tangled on it with the thrashing around I was doing. At the final moment before I came I squeezed my eyes shut and let the intense pleasure crash through me. Exhausted, with shaky legs, panting out deep breaths I opened my eyes. To discover that Od had cum all over my shoulder and collarbone. I'd never felt it hit me. I couldn't believe what I was looking at and did a quick mental rundown of all sensations in the last few minutes, thinking perhaps I'd grabbed him or pressed against him hard enough with my cheek to give him the friction he needed. I drew a blank, so I asked him. He was a little winded and trying to catch his breath, but said he felt nothing other than what I recalled - a brush from my cheek and a few from my tangled hair.

He said "See? I told you I really love your pussy" with a grin in his voice.


It was an amazing thing to happen. I've yet to find a way that he can't get off. Usually that's a good thing. But I was put out by the fact that I wouldn't get to carry through with my plans for the night. My plaything was all played out. So we called it a night, I unfastened the restraints, rubbed his wrists and ankles and we cleaned up, then cuddled under the covers. But I warned him in no way did this mean his ass was safe from me just yet.