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Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a typical night at the tattoo and piercing salon.......

.......until an average looking married couple walk in and ask about the offered services.

We looked like we should've been heading out for a Friday night date.

In actuality, Od got his cock pierced.

Yep. I sat there and battled my inner 12 year old boy and tried really hard not to giggle as another man leaned in close and fiddled with my man's dick. On the flip side, the proud wife in me wanted to pipe up and say "he's a grower, not a shower!" because I swear that thing was trying to turn inside out. Outside in? Whatever.

The procedure took mere minutes. Craig (the piercer) was excellent, warming us up with conversation, providing his credentials, and explaining the process. Then he unceremoniously had Od drop trou, climb on the table to mark the spot with a Sharpie, and said "okay, this next part is the worst when I insert the receiving tube into your urethra".

Od looked at me with an amused smirk like he was going to explain to Craig that it wouldn't be the first thing to ever go in there, but I shook my head "no" at him. Not that I mind sharing that type of information, but by this time (so close to the reason we were there) I was getting impatient with Craig's Chatty Cathy-ness and just wanted to get on with it.

After 3 deep breaths, a poke of a needle, and a full body tensing it was done!

We opted for a Prince Albert (PA) piercing. It's what he originally wanted 13 years ago. In April of 2010 I read about Apadravyas and thought that is the piercing I wanted him to get. (mostly for sexual sensation)

Since our unexpected adventure into chastity play, the PA was looking more and more useful. This will show you why. Just scroll down a bit to watch a video.

I'm so proud of Od. He took it like a champ, felt just fine afterwards, and only bled a very minimal amount that first night. No redness or swelling yet. (knock on wood) Oh, speaking of wood......his first full erection (later that night) was relatively pain free. So far it looks like he can expect quick healing.

I'm excited to find out what sex will be like with the ring. I really don't anticipate any discomfort, but I suppose that could change down the road with a more substantial ring. Craig started him off pretty small. 12 gauge I think. It looks good and Od is so proud of it, but secretly I'm already looking forward to the stretching and sizing up in a few months.

I'm having a difficult time keeping my hands off of it. And my mouth. I know those are 2 big no-nos, but I just.wanna.touch it. It's a new toy and I want to play with it! And it looks like it needs a kiss. *sigh* The waiting part is difficult for me. Always has been.

I've taken some pictures and I know he's okay with me sharing, but I'm not sure I want to. I feel funny about it. Maybe.

He keeps unzipping his pants and flashing his steel at me, asking "Do you like it?"

So I answer "I really do. You already know I like the idea of  a lot of steel down there."

And to that he replies "We'll see..........."


The Savage said...

Is "Man of Steel" among your pet names for him yet?

H said...

I don't think I could ever do that but then agian knowing how much it turned you on, well maybe.... yes so the pictures I am curious what it looks like

Anonymous said...

Wow, so brave! I imagine quite sexy! Would love to see the pics but totally understand if you don't want to show...i'm off to google PA ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! should be fun for both of you. I like moniker, "Man of Steel".

Freya said...

@Savage- man of steel......I like it! But I'll reserve it for when he's REALLY sporting a sufficient amount.

@H- honestly I was expecting to have to play a bigger role as nurse, but it was fairly simple and pain free. (and this is from a man who thought he was going to die after his vasectomy, when he was doped up on painkillers)

@Mrs.- It is sexy. I forget about it for a few hours, then when we snuggle he'll shift and I feel the metal on my leg and think "oh yeah! forgot about that..."

@Sweets- I'm impatiently awaiting the fun. With such a small ring there may not be much difference especially because we have to use condoms for awhile. The curiosity is so frustrating - in a good way! ;)

Anonymous said...

That is one committed man! Things must be going well. I'd have to think long and hard about it (pun of course), but I suppose if he's gotten used to putting things in there already maybe it is not that far off.

Hope you both enjoy this very much (I'm sure that will be the case), already seems to be a benefit in that you can hardly resist touching :)