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Thursday, March 17, 2011

HNT 3/17 Going Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Truth be told, I'm not really sure if I'm Irish. I suspect it, but you could consider me more of an American mutt. My ancestry was supposedly traced back to Spanish heritage, but judging from all the fair skin and blue eyes in my family tree I highly doubt it. I'd believe German or Irish first. And my maiden name doesn't lend any clues either. I've always been envious of people who could say "Yeah, I'm Italian" or whatever.

I remember in 2nd grade we had to do a family tree and ask our parents to help us. The goal was to trace our family back as far as we could. My parents were as clueless as me so being frustrated with the whole project I made stuff up. I put down Africa. My teacher never said a word. She put all our charts on the wall for Open House. My dad got a big kick out of that and I was busted for my laziness!

So.........no matter where I came from, today I'm pretending I'm Irish - if for no other reason than I love all things green. I even had a little creative surge this morning just to prove it. So no pinching, okay? I'm sure that I'm still wearing some green. That stuff got everywhere. ;)

Think Od would hang it in his office if I framed it?


Marcus said...

I'm having a fun time picturing the making of that painting !

Happy St. Patty's Day

Lusting Lola said...

So awesome! Od should totally hang this in his office. ;)

Happy HNT and St Patty's Day.

Advizor54 said...

I love the art work. If he hung it on the wall I'd like to see the facial expressions as people finally figure out how it was painted. That would be a hoot to watch.

Osbasso said...

Hell, yes, he would! :-)

Freya said...

@Marcus- thankfully I had the foresight to strip off before I started my fun fingerpainting!

@Lola- glad you liked. HHNT!

@Advizor- I was struck with inspiration and so pleased it worked on the first try - albeit a little unevenly. :)

@Os- I'm happy you stopped by. I left the canvas out for Od and he said they were "fucking awesome green titties!" and that he would proudly put up my artwork. The man has no shame I tell ya.......