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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll be thinking of you when...

...I'm visiting the land that doesn't believe in 3G service. Seriously. The place I stay doesn't even have internet. I get about 1 bar on my phone if I'm lucky when we go into town for dinner each night, but that's all. *sob*

I will miss reading your blog.
I will miss writing.
I will miss getting your comments.
I will miss porn.

I even tried to get an early morning Tumblr fix, but Tumblr is being a dick right now.

I'm not admitting anything......but when I packed, my LELO may or may not have accidentally fallen into my bag. (along with the charger)  :D

See y'all next week.


Anonymous said...

I'll try and send as many dirty thoughts your way as possible, thinking about spirit and tradition, and rubbing and touching you all over and trying to find that spot that fills you with waves of pleasure. Enjoy your trip!!

Anonymous said...

have a great time!