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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reading signals

Last week we had a bit of a situation in my household. Everytime I went to get dressed or change clothes I was out of something. First jeans, then workout clothes, and finally - comfy underwear. I think every woman knows what I mean here. Yeah sure, there were still options in my drawer, but they all involved something lacy or.....uh, stringy.  I wanted unlacy and unstringy.

I don't know about you, but when laundry levels reach emergency status that's when I threaten to fire the maid. Only problem.........I'm the maid. *sigh*

I pulled one of those "okay, tomorrow I'll get it all washed". (didn't happen)

I caved and wore a thong, decidedly less comfortable, but the additional benefits were worth it! Od couldn't keep his hands out of my pants after he found out I was wearing it. :) I promised myself the next day I'd tackle the chore. (didn't happen)

Another day, another thong. This one was lacy and a bit scratchy - really only meant to be worn temporarily. (if you know what I mean ). Temporary it was. After work he came to greet me in the kitchen with the usual kiss and squeeze. He must've been doing an undie inventory because he swiped his fingers along one cheek, then the other and accused me of not wearing underwear. I replied "yes I am" and his eyes lit up knowing I had on another thong. We spent some private time in the bedroom and the undies were no more. All the other thongs of the week suffered a similar fate. ;)

By the weekend I really was facing the option of going commando or putting off some things to get the laundry done. However, just in time Od declared that he needed some clean clothes and was doing laundry - did I need anything washed? Yes!!!

"Wash my undies, please" I asked him, grateful that I won the wait-it-out game. It's not that I mind washing and drying - it's ALL the baskets that accumulate because nobody likes to fold, iron or put away. Including me.

Well......he did laundry. And he did wash my underwear. He even folded them nicely into a cute little display and left them for me. I have a lot of underwear. A lot. You know what he washed? 4 pairs. His favorites. ALL THONGS.

I wonder what signal he was trying to send me?


Anonymous said...

LOL! All your thongs, huh? Smart man. ;-)

Advizor54 said...

I think you need to encourage his laundry chores more often. Wearing the right panties rarely means comfortable panties, but we always appreciate you sacrifice....


Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'd do the same thing, maybe even run out and buy a few more thongs.

We have no problem doing the laundry, but same thing, it's the folding and putting away, we seem to have a perpetual basket of clean clothes in our room. I go for the towels and t-shirts because they are easy and make a lot of room in the basket, then the rest of the family kind of picks through for what they need.

It's a big event when there is absolutely no laundry at all that needs to be put away.

GoodWill said...

Hahaha...that's AWESOME. So funny. Seriously something I would do.

Lusting Lola said...

That's hilarious!!