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Thursday, May 19, 2011

HNT kicks and knickers

Once upon a time there was a girl with a fancy for knickers. Pretty ones. Lacy, silky, stringy, skimpy, flirtatious knickers. She even had a favorite purveyor of such things. Walking into the elegant store filled the girl with excitement of the hunt for the perfect pair, and the hope that they were stocked in her size. Classical music seduced her into a lust for lingerie. Again and again and again she would return to seek the satisfaction that could only be obtained here. For many years this relationship of mutual affection carried on.

As in most relationships , they parted ways. It was a difference of opinions. The girl moved on.

The girl's body grew and changed in ways that not only change a life, but bring new life, too. She thought of the undies in her past and longed for the day when perhaps, under the right circumstances, they might find each other again.

Over the years lacy, silky, stringy, skimpy, and flirtatious were replaced with cottony, comfortable, supportive, and modest. But there were always the memories of the way the store's atmosphere welcomed her and the contentment the girl experienced with shopping bag in hand and a secret to be discovered.

No longer a girl, but now a full fledged woman, she has other loves as well. This is a woman who strives to treat herself well in all aspects. Sexy shoes make her feel sassy and give her attitude a kick. They caress the polished and pedicured toes that are loved by her beloved. And now they go so well with other sexy little things. Little lacy, silky, stringy, skimpy, and flirtatious sexy little things.

Once again, she is happy.
Sexy little things, indeed!  ;)


GoodWill said...

Love it, quite the combo - sexy shoes and extremely sexy "knickers" (btw, love that word).


H said...

Good god you hit on two fetishes of mine, I love womans shoes (on woman of cours not on me), I always encourage the purchase of shoes, a woman can never have to many shoes. Secound fetish, panties, nothing sexier than a woman in heels and panties.

Love this post.

Marcus said...

Mmmmm, hot legs, painted toes, sexy panties sliding down your leg, very, very hot!!

...and I am happy, too!

V said...

Nice heels, sexy panties and very pretty feet, Miss Freya! Nice.

Mrs Discontented said...

Such sexy shoes, I want them!

Advizor54 said...

If you are happy, we are happy, and I love the ones you have chosen to share. Wonderful.

Lusting Lola said...

Those shoes are adorable! Panties, too. :)

24 said...

Freya, very sexy things... Thank you for shaing!