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Thursday, July 14, 2011

HNT - Feel the burn

I nearly titled this one "oops I did it again".

Here's how my afternoon sunbathing went :

cold drink - check
towel - check
ipod - check
sunny spot on the deck - check
comfy lounge chair - check

Am I forgetting anything? (no, it wasn't my suit)

Oh yeah..........sunscreen. AGAIN.
Just two days after I was able to resume sun worshipping and hot showering I go and do something stupid that results in this :

Object is pinker than it appears in photo!
It's an ouchy HNT for Freya. Hope everybody's was better than mine.  :(


Max said...

Ouchie indeed. :-) But that will fade into killer tan-line (which in my book is *really* sexy!)

Lovely pic. Happy HNT!

V said...

@Max - Tan lines are sexy? Who knew? I always do my best to avoid them. I tan so easily that just a few minutes in the sun and I've got lines everywhere. Freya, I've never been sunburned, but that does look painful. Hope you're feeling less 'ouchy' soon!

Adam said...

Sorry about the burn but kinda glad it lead to this pic. Let me know if you need anyone to rub some "cream" on that for you ;)

Anonymous said...

"No, it wasn't my suit" LOL :)

I had some trouble seeing the full extent of the damage, so I clicked on the picture and was able to zoom in. The next problem I had was prying my eyes away from the right at the tempting nipple at the top of your amazing breast.

Then I saw it, the burn, ouch, ouch, ouch!!

Now, what an amazing tan line HNT you could do.

just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Ouch!! I get terrible sun burn too, curse of being milky pale. A lovely peak though! Happy (belated) HNT!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Still worth taking a photo. ;-)

Advizor54 said...

I absolutely hate sun burns, but it sure looks good on you. Hope you heal soon!

Lusting Lola said...

Freya, This is amazingly hot! Sorry it hurts and hope it heals soon. I burn really easily, too. It sucks. :( Here's to lovely tan lines. If it were me, it would just peel off to the same milky white as before.

H said...

I have the perfect cure for burns on incredibly sexy boobs.

I think I just fell in love with your nipple and perfect sized breast.