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Friday, July 8, 2011

More Tumblrerering

Just in case you need some easy porn to get you through the weekend.
I've added some new sights to my favorites.

Precious - she posts cute things as well as some freakin' hot dommely pics. If you're into that sort of thing. Which I am!! She has a sub and chronicles their relationship. He's about to get pegged, I believe. She's also fond of a little boy/boy lovin'. Check it out. Might make you laugh, smile, or lust. It's a good thing.

Mrs. Discontented - I was remiss in leaving her out of my last Tumblr recommendations. If you've ever read her blog (please do so, she has quite the adventures) then you know to expect female submission, rope bondage, and some female bisexuality. There's lots of other hot stuff too, and I'm not sure about this *inserts sarcastic font* but she may have a teeny tiny crush on a pretty blonde named Amanda. Go see for yourself. Her most recent post is a word find. I found "sad" "broken" and "funny".

Nympho Ninjas - for the longest time I thought this blogger was a she. Nope! He reposts intimate passion filled photos that he finds, as well as reader submissions, and he answers questions in an honest, helpful, non-judgemental way that I admire. He claims to have some self photos mixed in there somewhere, along with stories of his escapades. I like him.

Fapping Bisexual - If you don't find something in here that makes you hard or wet, then you need to stop reading sex blogs. There's no hope for you. Lots of variety here. Good taste in photos. I Promise.

Dishevelled Domina - she's a woman after my own heart. From what I've read, she's experiencing the lifestyle with her husband. Lucky woman. She also has a blog. If photos of CBT* offend, save yourself. If they not only don't offend, but turn you on a little - buckle up and enjoy the ride.

*cock and ball torture

Little Details Apparently - this is a young guy who loves a well (un)dressed lady, and being well dressed himself - especially ties. Check out his tie videos. (at the top where it says click for knots) OMG, there's a Victoria knot video in sepia tone that is so fun, sexy, and erotic set to the perfect music. Really the reason why I checked him out in the first place. He's dominant, cocky, has a weird sense of humor that apparently sometimes offends those who don't get it. He's also switchy it seems. Damn. I could straighten him out very nicely. Just sayin'.

Furrific - because it wouldn't be a day of porn gazing for me if there weren't beautiful men of all walks of life to look at. These just happen to be blessed with lots of body hair. It really is a thing for me. I most definitely have a type in regards to this aspect of masculinity. Of course, so does the gay man who owns this account. ;)

Fucck it up - despite the raunchy name, there's oodles of sweet, sexy, intimate shots of a classy nature. Okay, there's raunch, too, but I don't mind and I don't think you will either.

Some Dirty Secrets - I think I have Advizor54 to thank for finding this one. Photos of a male dominant/female submissive nature. They're hot, very hot, and every once in awhile I find myself wandering by with a wistful sigh.

That's all I have for you lovies this time around, and if you have any good recommendations send them my way! I'm off to enjoy my weekend. Now if only it were to go something like this :



H said...

I love it when you share the site you enjoy, I believe we have a lot in common.

And the picture you added to your post, so hot, I know where you are in the photo, I know where I am (the one eating your pussy) who's the other guy? ;)

Marcus said...

I was going to have a tough time deciding which guy I wanted to be, but since the pussy is taken I will more than gladly be the man on the breast. I've been thinking a lot about your breasts since your HNT ....

Marcus said...

....now that I think about it some more, no matter which one I was at that point in time I don't think I could have left until spending ample time on your breasts.

Freya said...

H - See? Not vanilla at all. ;) Thanks for stepping up. Is that the kinky version of shotgun? As it turns out, no worries about the other spot being filled!

Marcus - There's enough fun to go around. I imagine it would be a long, tiring, completely satisfying evening. And no matter what or where, your time would be well spent!

TemptingSweets99 said...

Oh! More for me to add to the list. Thanks! I second the motion re: Some Dirty Secrets. ;-)

Advizor54 said...

"Some Dirty Secrets" is one of my very favorite tumblrs from one of my very favorite bloggers. Her original fiction can be found here...


Thanks for sending her some love

Mrs Discontented said...

Thanks for the recommendation of mine and for the recommendations of the others...I'm off to have a perv!

Great picture too, I want that!

Mrs Discontented said...

...and yes, I may have a little bit of a crush on Amanda but hey who wouldn't in that last pic I posted of her ;)

Freya said...

Sweets - glad you're making good use! Lord knows I do.......

Advizor - No, no. Thank you. ;)

Mrs. - My pleasure! ;) And she IS gorgeous. It's those eyes.....and that mouth.

Marcus said...

I have to confess, I'm strangely drawn to the furrific site. Hair is not often looked kindly upon, it's good to see that some women find it sexy.