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Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh, balls!

The last few weeks have brought some interesting results.
After I returned home from my trip Od has spent very little time in his cage.
Still in chastity, just of the honor system variety.

There's been a few ruined orgasms* - some slightly pleasurable, some not - and some experiments with steel rings. Od has developed a sensitivity to the O rings we've played with in the past which causes a nasty rash, so we're staying away from those. Add in the fact that he's more determined to build his own cage (still not sure how I feel about that, it's a bit like having the convict in charge of his own jail cell), and we've got steel rings of all sorts and sized floating around our bedroom. He does love a new project.

Anyway, one evening while decked out in a large cockring around his entire package and a few smaller rings on his cock he came into the family room to play show and tell. He was massively hard. Veiny and angry looking. My interest was piqued. Down the hall to our bedroom we went and  he was buried face first in between my legs in his favored position. Which looks exactly like this :

Usually he goes in from the side so his knees are to the side of my head. This time one of us (can't remember which) wanted his metal clad cock right in my face. I wasn't about to attempt sucking it with all that steel. It's been difficult enough perfecting my technique with his piercing jewelry. And I like keeping my dental enamel, thank you. So I began sucking his balls. Really licking them, taking them into my mouth one at a time, giving good suction to them. Tugging as much as I could while avoiding the use of my teeth. My chin was barely nudging the underside of his base. I was having fun, thoroughly entertained as he continued to ravage me with his mouth. He was going to town down there. Sometimes when he does that, it's mostly for his enjoyment. He's mentioned before that in the right state of horniness he can get very close to his own orgasm just by eating me out. I think this was one of those times.

Without any other stimulation than ball play and without any notice from him he stiffened suddenly and spurted all over my chest and collarbone. His cum was hot and I could feel it settling into that dip and running down the side of my neck to collect in the crook of my shoulder. There was a lot, and between the precarious positions of it and my shock of what just happened I froze. He was frozen above me too, all licking forgotten.

"Where did that come from?"
"I could've used some warning!"
"Oh God, it's spreading! Could you get me a towel?"
"Did you really just cum from me licking your balls?"

I was so astonished and amused I didn't give him any time to reply.
After finding something  (a dirty sock perhaps, I don't know) to wipe me and the sheets down with, he said it happened with little warning.

I was surprised at this outcome. I've long suspected that he'll be able to cum from little or no penile stimulation with a vibrating toy in his ass. This now convinces me even more. He's very versatile in his ability to achieve orgasm. My hope is to be able to make him cum with the strap on I bought for him as I use it while he's caged up. I'm still working on that. With him out of his cage so often lately it's been difficult getting him in the right frame of mind.

There's so much more to a chastity device than "Nope. Dick's locked up. Can't wank - can't fuck." It's like a science experiment with hormones and psychology. The mixture has to be juuuuust right for the result I want. I want him both loving and hating the cage and it's effect on his body. I want him frustrated, but happy to please. And begging maybe just a little, perhaps.   ;)   I'd be a liar if I said the groaning, grunting, and panting didn't turn me on. It does. A lot. I want him to know the only release he'll be having is if he let's me  fuck him. I want him to want it. And we're not quite there yet. I've got to get myself there, too. Remember I'm switchy, and life has left me feeling needy as of late and relying on Od to be the stronger partner. I won't say we've cleared the hurdles completely, but I've regained my former chutzpah. I'm ready to take my bull by his horn! Or would that be by my horn? *shakes head* Either way, his ass is mine.

There was another close call the other night when I was massaging his balls at bedtime, running my nails lightly on his inner thighs, dipping down with my fingertips to massage between his cheeks, circling my fingers around his sack and tugging in a rhythmic way that had him on edge and making those sounds that make me squirm with arousal. He asked me to stop so many times while continuing to flex his hips and spreading his legs open even more. Eventually I did stop when he asked a final time. He was tensing up and breathing deeply. That's one of his tells.

So once again he was turned on enough to almost cum without me ever touching his cock.
This is a complete power trip for me and I'm loving it.
I have a feeling he'll be handing over his final V-card very soon. 

*A ruined orgasm is where stimulation ceases at the time of ejaculation, decreasing or completely removing pleasurable sensation. Stimulation of the now sensitive cock can begin again afterwards, further ruining any pleasure and even causing discomfort. Ball torture during or after orgasm can be a form of ruining an orgasm. Typically for us I just remove all stimulation in order to prevent the orgasm, but our efforts sometimes fail resulting in a ruined or incomplete orgasm. Od's concentrated effort in trying to hold back adds to the diminished pleasure.


Marcus said...

Oh, you are good. I've often done searches for cum without touching or just indirect touching. Once worked up in the right way it can happen many different ways. That's so amazing how good you are at the power and control and loving it.

GoodWill said...

Seriously...I've said it before, damn Od is a lucky guy!!! (and that picture is just straight hotness, lol).

I love your description of what you did to his balls, seriously sounds like heaven.

H said...

Freya, I always found myself attracted to you, now I read this I think I love you :)

Seriously, I love my balls played with and have often orgasmed from eating pussy, the act of me eating pussy did not make me cum it was the sound she made, the pleasure in her orgasmic releaze that brought me over the edge.

I find it quite supprizing that I, being somewhat vanila, would love for you to fuck my ass with your strapon...... sometimes late at night I think I can hear you orgasm in my ear as I drift off to sleep.

Advizor54 said...

I remember, as a teenager, I had the house to myself and was able to talk myself into orgasm by using all the dirty words and images that came in to my head. I just walked around the house naked getting harder and harder until it happened.

It's not difficult for me, at all, to believe that he can cum from just eating you out. The feel of two bodies together, the taste and smell of your lips and clit. Damn it woman, I could let myself cum right now just by writing about it....

(And, I have to ask, though I feel like I should know this, how does he have room to get hard if he is caged? That sounds painful)

Freya said...

Marcus - why, thank you. I'll have to do some searching on those topics myself. So far I've just used experimentation and lots of observation and feedback. He's such a willing plaything! LOL

Will - I meant to mention that for the longest time balls were undervalued to me. I've only recently become aware of how nicely a role they can play - largely due to Od finally speaking up, but also due to male bloggers who write about such things. Just another tool in my arsenal of wicked tricks, you see. ;)

H - I love you right back, you pervy funny man! My sounds seem to be what sets him off, too. I admit, I'm jealous of you guys with your cocks that are so easy to please. And I would never call you vanilla. You like ass play, and prefer to have a dominant partner. Nope. That's kinky in my book. Not that vanilla is boring. All good things start with vanilla. I just like to sprinkle some exotic things in, too. ;)

Advizor - So you blamed unusual stains on the family dog? LOL! I'm both extremely amused that you could do this as a young boy and horrified that my son might be doing the same thing. *cringe*

Again I'm jealous of you cock-wielding creatures. If given the chance, I think I'd wear one out!!! Must be how men feel about boobs.

To answer your question, at the time of these events he was uncaged. While caged, erections are possible (albeit in a squished way) and are a pleasure/pain combination. Not that he needs to be fully hard for orgasm. I'm amazed at the wealth of information I'm learning about male sexuality from our newest adventures. Fascinating really.....