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Thursday, May 5, 2011

HNT 5/5/11 Peek

I was on the road again last evening after a day of playing tourist with Od and as we began our long drive, (google maps and I need to have a sit down about time estimations) I got bored and started fiddling with the car features. (still learning the new vehicle) So there I was checking out the sun visor mirror and had a great idea. I wanted to play with the limited view and the evening sun. I tried to capture my new hair color, but was having shit luck. Couldn't get the right angle. However, I could manage a gratuitous down the cleavage shot pretty well, so here ya go :

And not really half-nekkid - but because I liked the view - Od makes his HNT debut :

So there you have it. Just a little bit of road fun.
For those who requested it - I did attempt a few ass shots but it was a no go. iPhone cameras and harsh hotel lighting are NOT a girl's best friend.
I'll get to it. Promise.
I'm off to have something with tequila in it.


GoodWill said...

Lovely! Gratuitous cleavage shots are always encouraged, especially when it's as nice as yours!

And from one straight guy to another, Od's lookin like he's got some strong-ass arms, lookin good Od.

Enjoy your night and tequila...I'm heading that way myself (towards a tequila drink), even if it is a little cliche for Cinco ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Od's debut. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great shots! Gratuitous cleavage shots are always appreciated, and I know what a hand and arm person you are. I love road trips. Looking forward to that ass shot.
I promise to get an HNT next week, (ther, now I'm committed to it).

H said...

Love the cleavage shot, nice boobs, yum, kiss.

Having just finished the driver training course, the new hand position is 8 and pussy, a firm steady grib is manditory.

Advizor54 said...

It's all good when you've got the road below and a sun roof above. And the down-blouse? Oh so very cute.

Lusting Lola said...

Your bra looks very cute. :) I love tequila! Hope you enjoyed Cinco de Mayo and your tequila drink.

Freya said...

Wow! I'm really behind on replying to comments - but thanks for so many this past week. It's always rewarding to see new messages in my inbox. :)

@Will - thanks for the compliment. It's a great angle for Od. I tease him frequently that if he were gay, he'd fit right in with the bears. I get a sardonic "well, thanks dear" as a response. And I enjoyed my tequila (and rum) verrrrrry much, thank you!

@Sweets - thanks for dropping by!

@Marcus - boredom and curiosity usually lead to trouble, but I like how I filled my time. :D
One ass shot comin' up! I'll hold you to your commitment.

@H - thanks for the kiss. They love that. How'd you know? ;) 8 and pussy will only work if you're right-handed. Worth a try.......

@Advizor - actually I DID have a sunroof above me. Never thought to open it though. Still learning the new vehicle. Forgot to look up!

@Lola - it IS cute. I even had matching ruffled panties! (of course) :) I had a wonderful Cinco - hope you did too!