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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TMI Blankety Blank

Blankety Blank

Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks.
1. I could spend all day reading  but couldn’t stand five minutes  doing taxes .
2. I would love to have a robot in my house to do the floors  because no one else ever does. (actually I prefer a houseboy to a robot, but I'll accept either.)
3. The older you get the more appreciative  you get.
4. I want to  share Europe with my husband  when I finally convince him to get on a plane  .
5. My appetite for passion can never be satisfied.
Bonus: If I were a hoarder, I would hoard art supplies . (I sort of already do that)
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Happy TMI Tuesday!


Jack and Jill said...

Excellent answers all around, but we especially loved #1 (anyone who enjoys reading as much as you claim to is all right with us), #5 (passion - 'nuff said), and the bonus answer. I think we also hoard art supplies. Jill is a teacher, and we both have creative streaks. We hope you eventually make it to Europe!

Ashly Star said...

Reading is definitely preferable to doing taxes! And a lot of other things, too. :D Enjoyed your answers, happy Tuesday!

O said...

I completely agree on the hoarding art supplies!! I don't really do any art but I'd love to learn, maybe that's why I keep buying expensive supplies which I never use. Great answers!

Marcus said...

I remember seeing your art one time, would nice to see more but that might be too revealing if anyone were to find this as I'm sure it is very distinctive.

Advizor54 said...

I like #4 and #5 the best. My friend went to Europe several times on the backs of sleeping pills and cough medicine. Take them as you go through security, and voila, you wake up in France.