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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Facts 5/27/11

Considering that I was on a roll for Friday night dates, and am otherwise engaged this evening I preplanned to get this edition of Friday Facts out early. (so you slackers who blog at work could catch this on your lunch break!)  ;)   Moving right along........

Did you know :

  • I like to give my pets human names that are unusual or cultural? My German dog has an Irish name and my American cat has an Italian name. I also once had a pet named Nickodemus and one named Abercrombie.
  • that my favorite cereal is Cheerios. Plain old Cheerios. Boring I know, but sometimes I jazz it up with a banana.
  • I had a super huge girl crush on Wonder Woman as a girl? I wanted to be her so badly. She had the best accessories.
  • that I studied French for 5 years? And the only practical use of it was ordering food and flirting with a lovely boy named Olivier while I was in France. Both were delicious. ;)
  • I like to bite? But not to be bitten. Much. Occasionally on the tits or the tush. Gen.tl.y.
  • that I've never been SCUBA diving or parasailing, but both are on my bucket list?
  • among the many male attributes that I'm a fan of - one of them is sideburns? Wolverine makes me wet. It doesn't matter that it's Hugh Jackman - but damned if it doesn't make it better!
  • that lilies are my favorite flower? Particularly Tiger and Stargazer. I'm waiting for mine to bloom right now.
  • it's never a good idea to dice jalapenos and then readjust your boobs? Not even after you wash your hands, people. That stuff really burns! (although I'm ridiculous enough to laugh at the irony that milk is the best thing to take the burn away.) LOL :)
  • that it's almost strawberry picking season in my part of the world? That pleases me to no end. Strawberry jam, strawberry pies, strawberries on French toast, in cereal, and just because!
  • that I can purr? Yes. Yes I can. ;)
  • I know what the view from the Eiffel Tower looks like? It's beautiful and geometric, which pleases me.
  • that as of 12:28 p.m. today, I've been a mother for 17 years? That's craziness. Just yesterday he was a precocious little thing that couldn't absorb useless knowledge about trains, volcanoes, dinosaurs, and construction equipment fast enough, making my ears bleed with a constant stream of "hey mama, did you know?......." Oh. Wait. He he. I guess he gets more from me than his looks. ;)

That's all for today. I have a birthday cake and a phone call to make.
As always, enjoy your weekend!
*kiss kiss*


H said...

I would like to see you dressed as wonder woman, because well you kind of are a wonder woman.

Anonymous said...

interesting facts. yes, milk soothes the heat. ;-) happy birthday to your growing one! congrats!