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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Facts 5/6/11

Happy Friday everybody! We made it to DC yesterday afternoon and I have to tell you it's so nice not to have to travel for a few days. *whew* We're sight seeing today and meeting up with the boy who is the whole reason we're here. He got to fly out with his BPA group and is staying in the Omni. He competed Wednesday morning and we find out results tomorrow at the awards banquet. While we are not staying in the Omni, our place is nice, roomy, clean and has a big bed and a sizeable shower. Both have been thoroughly tried out and tested, I assure you. ;)

Now I offer up Volume 4 of Friday Facts. I would love it if you play along too!

Did you know.......
  • I sometimes snort when I laugh? Can't be helped. I laugh a lot. The snorting might be obnoxious or stupid to others. I choose to believe it's adorable.
  • I got my first marriage proposal in 4th grade? From a boy named Warren. He asked me in front of the entire class. I was so embarrassed. If looks could kill he would've died that day.
  • that I have 5 piercings on my body? I'll let you guess where they are.
  • I birthed both of my kiddos without a drop of painkiller? Not intentionally - they both just came really fast. Impatient. Like their mama.
  • I've had 5 sex partners, total? A few more if you count oral and hands only.
  • that my favorite food is chicken? I could fix it every day and never tire of it.
  • I'm a really good cook? I love to do it and get great satisfaction by serving a delicious meal.
  • that I absolutely get lost listening to classical music? My favorites lately have been Beetoven and Vivaldi.
  • I found out in 5th grade the truth about  Santa Claus? I didn't mind. I liked knowing the secret. I was mored devestated when my son found out. He never said a word, but I know the exact moment it happened.
  • that I had a country music phase? From 1990-1994. It's about all I listened to. I've since moved on but I dabble occasionally.
  • my favorite fragrance is lavender? Especially combined with vanilla, chamomile, or lemon. Or plain. The scent is everywhere in my home. I have room spray, oil warmers, linen and pillow mist, body lotion and perfume.
  • that my favorite thirst quencher is a tie between lemonade or iced tea? Putting the two together would seem logical. No. Ewww. That's just gross. No mixing, thank you. I don't even like a slice of lemon near my iced tea.
  • I'm having a really good hair day today? It's silly how much that can affect my mood, but I have an extra spring in my step just because of it. :D
  • that petroleum based lip balm makes a suitable lube for an impromptu handjob while driving? You have to mash it up in your hand first. And while I'm thinking of it - Marcus, I apologize for admonishing you about proper "10 and 2" hand placement a few weeks ago. "10 and cock in the seat next to you" is no better. *blush*
That's all I have time for before we leave, but as always, whatever you're having - have a good one!


V said...

You know, Freya, the more I read about you, the more I'm amazed at how alike we are. Much like many of the other "about me" facts you've posted, a great many of these also apply to me! Oh, except the country music one...what's up with that? :P

H said...

I like your facts, so revealling as to who you really are. Now where are those piercings and when will you be posting an ass shot?

Lovey Kravezit said...

Oooh, I wanna guess the piercings: ears, nipples, belly? But knowing that Od pierced his head; maybe clit is my guess instead.

I agree with V. The more I read about you I am amazed at how alike we are.

Marcus said...

I think snorting while laughing is cute and shows the ability to really let go.

Warren was a man ahead of his time, a true visionary :)

I'm going to fantasize about where those piercings are.

I'd like to be number 6.

Lavender is so relaxing, I have some lavender scented relaxing massage lotion.

....and apology accepted :) Here's to impromptu hand jobs on the road!!!

Freya said...

@V - LOL! It was my friend's fault. She was in love with Garth Brooks. Got me hooked.

@H - so happy to reveal myself! hehe :D Where do you think they are? Ass shot is coming up!

@Lovey - I've read your 100 things+ and I remember a lot of coinciding facts, as well. :)
I was going to tell you where the piercings are, but since Marcus said he's going to fantasize about them - I'll keep him squirming. Sorry ;)

@Marcus - so sweet that you think my snorts are cute. I have no problem letting go. I have a harder time reeling it in! :) I don't know if Warren was a visionary, but certainly tenacious. Don't let me keep you from fantasizing - I do a lot of my own which is why you already ARE number 6! ;) I'd love to be on the receiving end of your lotion. Wait - that sounds dirty. Eh...I'm still going with it! Lotion is good for handjobs too. j/s