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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mr. Brown

He looks a lot like my guy. I laughed out loud when I
found this. Judging by the random location and his
pose, you just know some Brown-loving perv like me
asked him to take his picture. Obviously he's used to it.
I love Mr. Brown. He always brings me the nicest things. Never mind that I paid for them myself. And since it seems that you were all good boys and girls (except for the expected naughtiness) I'll follow through on my promise and share with you what I got .

I've been working on my husband to get him used to anal play for over a year now. (can you believe I was one of those unfortunate girls that had to convince my guy to fuck me in the ass?) Well, I succeeded and no sooner was he hooked on it, I turned the tables on him. I've tried different toys and my fingers and I know pretty well what he likes and dislikes. The final frontier is strap on sex. He's not opposed to it, but has needed to work up to the act a little slower. To be honest, I have some stage fright myself .

Through our conversations I found out through his clues that he was ready - just not ready to ask for it. He did once before when he wanted toy penetration. Seeing him squirm and grasp for words as he ran his fingers through his hair then just blurt out "I want you to fuck me" is not a scene I'll soon forget. Neither is the event that followed.  ;)

I shopped around for the perfect cock. This one meets all the requirements.

It's not an intimidating length or width, is a smooth texture (for less drag and more comfort), has a vibrating bullet, and is made from high quality silicone by Vixen. (which I find ironically amusing) He'll love the vibrations. It's perfect. We already have a harness, so we're good to go.

Too much time has passed since we've played with any kind of bondage and I'm missing it. (need to replace the bed restraints ASAP) I came across this pretty thing and it spoke to me.
Od has had this curious reaction for the past few months every time I'm on top or above his face - for any reason. He's even gone so far as to encourage it. He gets overly excited and responsive when I drop my breast in his face ("best fucking thing ever" he says) or when I'm riding his face a la 69. I'm thinking that combining the collar with the bed restraints while he's on his back will provide me with excellent entertainment. I'm already planning.

I picked up this little thing, too.

Just a nice slappy thing to have around. Never know when a girl might need it. My spoons could use a break. ;)

And finally, la piece de resistance. (photos are copyrighted - sorry)
Some of you might know this, but my husband is handy, and has a knack for making things. He wanted to make his own device. And he could. But time in the shop without nosy interference was hard to come by and his impatient wife finally put her foot down.

"Just buy a damn cage. We don't need a work of art, especially considering we're testing the waters."
Point was taken.
He ordered the cage and it arrived safe and sound in a pink velvet-like pouch. WTF? Must be for all those humiliation lovers. *shakes head*
Anyway. It's an affordable stepping stone. The better chastity devices are made from higher quality material and cost a lot more. Od is funny about his physical comfort so I didn't want to splurge big money on something that he'd refuse to wear.
His first two days in confinement consisted of putting the device on after work and wearing it until time to leave for work the next day. I'm shocked that he's had only minor problems so far. The lock needs the sharp edges filed, and he experienced a panicky situation yesterday when he tried a smaller base ring on for kicks and giggles.
This is the text I got from him while he was squirreled away in the bedroom :

I got it on but I can't get it off! :(

Followed by :

You are so gonna be the one to explain this at the E.R.

I replied :

Nuh uh. Relax. I'll bring ice.

His response was :


We iced his balls down some, removed the cage, iced his swollen cock into submission, then carefully slithered it out of the base ring and his balls popped out with little difficulty. It was basically the kinky grown up version of getting one's head stuck in the banister. I assure you, he won't be doing that again!  :D

Last night while cuddled up together and I was fondling him I wondered out loud "So what's your impression so far? You seem to like it."

He shrugged "I don't know.....it's kind of cozy. I just need to stop getting hard every time I put it on, or I can't wear it to work"

It had to be said - so I did. "Awwww. You are a kinky fucker, aren't you? That's why I love you."

And with that and a loving little pat to his balls - he officially became my Man of Steel.


H said...

OMG your are my dream girl, asking for anal (love you) and then turning the tables (love you more).......... you are just perfect.

GoodWill said...

This post seriously made me smile from start to finish...Od is a lucky guy, and you seem lucky to have him as well.

I'm a bit envious of your openness/honesty/willing to explore with each other...it's just so sweet, so awesome (and yes, hot too).

V said...

Oooohhh...those slappy things are ouchy....but a gooood ouchy!

Anonymous said...

I'm very smiley right now. Od is a smart man for taking what you have offered and relishing it.
The slappy thing, bed restraints and the strap on with vibrating bullet - sounds like the perfect weekend to me.

Close call with the cage, but it sounds like it should work out perfectly, he'll think about you all day (although he's probably doing that already), and you'll have all the Od on tap you can handle whenever you are ready to unlock the cage.

So fucking sexy all around!!