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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Happy Happy!!!

My two weeks is up and today is the big day. Officially I'm still 36 until 9:34 p.m. I've had my birthday serenade from my parents and I've opened one of my gifts from Od already. It had to be done behind closed doors. Wanna know what my sweetie gave me? He has such good taste.

I got this beauty :
It's an njoy pure wand. Isn't it pretty? And oh, my goodness it's heavy. And shiny. And feels very nice in my hands. I'm looking forward to playing with it very much. It's good for G spots and P spots, so I just might be sharing it. ;)

I've been told there's more to open this evening and then it's out to dinner for something yummy and perhaps an adult beverage. Or two. Or three.

In continuation of treating myself this week I have :

  • gone to see a movie and had lunch with my mom. We saw The Help. It was a seriously good movie. I mean really good. Do yourself a favor and go see it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be outraged and you'll cheer. And you'll never look at chocolate pie the same again! ;)
  • purchased a few new books to read. And only one of them is full of sexual filth. Oh wait - it's not filth - it's erotica. *snort*
  • had another nap. The last one was so good I needed a repeat.  Only there's no nudie pics this week. :)
  • scheduled myself a proper hot oil manicure and spa pedicure (received today as a matter of fact) and a cut and color and a hot stone therapy massage. I'm really excited about the massage - always wanted to try the hot stones. But between you and me I'm most excited about Mitchell. He'll be my masseuse tomorrow. There's something about the idea of a new man's hands all over me........(because I'm naughty like that)
  • enjoyed an afternoon of shopping. There wasn't anything I really needed, but somehow I walked away with a new piece of pretty cookware.
  • replaced my fading bouquet of mixed flowers with a fresh bunch of mixed roses. I might have to make this a weekly thing. Flowers on the table make me unbelievably happy each time I walk by.
So that's it for my birthday countdown. I'm glad I've taken the time to do some things for myself. It was a nice way to wind down the summer. I remember as a kid I was conflicted this time of year because while I was super excited for my birthday there was the dread of back-to-school.  Now as a mom I see it as a win-win!!! My kids go back to school next week and if you listen closely you'll probably hear me let out a huge sigh of relief from wherever you are.

And finally, for those of you who have already been brave and kind enough to share yourselves with me - thank you very much!!!!!! You're responsible for the big grin I've been wearing for a couple days. I've learned not to check my email while in public. Spontaneous laughter makes me look like a crazy person! LOL

And for the rest of you.........what are you waiting for? It's my birthday don't ya know?!!?


TemptingSweets99 said...

Happy, happy Birthday!

Best wishes!

Sir Libertine said...

As a dotting dad - who's on duty full time for 6 weeks - I know how you feel - we'll be starting at nursery soon enough - then I'll let out a huge sigh too!

On an altogether different note - happy playtime wishes sent, and hope 37's a fab year - that's my next too!

Sir L

Lisa (Tantra Flower) said...

A very happy birthday to you! It sounds like you've had a wonderful week to be followed by more wonderfulness tomorrow. Good for you. You deserve it.:) XOX

Marcus said...

So glad you had a lot of enjoyment on your birthday, you deserve every second of it.

That toy looks like a LOT of fun, and love the idea that you might be sharing it - lucky you :)

H said...

Happy Birthday to the youngest, sexiest, funniest 36 year old I know.

V said...

Darn! I'm 18 minutes late to get it bang on, but happy birthday to you! Hope you had an enjoyable day and that your 37th year brings you much happiness and lots of new and exciting things.

Freya said...

Sweets - thank you so much dearie. Every wish helped make it happier!

Sir - They're gone! Did you hear me sigh? My house is my own again to have playtimes as I choose. Your wishes are so kind!

Lisa - your birthday wishes are so sweet. It really was a wonderful week and definitely going to be repeated next year!

Marcus - lots and lots and lots of fun!!! Many thanks to you for helping me celebrate. ;)

H - *blush* Thanks for saying such nice things. Just wait to see what I do now that I'm a year older and wiser! ;)

V - new and exciting things indeed! Thank you so very much. 37 is looking good so far. Od better buckle up. No wait..... I do the buckles!!! *snicker*

Sir Libertine said...

Happy Platimes - feel free to pop round to play if you feel inclined ;)

Sir L