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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Facts 4/8/11

I'm trying something new.
I really love the 100 things that many bloggers post about themselves.
But I'd like to approach this differently.
I'll reveal a little at a time - on Fridays.
So here's the first volume of Friday Facts about Freya.

Did you know..................

  • that I have naturally curly hair? Not kinky. Just curly. Those cute little nape of the neck curls? yeah- I've got those too. They boing.
  •  I played softball for 2 years? 6th and 7th grade. Center field. I was good. Until I got up to bat. I choked in front of the crowd. Too many people watching me.
  • that I hate brussell sprouts? Hate. Them. Od loves them, but I refuse to bring them into my house. Same goes for liver and onions.
  • my new favorite spa treatment is a facial? It used to be pedicures, but my first facial was last week and "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!" (points if you can name the movie I just quoted)
  • I have a crush on Steve Carell?
  • that I drink out of the carton, but still tell my kids not to? Hypocrite. I know.
  • when I got married we eloped instead of having a ceremony?
  • that I'm a statistical freak of nature? I hardly fit into any generalizations about "most women". Anything from health, sexuality, social practices, etc...... I really hate that sometimes.
  • I actually like my name? So many people seem to dislike the names they were given - why is that? I was named after a very nice neighbor lady that my parents bought their first house from. My dad planted a tree in her yard the weekend I was born and it's still thriving.
  • that I'm a lazy recycler? I only do it when Od is looking otherwise he'll say "that's recycleable" for the 1,648,082nd time. When he's not around I pitch it because I know he'll sort it out anyway.
  • I'm a bed hog? And a cover hog, too. I'm actually no fun to sleep with at all. Unless you like extremely invasive cuddling, 'cause I get right up in there. :)
  • that I never understood why men love girl-on-girl porn? Until I discovered guy-on-guy. But not twinks or greasy steroid gays. Guess you could say I'm particular about the gay male sex I'll never be involved in! LOL
  • I'm not afraid of bugs? Unless they touch me. Then they have to die.
  • that I have a fool-proof way to stop hiccups? Works every time. I take shallow breaths but exhale very deeply until I can't anymore. Repeat a few times and voila! No more hiccups.
  • that my knees creak when I walk down stairs? they have for a very long time. I blame 10 years of cheerleading combined with a few years of dance, but who knows?
  • fish freak me out? I have to psych myself into swimming in lakes and ponds because of this. I also have a recurring bad dream about a room with large murky aquariums filled with giant fish that have gaping mouths and clouded eyes. *shiver* I just got the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.
So.....that's a little about me. There's a lot more where that came from, but you have to wait until next Friday. Feel free to join in!


Advizor54 said...

your knees creek? My ankles pop and when I was younger I HATED walking in to meetings (mostly church) late because everyone could hear me. Horrible trauma for a 12 year old.

And I bug my wife about recycling as well. Drives her nuts.

Anonymous said...

I am an awful recycler too, perhaps it's a woman thing.

I love this idea, I was thinking about doing the '100 things' thing for a while myself, but 100 is...well a-lot to do in one sitting, so I might just join in with you.

GoodWill said...

I'm so glad that no one has commented yet on the movie quote. It's from Elf, and it's one of my favorites!

I'm also going to steal your hiccup cure. I don't get them very often anymore, but when I do, they are a bitch - I get them almost painfully strong, and they last for the majority of a day, really makes for a crappy day. I have tried everything that people tell me to do and never found a good cure for me.

Great list, really enjoyed learning a bit about ya!

France said...

I'll try the hiccup cure too! Interesting facts. :)

Anonymous said...

Funny you drink out of the carton. Fun things to know about you. ;-)

Freya said...

@Advizor- I'm considering having those words etched on his headstone someday! ;)
@Mrs.- please do join! I love little insights to other people.
@Will- I hope the trick works for your hiccups, and you win big points for knowing lines from an awesome movie!!! Well done. :)
@France- Hope the trick works for you too.
@Sweets- I know I really shouldn't, but as the main dishwasher in the house, sometimes I can't stand the thought of one more dirty glass - ya know?