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Monday, May 16, 2011

How to keep yourself occupied on a long road trip Part 2

Wednesday of our trip began with both of us a little road weary and lacking sleep - but with big smiles and excitement for our day ahead. I kept an eye out in the breakfast room for side glances from anyone who might have been our room neighbors. I was only slightly embarrassed that I made so much noise the night before. After refueling Od and I headed out for Biltmore Estate. Much to my delight he suggested that we take a detour on our way to DC to revisit the quaint little family home of George Vanderbilt. I love this place and there's so many details from the last time that I recalled once there. The details I happily avoided this occasion were ones like : saying "Don't touch that!" every 10 minutes, hearing my then-6-year-old daughter whine "How much further do we have to waaaaaalk?", and trying to explain to the security guard that the spilled orange juice container was sealed when we first entered the house. Yep. Mere inches from one of George's no doubt priceless Oriental rugs my son dropped his backpack and all contents (including the defectively sealed o.j.) spilled out. It was quite refreshing to not feel like the Griswolds this go around!

The weather was gorgeous and I had fun using my camera in the gardens that I envy so much. We had a few misses this trip, though. The loggia was closed as were some of the rooms due to restoration,  the tulips were done blooming, the weather was more brisk than anticipated (read : Freya forgot her jacket and it was frickin' cold!), and at the estate winery I didn't find a wine that I liked this time. We had a late lunch in the stable-turned-restaurant and by the time I finished my roasted chicken and beer it was time to hit the road again. One little problem though. It was late afternoon and while we were on vacation, my breasts were still on their work schedule. I've had an increase in production lately that demands attention and sadly the pump I brought wasn't doing a lot for me. Since we were some of the last stragglers to leave and the parking lot was fairly empty save 2 or 3 other vehicles, I stated that Od could help me out in the back seat. He thought I was kidding.  I was not. You'd think he'd understand my tenacity by now.  ;)  So, after some convincing on my part and with me playing the part of lookout, we had our first public "snuggle". He was nervous; I though it was amusing. I also felt much, much more comfortable. I only hope the estate doesn't have security cameras in the parking lots. They probably do. Eh. *shrugs shoulders* Thank God for tinted windows!!!

I had a  quick change into comfy travel clothes (the tank top and yoga pants you might've seen in this HNT post.) and we were on our way to the next hotel. Sadly, by the time we reached it the hour of midnight was almost upon us and our. asses. were. dragging. I made a few sad attempts at capturing my hiney for HNT, but gave up and opted for sleep. Od was right behind me after he brought in the luggage and secured the car. No fun was had that night, but I found an interesting way to pass the time while I took my turn driving the next day.

It's amazing what 8 hours of sleep can do for your body. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Oh! And don't forget the sunshine! Thursday was warm, sunny, and had I thought of it I would've opened the sunroof. A perfect day for driving. And that was fun for about a half an hour. Then the boredom kicked in. I'm not a good driver. Well, I'm a good driver - just not a good vacation driver. Cruise control and hundreds of miles to drive get monotonous. So I made my own fun. I do that sometimes. I noticed Od fiddling with his piercing. He replaced the ring with a curved bar awhile ago and it pinches when he sits for long periods of time. I can't remember what prompted him to whip it out, but he did, and he cheekily mentioned something about a handjob. Along with my tenacity, I've got loads of audacity. Again - he should understand this by now. So with his seat reclined back and my hands at an unrecommended driving position, I began fondling his naughty bits and eventually stroking. Had the sun been hitting his lap he would've made a very attractive sun dial!  :D
The cock stroking was interrupted every few minutes by a passing truck or SUV that was high enough to have a peek into our SUV. He'd cover up with his shirt or hands, then after they passed I would continue. He was a little tense and not as.....lubricious as usual which made things take longer. Not that I'm complaining. I just needed some help and the lube was packed away in the luggage, out of reach. I'm nothing if not creative. Yeah, I know saliva works in a pinch, but it only last for so long, and I didn't want to run dry at a crucial moment, ya know? Quick thinking led me to the cheap lip balm in the dash. Petroleum. It'll do. I had him roll the stick up and I scraped a good amount into my hands, mashing and smoothing it out. We were back in business and the lip balm worked great. With a slippier grip I worked my hand up and down his shaft and switched it up and teased the head some, then back to serious stroking. All with two eyes on the road. He came just 8 miles south of Petersburg. They say "Virginia is for lovers" afterall. I guess they're right. ;)

You know how there's always one thing you forget on vacation? I figured out what it was when I had cum allover my hand. Wet Wipes. They were still in the other car, at home. We made do with some water and leftover napkins from the console. My hands were pretty clean actually. The petroleum repelled his spunk pretty well - and left his cock kissably smooth. I'll let you know next time whether or not I got around to that.........


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story all around!
You are quite the multi tasker as well as being super resourceful.
Also, I seemed to have missed this one little detail in the past although I should have suspected it. I didn't know that you were actually "producing" as a result of all that "snuggling", and in fact producing so much that there is now a schedule that must be adhered to! That is the type of servicing that I want to be required from me someday, a guy can dream...

As for those truck drivers, I'm sure they've seen the quick cover up enough times to know what was really going on ;)

H said...

I soooo want to go on a road trip with you

Freya said...

Marcus- thanks! I was impressed with my quick thinking. And you haven't missed any details. It's a fairly recent occurrance and this is the first mention of it. The whole ordeal deserves it's own post, really. Service? As in full service - like a filling station? Actually.....;)

H- as long as you can fill the requirements - anytime!