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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Facts 4/15/11

So did you have a good week?

My week was full of rediscovering the surprises that come with having a new cat. Snagged curtains (because they're fun to both climb and play hide and seek in), bitten toes (because that's her favorite prey when playing hide and seek), finding tabletop items on the floor (because she's obviously behind in learning her Kitty Rules) and trying to figure out why the hell this little thing smells so bad. Seriously. It's a problem. I've been seranading her all week with the Smelly Cat song from Friends.

I also had an interesting lunch date with Od Wednesday. I'm still processing. I hope to write about that tomorrow.

Other than that I plan on a busy weekend of yardwork - as long as the weather holds out. Here are this week's facts :

Did you know.....

  • that I've never done body shots? Which is a crying shame. I have a really nice place to rest that shot glass.
  • I've never been in a threesome? But if I had my choice it would be a MFM with 2 bi guys. Sooooo many things to do, and everybody could have fun without limits.
  • I was an anal virgin until the age of 36? Od had no interest in it. It took me 6 months to get him ready for it, and I still had to initiate. He was nervous, overly cautious, but it was still amazing. Best first time of anything I've ever done. He still wasn't sold on it. After the 2nd time though, he was a smiling convert!
  • I do not wear a wedding ring? I've cycled through many combinations of rings and bands, but gave up wearing anything about 7 years ago due to a persistent skin rash which I teasingly (sort of) blamed on being allergic to marriage. Rash is long gone, but the habit stuck.
  • that I only like the second joint Buffalo wing? With mild sauce only. You can keep the drumettes and flaming hot sauce. I'm kind of a wuss that way.
  • in elementary school gym class I remember being a finalist in jump-roping and hula-hooping contests a lot? I won hula-hooping and M.E. won jump-roping every. single. time. I always wanted to beat her but never could. That girl would jump rope until the end of class and she had to stop.
  • that bird sex confuses me? Maybe not so much the sex as the reproduction process. Really it's the egg I don't get. Like how and when does that come into play? It doesn't help that my parents had a bird that was a boy (supposedly) that turned out to be a girl, and after a year of being in a cage by his-herself, laid an egg. So now they can have immaculate conceptions? WTF? I don't even want to know at this point.
  • I'm really bad at remembering names? I can spend hours watching a movie or days reading a book and then be unable to tell you the names of the characters. I can recall almost every detail except names. I'm only slightly better at remembering names in real life.
  • that I'm a waterbaby? I loooooooove water. I used to stay in my baths so long that the water would turn cold and when my mom made me drain the tub I would still lay in there and listen to the water swirl down the pipe. Sometimes I'd fall asleep listening to that sound. My perfect vacation would be to flop on the beach somewhere and alternate between sunning and swimming. My kids actually ask me if I'm ready to go home yet when we're at the pool. My answer is usually "at the next break".
  • I believe the power of touch is a gift? Some have it, others do not. I have it, and actually considered going into massage therapy for a long time. My son has it too. Sadly, Od does not, so if I want my neck rubbed or my back massaged I have to rely on my son, which as you can imagine doesn't go over very well. My husband can manage a decent foot rub though, when I can convince him to use lotion.
  • if weather wasn't an issue I'd either go barefoot or wear flip flops all year? I hate wearing socks and shoes. Boots are my only consolation in this scenario. I do like boots.
  • that I've only experimented with drugs once? I took a hit of pot one time, but not sure that it did anything. I was already buzzed at the time and I was told years later that's the wrong order of doing it.
I'm gonna stop there because I have an appointment to keep, but you guys have a great weekend! Fell free to join me and play along!


H said...

I love this. I am a water baby to, (Aquarius) been lifequard etc., your MFM sounds intresting.

That you encouraged anal, well is it to much to say that I love you :)

GoodWill said...

Smelly cat...smelly cat...what are they feeding you!? Haha...love it!

Really enjoyed reading your Friday facts! Have a great weekend!

Advizor54 said...

I've never done a shot or 3some of any kind
Anal virgin until 30, wife loved it, never did it again. I hate both rings and wings. Birds lay infertile eggs all the time, we eat them scrambled and fried. I learned to jerk off in the shower so I loved water too. I hate flip flops but would by you as many pair as you'd like, and i am an excellent massuse, my wife, tragically, is not. I hope your appointment went well.

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots of good stuff here to digest. I'm not sure if I 100% qualify for your proposed mfm but I'd certainly do my best to please you in any way especially with some training ;) I'm sure you can be very convincing.

Power of touch definitely is a gift, one which should be shared and appreciated. I'm sure you would make a wonderful MT if you ever so chose.

Excited to hear about the lunch date!